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He got a gleam in his eye, and we understood both of our cultures a little better.a€? Personally, the memories I relish most are the rare, unpredictable moments of pure magic I never saw coming.
Whether youa€™re pushing outside of your comfort zone or totally pampering yourself, what you do when you travel is new, often surprising and very different from your everyday lifea€”key ingredients for memories that last.
I asked a few of my fellow travel writers that very question, and these are the stories they told. It was empty, the sand washed smooth by the nighta€™s tide, the waves almost nonexistent, Hanalei Bay ringed by sheer green cliffs, the sky impossibly blue.

Spotting the water, she ran ahead, but when she looked up at the scene around her she froze and stared in silence.
This was the first time she had been stopped in her tracks by beauty, buta€”if I have anything to say about ita€”it wona€™t be her last.
After dinner, we chatted while the husband sliced off pieces of fresh peaches for us and drew maps of their favorite secret places in the area (a local farm, a hot spring, a neighboring village). I still have those maps, which serve as a better memory of our travels than any photograph.a€? Some memories stand out from times that we truly treated ourselves.

Marguerite Richards recalls a once-in-a-lifetime dinner at one of Parisa€™ top restaurants, but not just for the food. Alex Leviton recalls a ride on the back of a local frienda€™s Vespa scooter weaving through Naples traffic.

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