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Secret Abilities Report Writer explores your myriad secret abilities and when they are readily available. Based on your PLUTO transits, this Report explores those innate traits you possess which either you intentionally keep secret or do not (yet) know about. From the Secret Abilities Report: “The truly remarkable moments in your life are all about transformation of your soul and the synthesis of power and will. The Hidden Talents reports provide vital information for your customers and clients to enrich their lives by taking advantage of the second, hidden, extrasensory talents they possess.
Every Hidden Talents report comes with optional KEY PHRASES which you turn on or off when you create a new report.
The main couple meet when they’re both experiencing lows in their lives and recognize the pain that the other one is suffering, but are forced to separate.
Savage Heat (any hope of a title change, KBS?) is aiming to broadcast in the first half of next year. When time travel love-trend coming in 2013, I had vomit and choked myself, loose count how many dramas those days having time travel plot. But when first viral splash, Rooftop Prince and Queen In-Hyun’s Man were fresh breeze and exiting to ride along.
Already, China is having more impact with international viewers, and now dramas from the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam are being subbed, add to Thailand and the re-resurgence of some Taiwanese dramas (after their own dry spell) and Kdramas need to get themselves together fast, lest they lose their dominance.
Punch, Kill Me Heal Me, Healer, I Remember You are real gems and I think I’ll remember them for very long. Going by the number of childhood lovers storylines, it looks like kids in Korea figure out love and soulmates before even hitting their teens! Ah, I remember back in the day when even a makjang like Kim Tak Gu somehow subverted the childhood lovers trope. With school during the day and cram school at night, where do these teens find time for romance? Melodrama is my fav, plus Secret still one of my fav drama todate, so i may give this a try. What do they have in common for you in order to adress Secret as “Scandal Wannabe” except from the fact that they both fall under the category drama? They seriously have like 0% similarity plot wise, genre wise, character wise or even cast wise. Guys plot might suck but if the acting is any good I’ll give it a go- I loved secret the first drama that msde me cry a bucket load during my half term holidays. All it requires is good casting and script (easier said than done ) if things have to be changed start with the title.

Many dramas that people have thought would fail became a hit so I’ll first wait for the casting (they better choose the best ones for the roles) and then watch the first few episodes before I give my reaction. Secret was my guilty pleasure, so I’m going to check this on out for sure ( hope the cast can be as good as the one the got for secret though). I just want to see handsome guy like Park seo joon , lee jong suk, jisoo, Kim bum, Nam joo hyuk, lee soo hyuk , !!!!!!! Now cast some eye candy to play two brothers and heroine that can emote and i’m set to go. But writer-nim if you give me Ji Chang Wook as the detective and Ji Sung as the hyung I would watch it.. The plot sounds a bit of meh but if it turns out to be in the level of secret, count me in! If you want to something fresh, maybe you may want to try C-drama or j-drama, if you yet to do so. Your message becomes visible only when your trusted friend shines the specially designed black light on the specially formulated ink. Each set comes complete with everything you need to guard all of your most valuable secrets!
Toy of the Week Toy of the Week - Feelings Friend!January 26th, 2015Brilliant Sky is happy to announce that we now carry the Feelings Friend! Random House has asked me to promote the release of her new book by giving away two books and that contest will appear at the end of this month.  The entry rules will be announced this Sunday. This summer, Britain’s beloved, code-breaking heroine Maggie Hope is back in MacNeal’s much-anticipated fourth installment, THE PRIME MINISTER’S SECRET AGENT (Bantam Trade Paperback Original; On Sale July 1).
In addition to my twice weekly blog I also feature an interview with another author once a month.
They key phrases are great for astrologers and astrology students, and can always be turned off for customer and client reports. They reunite 15 years later when they’ve grown into vastly different people, and although their love continues, they find they have even more obstacles now than they did 15 years ago. Now is november already, and as long as I CAN REMEMBER, none, I mean none, one stellar drama in any genre that hits it all, steal our heart and make us remember 2015. 2015 brought us a lot of good dramas, though it may not be original (at least in my opinion). Maybe it was the star power and great acting chops of the cast), I think do to its tight knit writing, and I liked it, so I might keep my eyes out for this one…. There’s so many drama with childhood Romance so it must happen often in real life too right?

It would be better if the criminal brother with minor offences discovered his brother is corrupt as hell and part of something really monstrous. There were lots of loose ends that did not get addressed, and the end was rushed and unsatisfactory.
While World War II rages on across Europe, Maggie returns from an undercover mission in Berlin and settles down in western Scotland to teach at her old spy training camp—and to heal from scars on her body and heart. The extensive customization code used to create these reports may take a minute or two to generate, depending on the speed of your computer. For fear of rushing into a relationship and ruining each other through their pasts, they stay apart in a melo loveline marked by heartache. It seems to me that this writer is one of the usual people who work within the broadcast and help the newbies to quickly adjust (and, occasionally, adapt) to TV environment – I remember Dr.
I have gotten accustomed at the makjang writing style of Choi Ho-chul, let’s see how the other half pulls this off. Melodrama can be plain boring if it falls under the wrong actors but if the casts are performing well, it can turn the mood on.
Reminds me of harlequin romance books with covers screaming of cheesy titles complete with risque illustrations. In the end, it turned out to be not only a huge success but also one of the best dramas of 2015.
The fact that few actors turn down the lead role and finally went to Ji Sung, lead the assumption that this drama will not be going well. It is different feeling when I used to stuck with Kdrama only and when now I started to watch c-drama. When a web of danger involving deadly poisonings and shocking government secrets entangle Maggie, she’ll need to put aside her own personal wounds if she’s to have any chance at saving countless British lives. Then he starts to secretly sabotage the corrupt brothers deeds, he finds out …maybe the woman has a hand in this and accuses the criminal brother of something, so the corrupt brother can put him away.
But Scandal was meticulously written, with no loose ends, and fantastic performance by the whole cast.
And thousands of miles away from Britain, tensions reach catastrophic highs in the Pacific, forever altering history—along with Maggie’s fate. Kdramas are losing steam fast, at a time a lot of other Asian countries are stepping up their game.

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