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An American con artist escapes to the Australian outback to hide from a mob, but he soon finds himself kidnapped by a man hungry young woman who leads him to a bizarre community hidden in the outback.
Royalty free nutrition clip art a sly slice of white bread food mascot cartoon character whispering and telling secrets or gossip. Royalty-free food cartoon styled clip art graphic of a beef steak meat character whispering and telling secrets. When the police follow up all the possible ,leads, they discover that Faith is a woman without a conscience.

Please note: this image is protected by copyright law and may not be used without buying a license. She's capable of seducing cops, manipulating her lovers and planning the most cold-blooded of murders. She is a woman who will stop at nothing to get equal with those who betray her and she always gets what she wants. She knows that by hiring an assassin to do all her dirty work she has distanced herself from the crime itself, when the man she hired to kill Stacey Eckhart is faced with execution, Faith Kelsey escapes to Canada, then to Spain.

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