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Beyonce is one of the hardest working women in showbiz, so it comes as no surprise that she also gave it her best to make sure she bounced back to excellent shape after giving birth to her baby girl, Blue Ivy. Fans must know that Beyonce performed live just 3 months after she gave birth, as she says on her recent Oprah interview, in which she also reveals she gained 60 pounds (27.2 kg) while pregnant.

Marco Borges, the singer’s personal trainer, reveals for Life & Style magazine that Beyonce had to be very disciplined in order to get her pre-pregnancy body in almost record time. Another trick they used was to occasionally replace lunch with a protein shake, which provided her with the necessary nutrients while cutting down on the calories. One way to avoid boredom from setting in was to do all workouts on music, preferably on the singer’s favorite songs.

While preparing for her Super Bowl Halftime performance, Beyonce lost even more weight, with the designer who created her costume telling the press after the show that they constantly had to adjust the outfit from day to day because she was pushing herself really hard.

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