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Notice how people that seem to be engaged in an interesting conversation - they are excited about what they themselves are saying, they are about to say and what the other is saying, in other words, they have rapport - seem to take the same poses, whether sitting or standing up. When sitting, either touching side by side or on opposites sides of the table - one leans forward and then the other leans forward as well, or one leans backward and then the other leans backward as well.
So you can use the power of mirroring to create these feelings in the one you are mirroring. Leading: If you've done your secret body language mirroring right, have followed and paced, then you are ready for a revelation. Another more advanced aspect, although controversial as to the effectiveness of it, is mirroring the blinking their eyes and their breathing. As to from where to mirror body language, the most common situation is when you're talking to them.
Mirroring body language is the best secret behind the secret to making a great connection with people. It is true and most men dont know this, but indeed your body and the way it speaks, makes a woman fall for the man. Men are born prowlers, and from cave man times they have had problems socialising with women.
Open yourself enough to let the woman gauge you well, but not too much since women love discovering puzzles. Body language is non-verbal communication, and if you need help honing such skills, speaks to a personality development expert. The website will be shut down on April 4th, 2016, with registered users no longer able to access shortlists, My Picks, or receive weekly digest emails.
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You may not know what it is but actually, you've probably been doing it all your life without knowing it. They might cross their hands in the same manner, tilt their heads similarly, seem to be having similar side-activities (one playing with his key chain, the other with her pen), etc etc.

They'll then subconsciously link all those feelings to you (after all, you are the one actively mirroring) and rapport is naturally going to develop between you.
But you can also try mirroring from a distance, say in a classroom, meeting, night-club or cafeteria, just make sure they have a chance to subconsciously detect you mirroring them, in other words, they must be able to see you. Women are attracted to a man’s body language, and if you dont portray that the right way, the woman would never get attracted to you.
If this seems to be your story and getting hitched you feel is a far fetched dream, here are a few tips to make things easy for you.
You are on a date with the girl of your dreams, so stop moving around and being all fidgety. Men should take up more space, makes it show that a man wants no one else interfering in his territory.
This is important, and with a head held high, you only show the woman how confident you are of being a man who can take control of anything. Be a puzzle with certain aspects that you want her to discover, play the macho man as and when needed, but be very chivalrous in your body language. Put your hand around her, on the shoulder for comfort, on the waist to assure her that you are there for her.
Finally, dont try too hard to impress, you would end up being a clown and she with a frown. We are eternally grateful to everyone who had supported the site over the years, from vendors, content editors and developers, to our fantastic users — you made our passion a reality.
Once you know how to harness the secret power of mirroring, its like young Skywalker recognizing and harnessing the power of the Force!
Being similar or having someone similar in your vicinity creates a feeling of ease, comfort, being understood, protected (should there appear a threat of any sort, there's two of you now), etc. But be careful to not be over zealous in this effort because in concentrating to hard on the breathing and blinking you might miss a beat in the conversation. But when you tilt your head slightly and do the same thing, it's quickly becomes obvious that the impact is much stronger.
The wrong body language could mar your reputation too, and picking up a hot date or a life partner in the end would be a challenge, because your body lingo spoke otherwise of you.

This is a sign of being nervous; women either would treat you as a kid or walk away in disgust, since you aren’t the man they want to date. This is a pose which tells her that you are an open minded bloke and willing to experiment or try anything that comes by.
Below are some images that might help you better understand what the other person is thinking or feeling.
Educate yourself on the signs of body language so you can know what everyone is saying at all times even if they aren’t speaking. If a man cannot be in control of his own actions, how then would he protect and care for his mate?
Other men around would look at you as the alpha male, and other women would want to be with you too.
How to do it is by assuming the same posture, doing the same movements with your hands, in all respects using your body in a similar fashion to theirs. You are telling your mate that you lack confidence, so forget about getting lucky later that evening, she wouldn’t want to finish the wine with you. This might seem obvious, but Ia€™m amazed at many girls forget to keep their legs together and their elbows in. Besides making you look more passive and feminine, a closed body position makes you appear physically smaller.2.
Notice how men tend to stand with their weight evenly spread over both feet.You can create this S-curve with your body when you are sitting, too. Contrast this to women, who tend to keep their shoulders back and their weight neutral.Keeping your weight evenly balanced can be tricky in heels, so you need to be especially careful not to lean forward when you are standing or walking.
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