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The Secrets of Da Vinci: The Forbidden Manuscript ar ett storslaget aventyrs- och deckarspel. All logos, trademarks, and media related to commercial software are copyrighted by their respective owners.
Well it's lucky that The Secrets of Da Vinci: The Forbidden Manuscript has appeared right at this point in time with all the fuss and controversy over Dan Brown's popular novel, The Da Vinci Code, and the equally controversial film of the novel. The Secrets of Da Vinci: The Forbidden Manuscript is a totally different treatment of the Da Vinci theme and, as an adventure game, it's very well done. Thus The Secrets of Da Vinci is a historical adventure of exploration and intrigue with some quite fascinating locations as the graphics are modelled on the Cloux Manor which is now a museum. Movement is step mode with full panning at each step so you can look around in all directions. The Secrets of Da Vinci is a first person perspective, mouse driven game, with the excellent trade mark multi level inventory from Kheops Studios as in games like Voyage and Return to Mysterious Island. Talking to the two main characters, Babu and the Guardian of the Manor, Saturnin, is also important as they have some tasks for you, as well as some good advice. The Secrets of Da Vinci also has the familiar Kheops Studio point system which I always appreciate.
So another entertaining game from Kheops Studios, although the story could have been developed further.
Though it may be sheer coincidence that the title has come along just in time to capitalize on the current Da Vinci Code craze, the new game forgoes the religious conspiracy angles and instead focuses on the historical accomplishments and character of Leonardo da Vinci.
The Secrets of Da Vinci - the Forbidden Manuscript download - Game created about life and work of Leonardo Da Vinci. Valdo, an ambitious young apprentice working for Leonardo Da Vinci's disciple, Francesco, is least happy when the scholar suddenly dismisses him. To gain access to Da Vinci's last residence, the Manoir du Cloux near Ambroise, Valdo tells its new inhabitant, a courtesan by the name of Babou de la Bourdaisiere, that he is Francesco Melzi's apprentice and that he wishes to examine the inventions that still remain on the estate. Under this cover, he starts to scour the estate: Babou's bedroom, Leonardo's workshop, the grounds, and dovecot, leaving no stone unturned. To complete his mission, he has to solve a series of enigmas set by the great master himself. Soft-Go is not responsible for the content of The Secrets of Da Vinci - the Forbidden Manuscript publisher's description.
The Secrets of Da Vinci - the Forbidden Manuscript is periodically updated by our editors team but sometimes you may find out that software informations are outdated, please note that the publisher of The Secrets of Da Vinci - the Forbidden Manuscript can update the software without notifying us.
Ett spannande aventyr som leder rakt in i hjartat av renassansen och utspelar sig i Da Vincis sista hem "Manoir du Cloux" (heter idag Chateau du Clos Luce).
Yksittäiset pelit saattavat vaatia ohjelmistoja kuten Steam, Xbox Live tai Origin Store.
We are now seeking talented gamers to join our team as volunteers to be editors or contributors. Any game (and there is a Da Vinci Code game based on Dan Brown's tale) anything to do with Da Vinci is bound to attract attention. It isn't a modern day conspiratorial tale, it's a conspiratorial tale set in the year 1522, in the Cloux Manor where Da Vinci lived for 3 years prior to his death.
In the manor itself there's an assortment of plush living areas with familiar Da Vinci paintings adorning the walls.
Items to find and use appropriately, cryptic clues to unravel, a password of sorts to find, plus using some of Da Vinci's apparatus including the still, the printing device, the forge etc. The exceptions might be the above music and sliding tile puzzles which cause great angst for many players.

Because of its relative simplicity The Secrets of Da Vinci: The Forbidden Manuscript is a game that could be enjoyed by older children (say 10 years and up) as well as adults. While it lacks the intrigue and drama of the Dan Brown version, Secrets of da Vinci: The Forgotten Manuscript offers a look at the historical realities of the famed Renaissance artist and inventor. However, shortly afterwards, he receives a letter from a mysterious patron, asking him to locate one of the great master's missing codices.
In the course of his investigations, he encounters a wide array of intriguing characters: Saturnin, a suspicious looking guardian, as well as the King of France himself. On the trail of the genious, Valdo is no more aware of the secrets he is about to unveil as the danger lurking in store for him.
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Chateau du Clos Luce med dess tradgardar ar perfekt atergivna och bidar till att spelaren far en helhetskansla utav de sista aren i Leonardo Da Vincis liv.Rekonstruktionen av denna tidsepok ar noggrant och historiskt underbyggd med hjalp av specialister inkluderat agarna av Chateau du Clos Luce och Pascal Brioist som undervisar pa Centre d'etude superieur de la Renaissance i Tours.Detaljrikedomen och det noggranna atergivandet av miljon i detta spel gor att anvandaren totalt sugs in i hjartat av renassansen!Spelet ar pa engelska! All opinions expressed within are those of the authors alone and do not represent the views of this site. So let me say right from the start, this game in no way follows The Da Vinci Code book, or the movie, or the game.
Elaborate furniture fills the rooms and the rugs and bed coverings are so detailed and richly textured. Fires burn, and some of them crackle in their grates once you get them lit, and there's more to the manor than meets the eye if you solve some puzzles to open secret ways. There are a lot of items to collect so it's once more good to have plenty of space to organise your collection.
Along with the journal there is also a portfolio where Valdo stores any documents he collects. It's a do-it-yourself experience, so if you need an item, paper or perfume for instance, then it's up to you to make it. There is an option to display subtitles and in conversation mode Valdo's questions appear at the bottom of the screen, it's just a matter of selecting each one.
Play it as a family, maybe, or there is the option for 5 people to play and save their games separately. If you like to write about adventure gaming for this site and see your work read by your fellow adventure game fans worldwide, read our authors' instructions and contact us for further information. Mistakes and inaccuracies are not intentional and cannot be held responsible by this site or its owner.
A mysterious benefactor has asked you to befriend Marie Babou de la Bourdaisiere (Babou for short) who lives at the manor. There's a massive kitchen as well, plus Da Vinci's study and workshop with various interactive contraptions such as printing equipment, some woodworking devices, painting easels and a still. This time, however, there is no separate collection tray for items as you pick them up because they go straight into inventory.
Here you will find clues for various tasks and actually solve a few puzzles as well because some of the sketches can be manipulated to simulate completing particular tasks.
The dialogue is fairly well written although there are some places where the flow could have been better.
It is possible to manually balance the gauge, if not you may find that you have fewer options for solving some of the puzzles. There's lots of tasks to take care of, lots of goodies to collect, plus, of course, the opportunity to get to know a little about the versatility of the Great Master, Leonardo Da Vinci. The official reason for your visit is to find some of Da Vinci's machines and a missing sketch, but the real reason is to find an unpublished codex.

Immediately outside are the gardens and, once you cross the bridge there's the forge and dovecote to visit as well. I missed this feature as it is not so convenient when you have to search for items before you can organise them. This was an a novel (and probably economical) way to insert more puzzling although it did take a short while before I realised the portfolio was interactive.
Added to this there are also a few more abstract challenges such as some music making and one of the tile sliding variety. Although there are triggers that move on the storyline and open more puzzles, they are never elusive, and there is also a fair amount of openness for most of the game so that you can wander around and take in the scenery, fiddle with the various contraptions, perhaps even solve a puzzle. The voice acting, too, is of varying quality but neither of these things detract from the game.
After all an angelic person would never do anything to harm anyone, and someone who strays from the straight and narrow might find a door shut in their face.
Players take on the role of Baldo, a former student of Leonardo's greatest pupil, Francesco Melzi. The background music fades in and out and there are appropriate sound effects including creaking stairs and floorboards to build up atmosphere in the manor. There are different endings and slight variations for getting hold of some of the necessary items, but, thankfully, these variations never veer off in totally different directions so you don't feel like you've missed huge chunks of play when you reach the end. I did a little experimentation and maybe it could have been used to better effect allowing more ways to influence Valdo's conscience meter, but it was fun just the same.
In addition to frequent references to Melzi, the game will highlight other historical persons, all the way from Charles V to Leonardo's lover Salaino.
Most rooms have a handful of perspectives that you can move between depending on which items you want to study or manipulate.
I would have liked to see animated transitions from one area to the next, like in 7th Guest or Myst 5, but here you just warp from one spot to the next.
On the plus side, you can look around a full 360 degrees from every location, which really gives you a chance to take in all the wonderful details the artists have included. Most are large enough to be fairly obvious but there are a few incredibly tiny ones that you'll really need to search for. I can't tell you how many times I tried to turn a crank only to "accidentally" place it in my inventory.
There are five pages for items here and they're arranged only according to when you picked them up. You can find yourself picking up four gold coins, for instance, and having them spread across three different pages of your inventory. Moving around different pages in the inventory isn't a big problem, but finding and identifying the items you need is harder than it should be.
Some of the puzzles represent real challenges faced by Leonardo -- like making ink, getting honey from a hive, or repairing a fountain. Still others are more abstract -- like sliding colored tiles around to recreate the Mona Lisa or sliding plates around to get colored balls to fall into the right colored cups.
Honestly, you don't need a college degree to know that, when locked in your room, you simply slide a piece of paper under the door to catch the key when you push it out through your side of the lock.

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