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Zelden leverde een oorlog zoveel uitstekende redenen op om te vechten als de Tweede Wereldoorlog. Als je review voldoet aan de voorwaarden van Just Webshop verschijnt het op de site en is het voor alle bezoekers leesbaar. Schrijf je in voor de nieuwsbriefen blijf op de hoogte van de laatste aanbiedingen en acties! Join our fascinating tour exploring Lower Silesia's most important sites of World War II. After a short ride the tour stops in Walim, a small town nestled at the foot of the Sowie Mountains. Half an hour from Walim is the famous Ksiaz Castle that also had been linked with many WW II secrets. The last stop on the tour is Gross Rosen Memorial and Concentration Camp situated in Rogoznica, 60 km from Wroclaw. Your fare will be calculated in accordance with our tariffs in effect on the date of payment for travel on the specific dates.
To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. For almost a century it has been rusting in obscurity on a remote part of the Kent marshes.
According to the team’s research, the vessel, captained by Oberleutnant zur See Alexander Magnus, had surrendered at the end of the war, and been taken to Britain. BROWSER DIE WIJ 100% ONDERSTEUNEN ZIJN INTERNET EXPLORER 9 TM 11, FIREFOX EN GOOGLE CHROME.

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Aan de ene kant van het strijdperk stonden de totalitaire dictators Tojo, Hitler en Mussolini.
This area until 1945 played a crucial role for Nazi secret military plans and Germany's economy to maintain hopes for the ultimate triumph over the Allies and Soviets.
In a lovely situated village of Krzyzowa we will visit a former estate of Helmut James von Moltke, founder of the Kreisau Circle which was a group of German dissidents who opposed Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party. Our destination is Project Riese, a secret Nazi military facility built between 1943 and 1945 that consisted of large tunnels and subterranean halls at several locations in the mountains. The whole world was recently informed about the discovery of a Nazi gold train that apparently was hidden nearby.
During World War II it was the main centre of the Nazi concentration camp system of Lower Silesia. It had later been towed up the Medway to Halling, where its diesel engines were removed and fitted at a local cement works.
The series kicks off with Fury which takes you back to 1914 where the German troops are nearing Paris. En aan de andere kant stonden de grote democratieen van de westerse wereld, die net weer een beetje op de been begonnen te komen na de Grote Oorlog van 1914-1918 en de beurskrach op Wall Street. All members of the Kreisau Circle believed that they needed to plan for Germany’s future and this oriented around the removal of Hitler from power and the destruction of the Nazi Party.
Although nothing as yet has been confirmed we will show you around and tell you more details of the captivating history of Ksiaz Castle during WWII. The subsequent episodes take you to different parts of Europe giving viewers a closer look and feel of war.

Gewone mannen en vrouwen uit alle geledingen van de samenleving zagen zich plotseling geconfronteerd met angstaanjagende, zenuwslopende situaties als uit een Hollywoodfilm. After WWII and collapse of the Iron Curtain in Europe Krzyzowa became a symbolic place of reconciliation between the Poles and the Germans. Therefore it was a perfect location to carry out secret plans of great strategic importance for German warfare. The largest population of inmates were Jews from Poland, Hungary, Belgium, France, Netherlands, Greece, Yugoslavia, Slovakia, and Italy. In Secrets of World War II worden verhalen die nooit eerder werden verteld eindelijk onder de loep gelegd. A fascinating and very informative exhibition presents details and facts of how the two nations that shared difficult history have travelled a long and uneasy journey to establish a friendly emotional relationship.
Was Project Riese a secret headquarters of the Third Reich's High Command or maybe an armaments production facility? It was a Type UB III, coastal patrol submarine and would have carried 10 torpedoes, with a crew of 34 and a cruising range of 7,200-9,000 miles. The vessel undertook just two patrols before the end of the war and failed to sink any Allied shipping. The project, to last for another four years, will involve identification and analysis of all submarine shipwrecks from the period which are within territorial waters - 12 miles from the coast.

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