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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. This website contains ideas that are "in process." Simply put, what you read here may be just some random thoughts, rather than validated and final procedures. Below, I'll provide a few quotations from Michael's book on each of the six secrets, and then offer a few of my thoughts about their implications for coaches. Michael references many authors in the book, but in this section he includes several insights he gathered from a very interesting book, which I'll comment on in the future, Firms of Endearment.
Reading this chapter, and listening to Michael at the recent SIM Conference, have got me thinking about ways in which coaches can expand their role to include supporting, facilitating, and operationalizing (that is taking ideas and helping them be translated into action) peer interaction in formal structures such as Professional Learning Communities and informal structures such as social settings. But I also think that Web 2.0 can provide a mechanism for educators to share ideas, gain and provide support, and interact in other meaningful ways. In this chapter Michael includes many ideas from Liker and Meyer's book  Toyota Talent, another book I'll be discussing on this blog in the near future.

My first reaction, is right on!, that is exactly the way we see it, but I as I think further about this, I want to add that we need to consider how Michael's comments apply to coaches themselves, that is, how can coaches ensure that they are doing excellent work, that they are continually improving.
Of course, coaching stands at the heart of secret six in that coaches empower others to be learners, and by facilitating individual positive learning experiences.
All in all, taking the time to think this through a little, I am impressed by how valuable Six Secrets of Change could be for a coach. Next week I will write about Slide:ology, a new book about preparing presentations by Susan Duarte, president of the consulting firm that helped Al Gore create his Inconvenient Truth presentation. References allow you to track sources for this article, as well as articles that were written in response to this article.
Thanks, Jim, for selecting some great quotes from each chapter (or secret) and commenting on the relevance to coaching. Mind you, aren't most ideas "in process?" The bulk of what you'll read here are answers to questions I am emailed or asked during presentations, or summaries of excellent ideas others share with me.

In his new book, The Six Secrets of Change he provides a great deal of food for thought for coaches and other leaders of change in education. While planned discontinuity can yield rapid results, its leadership needs time to consolidate the new culture, to embed it in the hearts and minds of everyone.
What you remind me of is the notion that we can all make the world better or worse, so why not make it better. The result was a constant cycle of change throughout schools in the system but little lasting improvement in any one of them [2006, p.

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