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End game for Pep as Atletico Madrid come through thriller in Munich to book place in Champions League final - but will they play Real or Man City in Milan? After what seems like an age of watching and waiting it's finally here: Super Bowl Sunday is now just around the corner. This yeara€™s showpiece sees two very different, but equally fascinating, quarterbacks take the field. Much like Elway then, Peytona€™s veteran arm looks all of its 39 years as the curtain prepares to fall and the deep outs dona€™t quite explode off the hand like they once used to.
In a season where he guided the Panthers to only one loss and earned league MVP honours in doing so Newton redefined how the position is played.
In Jonathan Stewart they have a downhill, physical runner with giant fullback Mike Tolbert his one-man escort between the tackles.
Denvera€™s defense is the best in the land and has playmakers at every level to show for it.
On the back end Aqib Talib and Chris Harris are two of the premium man-to-man corners around and have TJ Ward and Darian Stewart as high class safety blankets behind.
Luke Kuechly is the standard-bearer, the best three down linebacker in the game today, and a force of nature that must be accounted for on every play. Coaches will always tell you that the third phase of the game is just as important as the other two, and wea€™ve seen just that in recent Super Bowls. Ita€™s no accident that the two Super Bowl teams are coached by two of the best groups in the league. Prediction The sheer amount of narratives in play and storylines that can unfold make Super Bowl 50 as eagerly-anticipated as ever.

One is a future Hall of Famer, a winner of a Lombardi before and despite now raging against the dying of the light one who will go down as a true NFL great.
If you were to mold the modern QB out of clay you would mold Cam, right up to his chiseled good looks and knowing grin. The fact that they are both here today speaks to how well coached they both are, and how well they extract more from less.
Indeed, they are unbeaten this year when they rush 30 or more times so expect Gary Kubiak to go to the ground early and often. Derek Wolfe and Malik Jackson provide the up front push for pass rushing exocets Von Miller and DeMarcus Ware to tee off the edge while Danny Trevathan and Brandon Marshall are two of the best sideline-to-sideline linebackers in the game and will have the middle of the field locked down. Add to that perhaps the best defensive mind of a generation in Wade Phillips and you have one spicy meatball to deal with.
Jacoby Jones broke the game wide open with his 108-yard touchdown return three years ago before Percy Harvin repeated the trick 12 months later.
The other is the young pretender, the heir apparent, who craves the feeling of that first Super Bowl ring on his finger. While you cana€™t overstate the value of experience in the gamea€™s biggest game you also cana€™t overplay just how good Cam Newton has been in 2015.
Manning has had better casts of characters down the years, with both the Colts and the Broncos, and not won it all while Newton lost his best offensive weapon, wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin, before the season even began and proceeded to reel off 17 wins.
If Manning can get it to them on the outside wideouts Emmanuel Sanders and Demaryius Thomas can be devastating after the catch, too.
Carolina were the class of the NFC from early on while Denver peaked at the perfect time to take the AFCa€™s top seed.

Brimming with the confidence hea€™s always had Newton has added extra resilience, leadership and a maturity that was lacking before. Denver came up big against Pittsburgh time and again in their Divisional round win while the Panthers have started more drives from inside their opponents territory than any other team.
There are other bigger factors in play but perhaps the old magician has one more trick up his sleeve before the music stops. Right now hea€™s the best quarterback in football playing at the very top of his game - and hea€™ll be the best on the field on Sunday by a distance.
Tackles Kawann Short and Star Lotuleilei have been stout all year but have come up big time in the playoffs and will aim to be in Manninga€™s face from the get go. Ginn Jr, while a liability actually catching the ball, has the game-breaking speed to take one all the way back. The Panthers boast the leaguea€™s best a€“ and most diverse - running game and have proven week in, week out they are a force to be reckoned with. While they may not have the star power of their opposite numbers the Panthers still pack one hell of a punch and collect takeaways like Kinder toys. GM Dave Gettleman has done his bit in putting together a stacked roster too, but the way Rivera has molded them and got them to play for him his way is the real key. If he pulls it off on Sunday and hoists the Lombardi after only one loss hea€™ll deserve mention amongst the modern greats.

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