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Our unconscious mind plays a fundamental role in our health, wellbeing and in the changes that sustain them.
There are many approaches out there to help cure insomnia however most don’t address change at an unconscious level so their long term impact is patchy at best. Sleepora includes specially written brain entrainment programs, some of the most tried and tested NLP techniques, neuroscience principles plus the latest thinking in tackling insomnia. Share This:3090The distinction between what is conscious and what is unconscious is a familiar one – Freud gave us the image of an iceberg where the small exposed bit represents the conscious mind and the much larger unexposed chunk underneath represents the unconscious. An even a more moving picture of the relationship between the two is sometimes represented as a block of wood floating on an ocean of unconsciousness. The social unconscious is another perspective all together, this is a concept that looks at how crowds or groups operate in a ‘herd’ sense – potentially offering a greater kind of wisdom that we don’t get simply as individuals.
In previous posts I looked at some of the unconscious motivations that may underlie an individual’s use of Twitter and other forms of social networking; notably the role of ego in Twitter and the false self with regard to Facebook.
For Jung, the persona is “only a mask worn by the collective psyche, a mask that feigns individuality, making others and oneself believe that one is individual, whereas one is simply acting a role through which the collective psyche speaks.
First we have Alan Mislove’s research from Northwestern University which follows mood trends across the US as expressed over Twitter (more here). In a similar study Scott Golder and Michael Macy at Cornell University studied the emotional content of the entire world coming up with similar findings on a global scale. The coolest I’ve found yet (thanks to David Patman) has been the We Feel Fine project defined as “an exploration of human emotion, in six movements.
The result is a database of several million human feelings, increasing by 15,000 – 20,000 new feelings per day. There is a stunning graphic in which you can see, in real time, groupings and clusterings of feelings as they occur. When I looked at it at 8:55 on Tuesday morning the 3rd of July I could see that in Britain the dominant feeling was “better” (circa 130,000 people) followed by “bad” (93,000 then) “good” (77,000). Looking at this emerging research is very exciting because it offers us, for the first time, access to oodles of data about the state of the world through their communication over a global social network. The difference between an approach informed by depth psychology and the projects I’ve spoken about above, is that these empirical studies look at what is present on the surface, and by looking at that, comes up with some pretty interesting results.

For Freud, dreams were the “royal road to the unconscious” because of the way they created uninhibited images that gave symbolic meaning to what couldn’t be expressed in our waking lives. This post is just a start on these thoughts, outlining the possibility of a different way of reading the web – so watch this space for more developments.
DisclaimerThis blog claims no credit for any images posted on this site unless otherwise noted. Chandigarh traffic police, promoting road safety, traffic safety, India road signs & rules, safe responsible driving, first aid India. It is often shrouded in mystery when talked about because as it’s name implies it is out of our conscious awareness. This is proven by taking medication where a person consistently needs to take medication to deal with the problem. It is designed around your individual needs so is flexible enough to cater to your own insomnia issues. When we consider that our personal unconscious may also be connected up with a common or collective unconscious, the floating block of wood image really puts that relationship in perspective. Though each of these concepts is different, they can be brought into good use when thinking about how the human race expresses itself online. These posts were mostly interested in the individual unconscious, but as I investigated the Jungian model further I found that the link of the persona (previously taken in the context of an individual’s public facing “mask”) also serves an interesting collective function. When we analyse the persona we strip off the mask, and discover that what seemed to be individual is at bottom collective” (p.
Though not explicitly Freudian or Jungian in nature, we can see how models from depth psychology can be applied to gain access to collective or social unconscious themes that may be embedded in our online communications.
This project searches weblogs across the world for words associated with the statements “I feel” and “I am feeling” and records the feeling associated with that statement”.
Using a series of playful interfaces, the feelings can be searched and sorted across a number of demographic slices, offering responses to specific questions like: do Europeans feel sad more often than Americans?
Interestingly, you can filter your searches by feeling, gender, age, weather, location or date, and then view your search in a variety of visually interesting ways.
The depth psychologies take this one step further by taking what is on the surface and interpreting what might be going on underneath.

I wonder if the parts of ourselves we project into the internet; the words from our tweets and our blogs can be sort of a social dreaming, a socio-cultural “free association” from which we can gain understanding about our collective unconscious.
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The world famous NLP Trainer and coach Joseph O’Connor sums up the unconscious mind very well and helps the make the intangible more tangible. Your memory is stored in your unconscious, it runs your body, your habits are formed at an unconscious level, it preserves the body (eg. This shows that the body has not returned to balance and resumed normal sleep patterns (without continued assistance).
It is designed and packaged in a way which allows flexibility in dealing with your individual insomnia conditions. By doing this, you can get a great deal of detail about the context, as well as the feeling tone.
On this blog he applies psychological theory to culture, particularly social media and technology, but also film, television, and current events.
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In other words it is the equivalent of putting continuous plasters on a wound that doesn’t heal as opposed to finding a way to get the  wound to heal properly and naturally. For example you don’t have to consciously tell your heart to beat, a wound to form a scab and heal, your sweat glands to activate when you are too hot or indeed for you to shiver if you are too cold.
That’s not to say that medication is bad only that a natural, non-invasive solution in the long term is preferable. Even those actions which you have some conscious control over are (such as breathing or blinking) are generally operated at an unconscious level. If we had to consciously (24 hours a day) think about our breathing, blinking and so on we would not have the mental bandwidth to be able to function properly in the world.

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