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The message is basically CD Projekt RED promising fans of the original Witcher game an improved experience, explaining in charmingly-flawed English (the developers are Polish) how the original game was the developer’s debut, and they are now ready to deliver a much improved, more mature game to fans of the PC RPG. When the THQ firesale kicked off in earnest, the biggest trade chip that switched hands was Relic Entertainment, makers of the Company of Heroes, Homeworld and Dawn of War series. SEGA bought the studio for around US$30 million at the time, but we haven't seen a new Dawn of War game since. Toward the end of its closed beta, Overwatch got an update that included ranked play and seasons.

Even though Oculus is woefully behind in shipping Rift pre-orders to customers, the company has courted more controversy by moving forward with its retail plans, which includes letting people buy Rifts at places like US retailer Best Buy.
Dans cette video de Witcher 3 : Wild Hunt vous verrez comment ouvrir un passage secret dans les jardins du chateau de Wyzima. For some, it was the final piece of the puzzle, the competitive aspect that would keep them coming back. Dans cette cachette vous trouverez une lettre faisant reference au premier episode de The Witcher ainsi qu'un objet aleatoire, une armure ou une selle en general.

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