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CD Projekt Red wrote a secret message about an impending Witcher 3 announcement in a brand new and very sexy Cyberpunk 2077 CGI video.
The message read (via NeoGAF): "We are about to reveal our other project which is much closer to being completed, and it will also be a fully open world game with an intense story.
CDPR still hasn't formally announced The Witcher 3, although it's done more or less everything but. The Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk 2077 are the two "AAA+" projects CDPR said are coming, one in 2014, the other in 2015. Thanks to the secret message we also know that Cyberpunk 2077 is scheduled for 2015, or possibly later.
The reason CD Projekt Red has announced and CGI-teased the game so early has been to aid recruitment for its new second development team - the one making Cyberpunk 2077. A similarly implant-enhanced man pops up behind her pointing a gun at her head, and that scene ends.
GameTrailers did a brief interview with Cyberpunk 2077 project lead Mateusz Kanik about the video. Kanik said there will be a whole system of cyber-implants that will allow you to modify your limbs.
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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is now live, likely causing a temporary blackout for all those immersed in its fantasy world.
While many were ready to burn developer CD Projekt RED at the stake for downgrading the level of visual detail in the final version of the game, when compared to the 2013 reveal, the third installment in The Witcher saga is still a compelling video game, and one of the best-looking titles of the new generation.
While some decry the loss of something they never actually had, others are content to enjoy one of the most engrossing action role-playing games ever made. CD Projekt RED is known for being a more consumer-friendly company than many others, no matter where you stand on the downgrade debate. What we do know is that the company fully supports modding, and has already pledged to deliver even better tools than the ones it had offered for The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. Quest Designer Phillip Weber offered some information regarding some of the things that modders will be able to toy with in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.
In addition to this, those who complained that the preliminary PC version had ghost towns compared to the rich environments shown in early gameplay videos will be pleased to know that the game's day-one update will address this. Furthermore, gamers will also be able to easily increase the number of non-playable characters going around their business in the game world, should they desire their experience to seem more alive and believable.

Finally, the developer also pointed out that, while he was not sure whether modders would be able to make the game's environments look exactly like the ones featured in the 2013 reveal, there are many things that can still be activated. Speaking about the sharpening filter used in the E3 2013 trailer, he added that it only looked good in screenshots and short videos, and that actually playing the game with the setting on can cause strain on the eyes, especially when there's a lot of movement on the screen. While the plot itself is new, the locations were originally meant to be included in the main game, but were cut from the final version. Set in the fall of 1232 in the valley surrounding the Kaer Morhen stronghold, the ballad finds Geralt coming back to the witchers' base of operations for the winter when he unexpectedly spies a small camp just outside the stronghold. At the camp, Geralt meets a nobleman named Merwin Ademeyn and a sorceress named Sabrina Glevissig, who, along with a band of hired mercenaries, are trying to find a young woman staying in the stronghold. Born under the Black Sun and prophesied to ruin the world, Deidre is Eskel's surprise child and rightful heir to the throne of her own (unusually feminist) country.
Geralt has ample opportunity to consult with his fellow witchers: Eskel, Lambert and Vesemir who are all wintering at the old fortress. A mage with a highly realistic illusionary abode, complete with a partner of the opposite gender. The story also quotes quite a lot about the Black Sun and the girls born under it, and the discussions Geralt may partake in with Sabrina Glevissig are more or less a repetition of the ones he shared with Stregobor, whereas certain parts of the dialogue exchanged between Geralt and Deidre echo conversations between Geralt and Renfri. The mention of the duchy of "Vspaden" in the journal entry for Kaedwen is an error based on a fan-made map from Andrzej Sapkowski Zone, even though CD Projekt RED created a more correct map of their own for the game, which does not include it. This being a ballad and knowing Dandelion's tendency to artistic license, this might explain the inconsistencies. The individual who uploaded this work and first used it in an article, and subsequent persons who place it into articles, assert that this qualifies as fair use of the material under United States copyright law. Therefore, we're probably looking at a 2014 date for The Witcher 3, a PC and next-generation console game (certainly Next Xbox, not sure about PS4).
She's butchered a bunch of people, by the looks of things, and the future police have hunted her down. Then we see the same lady and man in the back of what must be a special Psycho Squad police van, strapping on special headgear equipment. If the road scene is a flashback, perhaps that's the point at which she's recruited to the Psycho Squad special police force. Raised from the gutter, he uses ultra-modern technology to stand against large corporations and others who exploit the underprivileged. He's part of the furniture here and reports on all kinds of things, the stranger the better.

Some online sources cited a developer stating that the downgrade was due to the game not being able to run on consoles in its 2013 incarnation. Naturally, the patrons wish to hear a ballad and so he sings the lay of the "Bitter, Evil Hearts". Her brother, the nobleman who also happens to be second in line, wants to make sure she will not have the crown.
He will also have time to get to know both Deidre and Sabrina much better before finally making his decision. The fan-made map includes the duchy based on a (misspelt) reference to Yspaden in "The Lesser Evil". She's shot at on a blood splattered street - the scene of the crime - but the bullets have no effect. They are videos that play in your head and you relive the content of them with your own senses. According to Andrzej Sapkowski's own notes, which were released after the map was created, Yspaden is a city in Redania. Now you should get the option to ask why she is looking at you like that, choose the first answer, this will get you the card. These are people who lost their sense of humanity because of too many cyber-modifications in their bodies.
There are above-board braindance films and the huge Hollywood industry that's sprung up around them; and, of course, there are the below-board, torture and murder kind.
Will you be able to function in this defunct society or end up a BD-junky with nothing left, set aside like garbage - still living someone's else life, not aware of what's going on around you? She wants to examine the girl's body and discover the truth about the Black Sun — being The Witcher, Geralt has to choose with whom he sides.
Once you have delivered the livers, say that you are not convinced followed by "Has any attempt been made to lift the curse?".
You should now have the option of telling her that she's a strange woman, this will get you the card. Thanks to the members of the The Witcher official discussion board for suggesting this way, other ways might be possible.

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