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Este povestea unui tanar cavaler, la origine un modest fierar, pe care circumstantele il transforma in conducator al armatelor si aparator al cetatii Ierusalimului. Tanarul spadasin D'Artagnan soseste la Paris cu gandul de a fi acceptat in randurile muschetarilor regelui. Filmul este bazat pe legendele privind existenta unei femei Papa in secolul al IX-lea, idee respinsa de Biserica Catolica si de majoritatea istoricilor.
Nobilimea care locuia la Versailles a stat departe de vacarmul primelor zile ale RevoluA?iei Franceze, panica instalându-se treptat AYi la palat. Filmul prezinta intr-o maniera de mare clasa regizoriala momentul descoperirii Americii de catre Cristofor Columb si efectele pe care aceasta descoperire le-a avut asupra tuturor celor implicati. Ne aflam in anul 35 dupa Hristos, cand Imperiul Roman il are ca imparat pe Tiberius Caesar Augustus. What’s really one of the reasons behind the 2000 year old opposition to the spreading of Kabbalah? Read the long lost missing Zohar yourself and discover how it explains and resolves all these mysteries. What is the best or most accurate translation of each text: Torah, Talmud, Mishnah and Zohar.
I have always believed everyone (christians, catholics, jews, you name it) are all a little wrong. I also believe we have been lied to, all of us and I would like to analyze this for myself using the Spirit God has given me.

This my friend, although, we know not of one another personally, is the crux of my stance and has always been.
Seeing as though you never got a response, with all due respect for Billy and his noble cause, my suggestion would be broad on text. Based on what you just said you already mislead,why not shut up and learn from someone who has something to say like billy instead of the parrots you and others have been hearing for 2000 years! Nobody knows what Jesus Did from 5 to thirth years Old , for sure , for me he was studding Kabbalah with Rabbi Shimon , is it possible ? Most Christians are actually Christians, they’re Paulean or followers of the apostle Paul. I once read a quote of a certain rabbi, I cannot recall his name, that said if Jesus did not have the stigma placed on him and allowed to live what a great rabbi he would have become. The portion of Vayikra talks almost exclusively about the different practices of animal sacrifices.
Jethro gave advice to Moses, the leader and consequently the judge of the people of Israel.
Este un ipocrit, lacom si capabil de orice , care colecteaza darile pe care le deturneaza in propriul buzunar . Why were Rabbis throughout history adamant about keeping the Zohar out of the hands of regular people? He has been instrumental in helping to make Kabbalah accessible for the masses working on both private and public projects under the guidance of Kabbalist Rav Berg.

Study all religion at its core (Catholic, Islamic, Judaic, Asiatic etc.) then find the core string that connects them meaning their root origin. It his doctrine that is taught and studied for the most part because the majority of the new testament is authored by him.
Most Christians know nothing on or about judiaism which were the exact roots of Jesus himself. He has lectured on a variety of topics, most notably the profound connection between Kabbalah, Christianity, Islam and the world of Science. Me I have studied and the more I learn the more I understand who Jesus was and what he was trying to tell us. And it reveals the origin of Christianity’s belief that Jesus was the Son of God and that Jesus and God were as one.
There are curtains in the world and in our very own consciousness that try to prevent us from grasping with perfect clarity the secret that is right in front of noses the whole time.
They were all cut down by the Romans for teaching Kabbalah after they were ratted out by Jews who were against Kabbalah.

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