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At the very beginning of XXI century Therion became an important name in European metal society.
You are not logged, please complete authentication before continuing (use forum credentials). Runes are individual symbols which are held to have significant power by themselves, and greater power when arranged in a particular pattern. Their fantastic combination of melodic scandinavian metal with operatic vocal and often orchestrated arrangements is one of a few great new things invented on the border of metal and progressive music.
This suitably describes the mildly tweaked musical approach that Therion take on Secret of the Runes, in which (to my ears, at least) they give greater prominence to the musical prowess of individual instrumentalists.

So, generally I like Therion albums ( I am speaking about their later,operatic metal period). The work of guitarist Kristian Niemann had tided me over on Vovin and Deggial, and it feels like it's given more a spotlight this time around - indeed, all the core band members seem to solo a bit more - and this proves somewhat refreshing to their symphonic metal sound, though it's all still a little limp and generic for my tastes. Well, once again, I'm a newcomer to Therion and have nothing to fall back on for this album. Imagine Nightwish smashed with a chorus of ridiculously happy men from a classic movie smashed with some random death metal band. In fact, absolutely great idea of mixing great operatic voice with melodic metal sound works perfectly, but in many moments this metal music sounds more as background for the voice.As often with Therion, I am absolutely attracted by the formula, but almost any moment you wish to hear more complex and interesting musical sound.

I'm not going to bother to name them right now or present a track-by-track overview of the album, because it would be a bitch to type all those long foreign words out.For a symphonic metal album, it sure is chock-full of magnificent riffage. Also prevalent on this album are flourishes of exotic woodwind instruments and the like and they further add to the greatness of the album.In conclusion, this is a spectacular album, and though a bit conservative sounding, it's still quite catchy with lethal riffage to boot.

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