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Binaural Beats Online Information resource for binaural beats, monaural beats, isochronic tones. In this post we will explore exactly what Theta meditation is, why it is so powerful, and how you can easily achieve theta waves yourself from the comfort of your own home and experience the immense benefits.
This is very close to the Delta brain waves which are the lowest frequency that you can achieve and produces a state of deep sleep and complete lack of body awareness. When you are in theta meditation your brain waves produce an extremely relaxed state and you will likely feel very drowsy and possibly begin to dream.
Very often Theta brain waves appear more often in children and artists as well as in extroverts and people who have spent many years practicing meditation. When you are in Theta meditation the low frequency theta waves in your brain can help produce intuition, creativity, strong emotional connections as well as lower your stress and anxiety. Very high levels of creativity – Often artists, musicians, and very creative people will have high levels of Theta waves.
Heightened intuition – Everyone has intuition but often it can get blocked by your Beta waves.
Ability to tap into the subconscious – When you experience the total relaxation of Theta meditation you are able to put your conscious mind aside and tap right into your subconscious mind. Reprogramming of the subconscious mind – Once you have put our conscious mind aside you can make positive suggestions to our subconscious and re-program it for positive change in your life. More intense emotional connections – Theta brain waves will produce a very high level of emotional sensitivity and allow for deeper emotional connections. Overall sense of calmness – It has been shown that people with high levels of Theta brain waves are much more relaxed with very low levels of stress and anxiety. Improved problem solving skills and learning ability – Theta meditation allows you to lower your Beta waves and therefore remove the mental blocks that are hindering you thus allowing your creative abilities to take over. Better focus and concentration – We often hear of athletes talking about being in the “zone”. Healing of the body – Theta waves can actually communicate to your brain to produce positive chemicals such as epinephrine as well as lower your amounts of cortisol. Far more energy – After your body has had the chance to heal and renew itself you will experience far more energy then you have had before. Yoga – Yoga can be very beneficial for many reasons and is well known for being very effective in helping to achieve Alpha waves and Theta waves. Meditation – Just like yoga, meditation can be very effective in producing Theta brain waves. Brainwave Entrainment – It is much easier to experience the benefits of Theta meditation by using brainwave entrainment products. If you can practice Theta meditation by using binaural beats, monaural beats or isochronic tones you can literally achieve the much sought after Theta waves in a very short time period and enjoy the benefits that come with it. For other suggestions please explore our reviews for quality binaural beats that can be used for Theta meditation. Excellent article, found this page after experiencing my first lucid dream, it blew my mind and I wanted to learn how to have more. Its so exciting, to know there is positive change on the way, without side effects, without harming in any way, and that it can happen swiftly..

Get your FREE copy of "Self-Hypnosis Secrets" and receive our newsletter for the latest articles and updates. Isochronic Tones are the most powerful type of entrainment and known to be the most effective at this time. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. We unconditionally guarantee your satisfaction with all Sounds True products for one year when purchased via our website.
For items manufactured by other companies, we indicate the warranty period in the product description. It is widely accepted that meditation can result in reduced stress, greater health, and a sense of calmness and balance.
You are GuaranteedI want you to be extremely happy with every product you buy from me, which is why I give a 'no hassle' money back guarantee. To reach the deepest levels of meditation, you normally need many years of meditation experience. Listen to these sessions in a quiet, comfortable place, free of distraction, in a chair or lying down.
This deep Theta brain entrainment session, is designed to  make it easier to experience a deeper state of meditation, usually only achieved after many years of practice. The session begins at the top of the high Alpha range (12 Hz), and guides you down to high Theta in about 7 minutes. As you close in on the end of the session (after 46 minutes), you are gradually taken out of the deep Theta state and back into a more aware but still relaxed state in high Alpha.
You get the 7 Mp3s listed below, so you can choose the sound that suits your mood.  Each contains the exact same frequency session, but with an alternative background option. Note: Laptop speakers are usually too small to produce enough bass to hear the entrainment tones effectively. Headphones are not required, but using them will often result in a more deeper entrainment experience. Beaucoup de gens peuvent ressentir des visualisations lucides car ce niveau de conscience est etroitement lie avec le sommeil paradoxal. Les donnees personnelles recueillies resultent de la communication volontaire d'informations. Die Session stimuliert damit den mittleren Theta Bereich, sodass der Nutzer hier wahrscheinlich leichter bei Bewusstsein bleiben kann als mit den tieferen Theta Meditationen. Mach es Dir sitzend oder liegend bequem, schlie?e Deine Augen und beobachte innerlich was geschieht. Der Anbieter der auf diesen Seiten vorgestellten BrainWave-Sounds verspricht keine Heilung von Krankheiten oder anderer Leiden.
As you can imagine there are so many fantastic health benefits that can be experienced if you are able to effectively achieve theta meditation and experience these very low brain frequencies. At this point you are able to retain much larger amounts of information in a shorter period of time. This in turn creates a much stronger immune system which helps the body to fight illness and disease.

The Theta waves are extremely relaxing but also allow you to be far more energetic in your daily life. Although it is very possible to experience Theta brain waves with yoga it can also take an extreme amount of time, practice, patience and discipline. Also like yoga it takes an extreme amount of practice and dedication in order to produce this state. This involves listening to either MP3 downloads or CD’s that use binaural beats, monaural beats or isochronic tones. Studies show that in states of meditation we produce a greater quantity of slow-frequency theta brainwaves. So for better sound quality and results, we recommend using external speakers or headphones. Cette session utilise une technique d’ondes variables, tres utile pour les gens qui ont du mal a entrer dans des etats de transe ou en etat de relaxation intense. Am besten am Wochenende oder wenn Du Zeit fur Dich hast, denn die Theta-Meditation ist ein sehr „tiefes“ Erlebnis. Die Verwendung der BrainWave-Sounds zur Gehirnwellenstimulation ersetzt keine medizinischen oder psychologischen Behandlungen. It allows you to become extremely focused and able to solely concentrate on what you are trying to achieve. Theta waves can actually help bring your body back into balance and therefore allow it to heal.
What makes this option so appealing is that it provides the frequencies needed to get the brain to produce the specific brainwave frequency that you desire. Others may experience lucid visualizations, since this level of Theta is closely correlated with REM sleep. Vor der Nutzung der zur Verfugung gestellten Streams und Downloads sollte im Zweifelsfall ein Arzt konsultiert werden. They can also help to balance your serotonin and melatonin levels which will help to aid depression as well as insomnia and jet leg.
Jeffrey ThompsonYour Guide to Healthful Meditative StatesEEG studies of meditators in this mid-theta state show increased abilities to handle stress, heightened intuition, and an enhanced sense of emotional balance.Dr.
Es wird empfohlen, vor dem Gebrauch der angebotenen Produkte deren Wirkung und richtige Anwendung zu studieren. Jeffrey Thompson’s pioneering work with thousands of patients has led to groundbreaking discoveries in how sound frequency patterns built into musical sound tracks induce brainwave entrainment. Der Anbieter ubernimmt trotz sorgfaltiger Recherche keine Garantie, weder stillschweigend noch ausdrucklich, fur die schlussendliche Korrektheit, Aktualitat, Qualitat oder Vollstandigkeit der bereitgestellten Informationen. Thompson’s audio programs are used by psychotherapists, MDs, chiropractors, and bodywork professionals in 26 countries.

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