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As it is Christmas, we thought a trip to Tinkerbell the Movie would make for a nice Christmas treat. From an adult perspective, not the best animation – but as a parent, I think this adorable and lovely and I highly recommend taking your kids.
This file contains additional information, probably added from the digital camera or scanner used to create or digitize it. If the file has been modified from its original state, some details may not fully reflect the modified file. This Tinker Bell series has been doing a fine line in TV and DVD sales for Disney for a few years now but Secret of the Wings is the first cinema outing, and with it a 3D makeover to get the little girls off the couch. Tinker Bell (In Treatment's Mae Whitman, who has voiced the fairy four times now) is a fairy of Pixie Hollow, the summer side of a land divided in two.
The 3D adds to the flight scenes with plenty of gliding over mountains and swooping between trees to a poppy soundtrack, with enough fairy contraptions and inventions to keep things fun.
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However she if VERY curious about the winter woods and really wants to go there to see how the winter fairies live. Forbidden to enter the Winter Woods for fear of her wings freezing, a curious Tink does just that only to find that her wings glow and sparkle in the frozen land.
Sure, Rise of the Guardians had snow courtesy of Jack Frost but it's set at Easter; it's snow ahoy in The Secret of the Wings but Christmas isn't mentioned once. What it's missing is a villain, someone the girls can hope will get their comeuppance; unfortunately the real danger only comes from the encroaching frost that will destroy Pixie Hollow and that doesn't turn up until later on. Entertainment.ie accepts no responsibility, legal or otherwise, for the accuracy of viewer comments. It is strictly forbidden for the fairies to cross over – the winter woods are too cold for the warm fairies. The girl, seemed to enjoy it too, but was a little tired, so it was difficult to tell how much she liked it.
Searching for the wise fairy who wrote the book on wings, Tink bumps into Periwinkle (Hale), whose wings also sparkle.

However, I'd take this Christmasless Tink story over sitting through a Nativity sequel any day. Convinced they are sisters, Periwinkle shows Tink around the Winter Woods and Tink introduces Periwinkle to the delights of Pixie Hollow. Making no concessions to the adults expected to be dragged along, the story is kept very simple throughout with its message - both sides can make adjustments to suit everyone - to the fore.
However, Tinkerbell and Periwinkle’s antic cause trouble and the fairy dust tree is in danger.

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