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The Disney Fairies line has become big business over the last few years, rivalling the money earners created by the Disney Princess line, Cars and Winnie the Pooh. This past week, on DVD and Blu-ray, Tinker Bell’s newest movie was released: Secret of the Wings! Secret of the Wings is the fourth animated film in the series, produced by¬†DisneyToon Studios.

My little girl is a huge fan of Tinker Bell, and she was so excited when she learned that Tinker Bell was coming out with a new movie.
Disney has just released a new trailer for what looks to be a pretty fun adventure called Secret of the Wings. As of October 23rd, you can journey with Tinker Bell and her friends to the mysterious Winter Woods in Secret of the Wings.

Periwinkled is just as endearing as the rest of the Pixie Hollow Fairies, so it is nice to have a new addition in this Winter themed movie!

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