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As it is Christmas, we thought a trip to Tinkerbell the Movie would make for a nice Christmas treat. From an adult perspective, not the best animation – but as a parent, I think this adorable and lovely and I highly recommend taking your kids. If you feel this image is in violation of our Terms of Service, please use the following form to have it manually reviewed by a staff member. Dripping in fairytale magic, Tinker Bell and the Secret of the Wings is an adorable, charming adventure with the world’s most beloved pint-sized mischief-maker, Tinker Bell (voice of Mae Whitman).
Tinker Bell’s curiosity ventures her into the forbidden winter forest where her wings experience a mystical transformation.
Visually engrossing, the animation is beautifully crisp with gorgeous colours woven from the most delicate rainbow cloth, then sprinkled with spun sugar and wrapped in delicate starbursts of yummy daydream swirl. The newest Tinkerbell movie, The Secret of the Wings is set in Neverland where the Never Fairies do what fairies do—change the seasons, help animals and paint flowers.
Once they picked their talent, they were ushered by the beautiful Frost Fairy, Lydia to our craft table. Each talent group was then ushered to a fairy game—a huge fairy game that really would make them feel 5 inches tall! After five minutes (which I counted down on my iPhone), I called for the talent groups to rotate to a new station and new game. Finally, the Pixie Hollow Games were over (and everyone won!) and it was time for the main event: the Snowfall! Oh, and the Cheeseball from Heaven and Bloomin’ Onion Bread made an appearance, of course.
I whipped up the Kool-Aid and put it in this cute container with a spout that I bought at Michael’s for like $2 on clearance.
I had lots of decorations in mind–snowflakes, tinsel, icicles, cottony snow and more (I bought all sorts of cool ornaments for 75% off at Target!). My mom made her a Periwinkle costume (Periwinkle, she’s the main frost fairy in the Secret of the Wings movie).
I had almost gotten over my deep grief over last fall’s cheap-o, lazy Tinkerbell party.
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However she if VERY curious about the winter woods and really wants to go there to see how the winter fairies live. Perfect for little girls with big imaginations, Tinker Bell and the Secret of the Wings is a sweet candy-coated tale that is as carefree and light as fairy dust on a dandelion. She meets Periwinkle (voice of Lucy Hale), and together they set off on a meddlesome adventure to unlock the mystery of the enchanted wings. The story is simple and easy to follow but engaging enough to capture attention for the full 92 magical minutes—a win for children and adults alike.
However, as everyone knows, Tinker Bell is inquisitive, thus a story was born.Tinker Bell is fascinated by what's on the other side of her boundaries, and for the first time she watches as the warm animals cross over into winter. There’s only one part of Neverland they never visit (until now, that is): the Winter Woods! So, when they arrived, each child signed Lydia’s guest book and then picked a necklace from our talent box. The Disney Fairies website had some printable shrinky charms, so I printed out (and cut, that was the worst part) enough for every kid to be in a talent. The kids…er, fairies were divided into their talents and then told that even though they may not have noticed, when they entered our house, they were shrunk down to the size of a fairy–only 5 inches tall! It was really just a huge drop cloth (or maybe it was a giant sheet?) with spray painted dots on it.
When they left each station, they received another Fairy Talent charm to add to their necklace.
We had the kids crowd around Lydia, sing Happy Birthday and when it was over my husband flipped the switch to make the snow fall! Of course, it was just then that I remembered the snow was made out of bubbles and if the kids got covered in it, they’d be soaking wet. I was going to make some homemade syrup which quickly got ditched after the kids tasted my first batch. But we were doing food (and snowcones, grrrr) and game set-up till the very last minute and only had time for one little decoration. I forgot to mention I did do hot chocolate at the party, but I don’t even think one person drank it!
My soon to be 7 year old has also requested a secret of the wings party… In August no less!!!
I carry lots of cute wings and tutus that would be perfect for this theme and many other fairy princess theme parties. It is strictly forbidden for the fairies to cross over – the winter woods are too cold for the warm fairies. The girl, seemed to enjoy it too, but was a little tired, so it was difficult to tell how much she liked it.
But their snooping leads them to break the rules and threatens to wipe out summer in Pixie Hollow forever.
Superstar voices Timothy Dalton, Anjelica Huston, Lucy Liu, and Jane Horrocks add dazzle to this delightful piece of innocent Disney film-bubble.
And as usual, the party turned out even more fun than I hoped–even with 20 kids there! I have this super cool book with snowflake templates (found it at a toy store for 50% off after Christmas!
I found twelve matching baskets at the dollar store and Lydia collected 6 paired items (gloves, snowflake ornament, shoes, jacks, etc.) We put an item under each basket and let the kids play memory.
If I had littles now I would have to move close to you so that your birthday party magic could rub off on me! Oh well we have been collecting snowflakes everywhere, too bad she told me this after Xmas…grrr.
When she decides to investigate this thrilling world, she finds a beautiful realm of sparkling ice and reflections.
Since there were 20 kids there and I only found 3 clean towels, I’m sure some kids went home smelling soapy. She didn’t have a Peri pattern to follow, so she just made it up from another fairy costume. My friend, Mandi and her kids couldn’t be at the party because they were at the Magic Kingdom in Disney World.

Their bday is in oct so dont know if I can pull off snow but maybe another decor idea will arise as we watch show. Then afterwards my husband and I cleaned the entire fridge and threw away half our our newly purpled food.
They are instantly and completely captivated by each other, learning quickly why-they are sisters!
I am very anti-food-coloring and didn’t want to use this, but we were getting down to the wire here! Peggy Holmes pondered the story conflict and realised that Tinker Bell herself should be the one to ultimately bring the two worlds of warm and winter fairies together. However, Tinkerbell and Periwinkle’s antic cause trouble and the fairy dust tree is in danger. It gave me the idea to tell a love story in which ultimately the two worlds would be brought together." The Winter Woods borders the Autumn Forest where Tinker Bell lives.
If a warm fairy, such as Tinker Bell, were to cross the border, she would experience extraordinary cold and run the risk of having her wings freeze. Likewise, for a winter fairy to venture into the warm world would be like taking a piece of ice and setting it in the middle of the Sahara.
The winter fairies' wings will wilt in summer, and warm fairies' wings will crack and break if they cross over to the cold side.
This was a conundrum that gave Holmes the opportunity to explore the reality of the winter world in terms of how the fairies there live and what their talents are and how they have fun in a climate that is totally foreign to the fairies of the warm world.One of the primary challenges for Peggy Holmes was creating a story about bringing the two worlds together that did not have a negative backstory.
Creating a sister for Tinker Bell and thus extending the mythology to reveal that she has a sister, Periwinkle, a frost fairy who Tinker Bell wants to be with, made this a reality. Their friendship starts a remarkable chain of events." With "Secret of the Wings," Peggy Holmes becomes the first woman to direct a Disney Fairies film. Sisters have always played a major role in Peggy Holmes ' own world-she has 3 of them (and 3 brothers, too!). Therefore, her understanding of the importance of sisterhood comes from a very profound and loving family influence. It's unspoken." "I didn't necessarily bring my sisters' personalities into 'Secret of the Wings,'" Peggy Holmes explains, "but there is a moment when Tink and Peri have to hug and say goodbye which was very relatable for me. I was probably seventeen years old, and my older sister had joined the Air Force and was leaving very early in the morning. I remember going to the front door to give her a hug and becoming overwhelmed with emotion. And so, when Tink and Peri have to say goodbye at the border, and Peri finds the strength to run back for one last moment to make sure that Tinker Bell knows how much she loves her, that was a very real-life situation, an absolute parallel moment." Peggy Holmes remembers that one of the biggest challenges was creating a way for Tinker Bell and Periwinkle to instantly recognise how special they were to each other.
Early on it was suggested that there might be a particular sound that they both hear which would establish their sisterhood. But, as Holmes and co-director Bobs Gannaway were on their way to a meeting one morning, a new idea popped up. It was undeniable that they were connected in a special way because their wings began to sparkle.
Story discoveries like that made this magical but believable." The gravity of doing something as intense as expanding Tinker Bell's world and revealing that this iconic Disney character has a sister was a huge undertaking for Holmes and for the studio.
It all came from the idea that I wanted to connect those two worlds in a way that was undeniably emotional and would bring the two worlds together." As Peggy Holmes imagined how Tinker Bell and Periwinkle came to be such good friends she says, "I was thinking of a situation such the first day of school, where there's someone in the classroom that you just connect with and you don't exactly know why, and then ultimately you find it's because you share a kinship," she says.
To help solve this challenge of bringing Tinker Bell and Periwinkle together in an organic and authentic way, Peggy Holmes availed herself of other creative members of the DisneyToon story trust of directors.
This heightened the emotional stakes and became a much stronger story." Introducing PeriwinklePeriwinkle is a frost fairy that has never known any other season but winter. Curious, bubbly and fun, she makes amazing frost swirls and loves to go ice-sliding on frozen waterfalls with her friends, Spike and Gliss. But while Periwinkle loves winter, she burns with curiosity about the warm seasons of Pixie Hollow. She, too, often sneaks to the border to watch the animals migrate into winter and pores over books for tales of summer, butterflies and the Pixie Dust Tree. During the early stages of developing Periwinkle's character, she was a frost fairy who wasn't very good at her talent. As director Peggy Holmes relates, "Tinker Bell and Periwinkle were separated at birth by the fate of the wind. Periwinkle's wisp, instead of going into the Pixie Dust Tree, blew into winter and landed there. Periwinkle's wisp landed in winter because ultimately we wanted to solve the problem of the two worlds being together.
It was destiny." "From a writing standpoint, the conflict could have been that Tinker Bell meets Periwinkle and they find that they're exact opposites. But Tinker Bell meeting Periwinkle and getting along right away is not fraught with conflict. Tinker Bell and Periwinkle, through their love for each other, help remind others of their own love.
Working through the issues that separate them, they can bring about a happy ending." Casting the FilmWorking out the story was just one of the many daunting challenges for the filmmakers.
Creating a voice for animated characters is, of course, a discipline all its own and requires actors to utilise different aspects of their talents and training. Director Peggy Holmes and her team set out to find an actress who could not only hold her own with Mae Whitman, the talented voice of Tinker Bell, but one who had a similar vocal quality because, after all, Tinker Bell and Periwinkle are siblings. When we heard Lucy Hale, we knew we had our Periwinkle!" However, Lucy Hale (star of ABC Family's award-winning series "Pretty Little Liars"), had never done voice-over work before.
You have to have a lot more energy to do voice-over, because you have to bring a character to life with only the use of your vocal cords.
I had to make sure that I honed in on those characteristics." "She was immediately so welcoming to me," exclaims Lucy Hale of working with Peggy Holmes.
It was a double dose of excitement; being cast in the first place, and then for something as iconic as giving a voice to Tinker Bell.
It was really a great honour." "Mae Whitman brings heart and an emotional element to her dialogue that comes through beyond what you're seeing on the screen," enthuses producer Wigert, who understands how much talent and effort are required of actors working on animated projects.
It's such a pleasure to have somebody of her calibre on this project." In Mae Whitman, the filmmakers recognised not only her acting talents and her connection with Tinker Bell but also her sense of humour. As the young actress says of her audition, "All you can ever bring to the process is whatever your absolute best is.
So I just gave it my absolute best with my essence and who I am." For the role of Periwinkle, the exciting new fairy character in Pixie Hollow, Lucy Hale says that there's more of her real voice in Periwinkle's because they have similar personalities.
For Anjelica Huston, who plays the beneficent Queen Clarion, the moral tone of the Tinker Bell movies and the messages for children are among the most important aspects that draw her to work on these films.
The film offers ways to explain to a child why they should share, why they should respond in kindness if somebody attacks them, and why we have to uphold the laws of nature, which I particularly like. But when they all work as a team, everything turns out all right." Raven-Symons, who stars as Iridessa, adds to Anjelica Huston's levity, "I get to work in my pajamas!" she says, only half joking. It was fun for me because she's totally different from the roles that I normally get to do." Because Jodi Benson had to be on the East Coast at the time of the recording, she received direction on her role by phone.
We've worked together before, and we really know each other well, so it was easy to work with her over the phone because I knew exactly what she was doing," Jodi Benson says. I could close my eyes and see her moving about, acting everything out physically, because she's very theatrical in the way that she directs. Having worked with her face-to-face for so long on 'The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Beginning,' it was really easy to get into her head and know what she was doing, even over the phone. Scratch is when an actor comes in and they lay down the dialogue so the animators can start drawing. And because I consider myself kind of a journeyman actor, it was such a big deal when Disney took a leap of faith and made me Vidia. I was thrilled beyond belief." The character Terence is sweet and sensitive, and he always wants what's best for Tinker Bell. According to Jesse McCartney, who performs the role, "I think Terence secretly takes to her [Tinker Bell].
He's extremely fond of her, and I think he may, secretly, be in love with her and foresees a future with Tink. The entire series is an adventure!" The roles of Bobble, Clank and Dewey belong to two legendary voice-over actors: Rob Paulsen (Bobble) and Jeff Bennett (Clank and Dewey).

Both have worked non-stop as voice-over stars for more than two decades, and each has contributed a great deal of work on many Disney projects. If you watch an animated project-any animated project that you can name- they probably had a voice on it. One of the things that I love about them is that they bring both humour and heart to a character. In this latest adventure, Tinker Bell gets to explore winter in the world of the Winter Woods.
We have fairies that specialise in making snowflakes, covering trees with snow, and creating frost. Just like the warm-weather fairies, their clothing designs come from their personalities." When director Peggy Holmes was inspired to create Periwinkle and the Winter Woods, she wanted to develop a world that would show us Periwinkle's life before she met Tinker Bell. We wanted to put a lot of energy around Periwinkle, so we gave her a fun group of girlfriends." Debby Ryan, who voices the role of Spike, notes, "In every group of friends there's usually someone who is perky and happy, and there's another who is pragmatic and keeps the others in line. She's very cool." "Because winter is a place we haven't seen before in the Tinker Bell movies, I was able to design the characters to fit well into our expanded winter world," director Peggy Holmes says. So we went into the designs with the idea that the Winter Woods is an angular place with snowflakes and crystals. We reflected that in their clothing and the cut and the lines of their dresses and the lines of their hair. The important thing was to make them relatable for our audiences, that maybe they would wear the dresses or the boots we designed. I just wanted them to look hip and pretty." In Pixie Hollow all the characters make their own clothes out of things in their environment. The same was true for the winter frost fairies, so director Holmes worked with art director Ellen Jin Over and Ritsuko Notani, the character designer, to bring the wardrobe to life. As Holmes explains, "We wanted to make sure that the characters weren't bundled up in winter coats. We were determined not to put them in snowflake outfits." Still, the costumes had to have texture. One favourite of the garden, Lamb's Ear, is a beautiful ground cover, the texture of which can best be described as fuzzy or velvety. The filmmakers also used such things as the down feathers of a winter owl, and because the mountains in the Winter Woods are probably filled with minerals, they accented Lord Milori's cape with mineral beads and little crystals. All of these things would have come from the Winter Woods, and they could have become part of the fairies' outfits. Some people live in winter their whole lives, so we wanted to capture that feeling." Trust the ProcessFor producer Michael Wigert ("Chicken Little," "Bolt," "Meet the Robinsons"), whose career at Disney has involved him in both live action and animation, the long road traveled to bring a film from thought to form can be an arduous one. However, Michael Wigert and his colleagues are guided by the wisdom and principles of Oscar® winner John Lasseter, chief creative officer, Pixar and Disney Animation Studios. Sure, there will be times when you may feel a little lost, but trust the process of the team and your peers helping to support the project and make it better.
It's how we make great movies, because we do trust the process and we do trust that everybody around us will help us make it better." "Disney, and to an extent, Tinker Bell, has a huge legacy and expectation for us to live up to," notes Michael Wigert.
The fact that everybody is committed to doing the best work they can to tell the most interesting stories makes that job so much easier. The responsibility is shared, and that makes it really feel that we're all in it together." As co-director, Bobs Gannaway further explains, "John Lasseter and Ed Catmull brought some of the inspired Pixar culture to Disney, things that worked well for them in the past. We get their notes and as directors, we're empowered to make choices about how to address the notes, or move forward. It's not that we're making films by committee, but it's good to have fresh eyes see the work.
So it's an incredibly healthy creative environment." Periwinkle's Hair DesignDirector Peggy Holmes had always looked at winter as an opportunity to push the design of the fairies.
She wanted the winter world to be a little edgier and to have a more modern aesthetic to the characters and designs. Character designer Ritsuko Notani, who has designed all the new fairy characters in the Tinker Bell films, was up for the challenge, working with Peggy Holmes to create Periwinkle with inspiration from winter, including the sleek but beautiful natural design of frozen flowers and icicles. Paves, who is far from a stranger to creating styles for talent gracing the red carpet, having created imaginative hairstyles for many of the most celebrated women in contemporary film and fashion including Victoria Beckham, Jessica and Ashlee Simpson, Eva Longoria, Lady GaGa, Jennifer Lopez, Celine Dion and Fergie, knew exactly what was required.
Her wig was all one length- nearly down to the middle of her back when he began-and was silvery, with a hint of lavender colour. He started cutting and kept working while director Peggy Holmes and producer Michael Wigert and animators watched as Periwinkle came to life before their eyes. In preparation for his unique assignment, Ken Paves says he wanted to understand Periwinkle's movements.
The 360-degree look was something that she really wanted me to take into consideration, because she said we'd be seeing Periwinkle in every angle that they illustrated. I walk around my clients a few times and look to make sure that the style has a great flow.
I wanted to create something that was organic to the character and the storyline in the movie that also went along with her movements," Ken Paves continues.
I forget how many wigs I had prepared, and they were all in variances of shades," Ken Paves says. So it was a fantastic collaboration." "When Peggy and I talked, we discussed how Periwinkle's hair would be icy, but it wouldn't be silver and it would be kind of transparent," Ken Paves says.
I think the shape was most important, because to me, it felt like her hair almost froze into that shape when she was flying around. It had to have a natural and organic water-drop feel but with the solidity of ice." "Periwinkle's hairstyle is absolutely part of her character," notes producer Michael Wigert. What Ken Paves was able to do with this sort of swooping up of the hair and with the bangs framing her face is great, she just looks beautiful. We can't wait for everybody to see her, because she's a breakout star." About the 3D Stereo Design"Secret of the Wings" is the first movie in the Disney Fairies franchise to be produced in 3D. To create the "Secret of the Wings" 3D experience, director Peggy Holmes enlisted the services of expert stereographer Vladimir Sierra. Creating scientific visualisation in stereo for the ambitious James Webb Space Telescope (which is set to launch in 2016) provided him with the tools and experience to become a valued member of the production team. It became the right evolution for me to be in entertainment as an artist." Peggy Holmes and Vladimir Sierra met to begin the filmmaking process, discussing different styles of 3D. It feels like the movie comes to life, like a diorama," Peggy Holmes notes as she indicates her preference for 3D that is very subtle. In other words, the way we perceive depth in the real world is a result of our having two eyes, so likewise, to perceive depth in a movie, we must shoot it with two cameras," Vladimir Sierra says.
At this stage I work closely with Peggy Holmes to ensure that the stereo decisions that I make enhance the story she is trying to convey in every possible way.
We were careful to grow and explore the performances of the characters that people are familiar with while introducing the newer characters in the story." It was of paramount importance to the filmmakers that the new characters feel as though they belonged in the same world as the classic characters, like Tinker Bell. Holmes, with the help of the art director, Ellen Jin Over, and character designer Ritsuko Notani, pushed the design of the new characters. We will all get to experience what it feels like to be a fairy or sparrowman." Making sure that the 3D experience enhanced the special moments that take place between the characters required particular attention for Peggy Holmes and Vladimir Sierra. During these moments, they wanted the audience to take in the world presented in front of them in such a way that they feel physically and emotionally closer to the characters.
Vladimir Sierra says, "It was very important to our director that our audience develop an emotional connection to the characters, and to this end, creating our movie in stereo allowed us to bring our audience literally into the wonderful worlds we've created. I can't wait for people to see what we've done in this film." Many technological advances are being made not only in terms of presenting a truly amazing visual stereo experience on screen but also in the way that audiences can view the imagery. There is an enormous amount of creativity that goes into making a pleasurable 3D viewing experience.
Making a movie in stereo involves a lot more than just looking at the world through two cameras.
As stereographer Vladimir Sierra says, "I believe that the more the creative teams think about how to use 3D to tell their stories, the better the resulting 3D experience will turn out to be.
Soon enough, people will be able to talk about 3D with the same degree of know-how that they do today when they talk about CGI in general.

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