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Jodie Gale is a leading specialist in women’s emotional, psychological and spiritual health and well-being. Due in part to the United States’ slow recovery from the global recession of 2009, financial problems are on the mind of more Americans than ever. She is a therapeutic counsellor, life-coach and psychotherapist practising in Manly and Allambie Heights on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia.
In fact, a 2012 Gallup poll revealed that fewer Americans than even feel they have enough money to live comfortably.It’s also a given that with financial problems comes stress. You would be surprised to see how severe debt related issues can put immense pressure on a person’s health and general well being.
Similarly, the beneficial effects of specific stress relieving techniques can vary from person to person. Trial and error is the best way to discover what methods work better for you than others.This set of techniques is targeted at those who are suffering from stress due to financial difficulties. But for others, it may be a bit more complicated.Ask yourself if a specific financial problem you’re going through is the only cause of stress, or if it’s coming from a variety of sources.
If it’s the latter, you may need to address multiple problems in a way that makes sense for each.Sources of stress can come in various forms and could add up to the pressure that the accumulating debt exerts on you. It could be triggered by meeting conflicting or energy draining people, by spending time in unwelcoming taunting environment, by dealing with situations or tasks that frustrate or simply overwhelm you.Think long and hard about the things that make you stress out on a regular basis and list them out.

In terms of your current financial difficulties for instance you could start by assessing the budgeting techniques that you have adopted.
Are you incapable of controlling your credit card debt while it keeps on accumulating dreadfully? And don’t be afraid to say “no” if you’re asked to do something you think will stress you out.Set realistic goals that can be mapped to dates and timesProcrastination can be a real problem when it comes to stress management. Don’t skip breakfast, avoid snacking and be sure to eat balanced meals.Getting proper sleep also plays a huge role in your ability to deal with stressful situations.
Most adults need between seven and nine hours of sleep per night, but this varies on a person-by-person basis.Regardless of your level of physical fitness, combating depression relies heavily on your ability to stay active and engaged physically. Whether it is a walk around the block, an hour in the gym, or 15 minutes of sit ups before bed, exercise regulates the endorphins responsible for maintaining your day-to-day mood and attitude.And as we’ve already mentioned before, avoid drugs, tobacco and alcohol at all costs.
They can only hurt you when you’re dealing with stress.Don’t be afraid to ask for helpBy explaining the problems to fresh ears, you may find new solutions that you wouldn’t have otherwise been aware of. Communicating your problems with others can also provide you with a more objective outlook on the state of the situation.
If you feel wrapped up in the problem emotionally, it may be useful to let someone rationalize the issue for you.Depending on the severity of your financial situation, it also may be in your best interest to consult a bankruptcy attorney. If debt collectors are after you, repossession or foreclosure action is filed against you or your credit card bills have become unmanageable, bankruptcy is an option you should seriously consider.

Sometimes a healthy diet and the attempt to keep a positive state of mind won’t be enough to relief your financial obligation, you just have to admit to yourself that you need help and professional assistance to overcome this particular challenge that life presents you with.Just rest and relaxOnce you have already found a way to deal with the factors that cause the high level of stress, you should try to elaborate a damage control system to relieve the current tension that you’re experiencing.
This final stage is best associated with allowing yourself to take a break from your daily routines. And if you are not up for taking on a road trip or a vacation  to a calm faraway destination (or your finances do not allow it), you might turn to other equally beneficial approach: devote yourself to thorough relaxation. Whether you’d take the afternoon off and go for a walk in the park, or you’d just rest with a book and a hot tea at home, it is all up to you. The therapeutic exercises will teach you not to focus so much on the negative emotions and will help you regain that peace of mind that you’ve so eagerly longed for.Lane Fitzgerald is an experienced Beloit, Wisconsin bankruptcy attorney. If you need assistance managing your bankruptcy, contact the Fitzgerald Law Firm today.A post by David Drasnin (8 Posts)David Drasnin is author at LeraBlog. The pressure of deadlines and the rapidly increasing stack of work can quickly become quite daunting. Most people view stress as a harbinger of mental breakdowns, health problems and overall intolerance for social functioning.

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