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Get some smart makeup tips for deep set eyes in order to make you feel gorgeous in your own skin when you go on a date, an evening party and to feel confident in your everyday life as well. As I peruse beauty websites daily, it seems that more and more people are embracing the natural hair conversation. These tips will help open up your eyes and are especially useful for people with small eyes.If you’ve got deep set eyes, chances are you think your eyes tend to look shaded and dark seeing as they’re quite sunken into your face.
Because of the steep-sided nature of the Steps Two and Step Three molds, pieces may slump unevenly. Small makeup tricks can help us hide small imperfections, or even turn them to our advantage, to achieve a stunning look. Coily hair requires enriched moisture reinforcements due to its high potential to experience dryness. For many girls, their eyes would be the star attraction on their face but many of people with deep set eyes find it difficult making their eyes pop and extremely stand out.
Because the circumference of coily hair is smaller than that of curly hair, the sebum from your scalp takes longer to travel down the hair shaft. You could use all the exact same products and tools, follow the instructions and proper order of eye makeup tips precisely, but still, you look more “hot mess than “hot mama”?
Read the article below to find out the secret on how to make your deep set eyes look wonderful and attractive!
Since sebum takes forever to get from roots to ends, you need to take measures to avoid dryness and breakage. Very simply, the reason is probably because you are attempting to recreate a look better suited for another eye shape. Deep conditioners are filled with proteins, lubricants and oils to help your hair maintain elasticity, prevent breakage and restore strength.
But the good news is that all the same types of styles and lovely new makeup products can be used, very successfully, in makeup for deep set eyes. Selecting a deep conditioner that is free of non-soluble silicones, non-permeable oils and drying alcohols will allow your hair to absorb more nutrients and decrease the rate of product build-up. You just have to know what to do…and more importantly…what not to do.DO emphasize your lashes – Nothing makes the small eyes appear bigger, and brings their appearance forward in your face, like long, lush lashes.
Of course, you can apply full false lashes (Eylure and Ardell make some popular and affordable human-like fiber human hair eyelashes ; or opt for Minki Lashes if you are after the most luxurious and natural-looking faux lashes on the market made of authentic cruelty-free Siberian mink).
Natural conditioners are the best route to prevent decreasing your strand’s absorption capacity. 2. You can also apply pieces and partial lashes to help add both length and volume while still keeping the eye looking natural.

Behentrimonium chlorideThis cationic surfactant is an awesome lubricant that helps to give your hair slip as you detangle.
If you’d rather no fuss with any of that, but you want the look of added lashes every day, you should consider mink eyelash extensions (they may last over 2 months!)DO know which colors look best on your eyes – Regardless of whether or not you need a deep set eyes makeup technique, everyone’s eyes are enhanced by wearing complimentary colors. Eye shadowsOn deep seated eyes apply an iridescent soft stroke of eye shadow on your upper eyelid beginning with the inner corner towards the outer corner of the eye. Playing up your natural eye color will go a long way to deemphasize things like eye size, shape, or placement.
The last thing you want is to be excited for wash day, hop in the shower, run water on your hair and apply a conditioner that doesn’t have any slip.
Blue eyes = browns and bronzes, green eyes = purples and plums, brown eyes = navy and blues.DO know where to apply those colors – Both small and deep set eyes are best to use dark shades only in moderation, and in very specific places. You should use many eye shadow combinations; those that come in mate and shimmer are ideal for deep set eyes. Dark colors recede and tend to make things appear smaller (hence the tendency to wear mostly black when trying to look slimmer)…but that’s the last thing you need if your eyes are already small and deep set.
It is important to highlight your deep seated eyes whenever possible with a bright color for example pale peach, beige or pink.
Behentrimonium chloride provides slip that is equally effective as silicones minus the product build-up.3.
Start with pale pink from the lower eyelashes and apply the color throughout to the brow bone.Medium light baseDeep Set Eyes Makeup TipsAs a second step apply medium light base around the eyelid from the middle of the pupil with outward strokes.
Penetrating oilsAvocado oil, coconut oil and olive oil are three oils that penetrate the hair shaft and reach the cortex. Finally, apply a darker shadow in the outer corner of the eye and along the crease (only to the mid-point) in a sideways V shape, and bring it slightly beyond the natural corner of your eye.DON’T overpluck eyebrows – Small, deep set eyes are only exaggerated and made even smaller and deeper by overplucked eyebrows! Because coily hair has a tendency to dry out, oils help to slow down the rate of moisture loss.4. It is important to follow the natural line of your skills shape.Dark is awesomeApply the darkest eye shade color around the outer corner of the upper eyelid bottom line, following the lash line in essential to create a perfect shadow.
Hydrolized proteinsHydrolized proteins are proteins that have been altered to seap into the cuticle and fill in the cortex. They help coily hair to regain strength from daily wear and tear by replacing proteins that are lost through manipulation. Also, lining the inner rim (waterline) with dark eyeliner can make your eyes appear significantly smaller.
CurlyNikki’s Finding Your Perfect Deep Conditioner – The Ultimate Guide is a great reference for a list of hydrolized proteins and more information.5.

Your best bet is to practice applying liquid eyeliner in the thinnest line possible, close to your lashes, and only on the outer half of your eyes only. Use heatDeep conditioning with a processing cap under a hooded dryer for a minimum of 15 minutes is just devine. Must extend and thicken the dark line for the outer corner and smudge it just a little or soften it having a similar toned eye shade allow it natural look. Definitely avoid lining the entire eye!DON’T be afraid to try new things – Can someone with small, deep set eyes jump onto the bandwagon of new trends, like neon eyeshadow? It is possible for your hair to absorb nutrients from conditioners without confined heat, but it will take longer.
Try to keep the attention liner line as close towards the base of the lash line as possible.
Not only does using heat expand the hair shaft to give the conditioner more access to seap through, but it also helps certain ingredients bond to the cuticle.6. A neon shade on the lid can decrease the look of your eye being deep set…but it could increase the small appearance of the eyes at the same time.
Cool waterRinsing your hair with cool water after deep conditioning helps to close the cuticle. A good rule of thumb with any deep set eyes makeup, especially concerning trends, is to research the web for tutorials tailored to your eye type and keep checking back with Minki Lashes e-magazine for more useful articles. By rinsing with warm water, you re-open the hair shaft and possibly lose nutrients that were just put into the hair.Whenever moisturizing and sealing don’t work and your hair keeps laughing at your co-wash conditioner, it’s probably time to deep condition.
If you have a hard time finding anything, it’s a safe bet that you might want to avoid that trend.
To some, a Coke sounds great on a hot summer day, but the body is not truly hydrated without water. Knowing the right (and wrong) way to apply deep set eyes makeup as presented in our tips above will help give you the confidence you need to shine! Deep condition your coils with the best of the best and you will definitely see a difference.
Your FAUX LASH AUTHORITY and founder of the soon-to-be-launched affordable luxury BRAND of cruelty-free 100% Siberian MINK LASHES and MINK EYELASH EXTENSIONS.

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