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On this page you will find plenty of tips, advice and experiences shared by our readers in the areas of health, self improvement and motivation.And you know what?You can do the same, too!
Maybe you have a self confidence super tip, or a self esteem secret, that almost always works for you? Happily Married  I am happily married from the last 8 years, and blessed with two kids.
Always Try To Keep It Going For me, the expression "its the little things that matter the most" has really done wonders because I've always kept it at the back of my head. My Ways of Help to Ease Panic Attacks I have been dealing with both anxiety and panic attacks for years. Using Self Hypnosis CDs Does Work - If You Believe I have used self improvement CDs to quit smoking, and also for stress relief.
My Self-Imposed Therapy  As a person who has been diagnosed with clinical depression, I've made a conscious decision to be positive in everything I do. Steps for Learning Not to Panic  I had never really believed that people have panic attacks.
Easy ways to increase your memory by doing day-to-day activities  There are lots of strategies applied by different people to improve memory.
Memory tips for the College Student  In my college career I have been forced to adopt many memory tricks to improve memory.
Calming My Anxiety One of the things that helped me deal with stress is the use of self-hypnosis. Exercise, Art, and Rest to Deal with Stress I've suffered from needless anxiety all my life.
Piracetam and Others to Improve Memory  I've tried a variety of different memory enhancing supplements over the past three or four years. Panic Attacks and Public Places Here are my experiences in having anxiety attacks in public places, and my efforts in overcoming these panic and anxiety attacks. Staying Positive in Tough Times  One of my self improvement and motivation tips to stay positive is - "Be where you are". Anger management tips for adults  As a teacher, there are many moments in a day when anger can creep up.
How to be a confident person  There are plenty of tips on building self confidence in your everyday life.
Building Self Confidence through Building Knowledge, Method of Delivery, and Location  Self confidence is feeling confident in the knowledge, method of delivery, location, and people. Fun Family Memory Games to Improve Memory To help keep my short term memory in tip top order, I play a simple memory game with my son while we are in the car. Using Your Smartphone to Stress Less  When it comes to technology, we sometimes think of ways it can add stress to our already hectic lives. Four Things You Need to Know Before Your Wife Conceives You've recently had "the talk" with your wife, and apparently you've agreed to start trying to make a baby. How to Have a Stress Free Holiday We all know that stress is damaging to our health, mental well being and general state of mind. Build Your Career With Better Vocabulary  A good vocabulary is essential for career success whether youa€™re just entering the workforce, or hoping to move forward in your career.
Build Your Child's Self- Esteem With Spelling  A hundred years ago, every school had "spelling bees" where children would compete to show who had the best spelling skills. Can Speed Reading Skills Build Self-Confidence?  Speed reading is a skill that most people dona€™t take the time to acquire.
Does A Good Night's Sleep Improve Your Memory?  There are a couple of reasons why sleep is important. What Causes Panic Attacks  Do you suffer from occasional panic attacks and wonder what causes panic attacks in the first place? Do You Know That Positive Thinking Can Actually Improve Your Health?  It's not just that it makes you feel better.

10 tips to skyrocket your self-confidence  Everyone wants to love themselves and want to love their life, however some people may not feel that way. Turning Junk Food to Healthy Food for Quick Weight Loss  It is not an unknown fact that over-consumption of junk food causes a great deal of problems for the health.
How to Deal With Stress - Anger Management Tips  Stress is one of the common conditions that most of us deal with but fail to recover from it. I’m going to share with you 5 action steps that you can take during the morning, the afternoon and the evening time each.
You have to do this throughout your day because there are just too many distractions around you.
Robin Sharma, the author of The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, suggested that we workout twice a day, once in the morning after we wake up, and once in the early evening after we finish our work. The same like listening to audio tracks while travelling, you want to adopt the habit of constant-and-never-ending-improvement.
Meditation is a proven technique that can calm your mind, make you more productive and in the same time, help you activate the Law of Attraction. Shawn Lim is a professional blogger and has been in the personal development industry for more than 7 years. This post sounds really familiar to me from somewhere, but anyways, great one to boost your productivity!
Can’t emphasize enough the importance of prioritizing and truly focusing on the important tasks first. What a stuff of un-ambiguity and preserveness of precious familiarity about unpredicted emotions.
Motivating Employees a€“Three Simple Ways to Become a Great Leader Apr 01, 15 01:14 AMMotivating employees is easy to do. Our Purpose in Life -- Find out "why are we here?" Apr 01, 15 01:08 AMWhy are we here and what is our purpose in life? Get a free e-book and relaxation meditation audio download when you sign up for this newsletter! Despite full-time jobs and a family to support, you made the decision to return to schoola€” and graduate.
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This is a very powerful strategy because it puts you in a position of clarity of what you want to accomplish before you start your day. There is a Chinese saying, “eat good for breakfast, eat full for lunch and eat less for dinner”. If you study the life of all great and successful people, you will notice that they wake up very early in the morning to exercise.
Trust me, when you look into the mirror at yourself and you smile, it straight away turns you into a better mood. Technology suppose to help boost your productivity, not wasting your time with social media and looking at what others are saying about the latest movies. Again, you don’t have to spend too much time into this, you can do some easy and simple exercise such as jogging or simply taking a walk in the garden will do. If you could spend 30 minutes for reading each day, you should be able to finish 2 books in a month on average. It is true that if you don’t know what you need to get done, you will end up wasting your time and accomplishing nothing. If we focus on the things that really matter first, we will get them done before we are interrupted by other things or we have a change to procrastinate. The key to optimizing these tips is knowing your major goal.We have to know what it is we are working toward in step #9. And here's the best part..Each of your suggestion or tip will be featured on this website in a separate page by itself - with its own URL - that you can send to your friends and family!

Remember that someone else will benefit from your valuable insight, and will thank you for your guidance.
Do you know that in the morning right after you wake up, your body is lack of water due to the long hour of sleep and dehydration?
There are some truths to this saying because you need energy to get you moving especially in the morning. This is because they know that exercising is good for their health and it allows them to have a clear mind throughout the day.
You will feel happier and feel more confidence to tackle whatever is coming during the day. And this also explains why morning is the best time to do your most important tasks first because it is when you have the most energy (depending on whether you are a morning person). This is why you need to use affirmations to keep you motivated and visualization to keep you on track.
Even if you are a student, you will need to commute to the school from your house each day, twice. And within 3 years you should have read 72 books, do you think this is going to transform your life and make you one of the best in your industry?
All you need to do is to write down what you need to do for the next day and envision going through the day smoothly. But still, it is difficult to spot these activities that contribute the most to the outcome. A lot people listen pump up songs to get them up with power, a lot people hang out with their friends, but most of people search for inspirational quotes. And when you drink in a lot of water, you slowly hydrate your body and start the functioning of your internal organs. If you find yourself don’t have enough time for exercise, at least do some stretching to “wake up” your physical body.
Follow through your action plan and your to-do list, do the most important task that will yield the most outcomes you desire. And as you go through your day working on your tasks, your willpower will decrease gradually.
The most common time wasters are social media, spending time gossiping about others, having long hour afternoon tea, checking emails too often, etc. In fact, it is suggested that you do this 3 times a day, once in the morning, once in the afternoon and once before you sleep. When you exercise, you take in more oxygen and this is what makes you more energetic and have a clearer mind. Once you have prepared for the following day, your mind knows what to do and you will get more things done. The way with motivational posters is one of the best for your way in self improvement fight. Life is short, so stop wasting time doing things that are not contributing to the future you want. You want to program your goals and your dreams into your subconscious mind so that you will take action to reach them every day. You can easily arrange some self improvement seminar or search online for self improvement tips, but inspirational quotes are best if you can find motivational speakers to fit your personality…We hope that our collection will help at least to few people to search their inner self.
If you are running your own business, try to get some talks or speeches from the gurus and learn from them while you are travelling. If you can follow through this habit for 5 years, you will see how profound this can change your life.

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