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The Transcendental Meditation® (TM) technique is a simple, natural, effortless procedure practiced 20 minutes twice each day while sitting comfortably with the eyes closed. During the practice of TM, the mind effortlessly settles down beyond thought to experience the source of thought—pure awareness, also known as Transcendental Consciousness.
The experience of this fourth state of consciousness is at the basis of the wide range of benefits that have been found to accrue through the practice of TM. The Transcendental Meditation—Sidhi Program (TM-Sidhi® Program) is an advanced meditation practice that cultures the ability to think and act from this most powerful and unified level of consciousness—Transcendental Consciousness —which is the source of nature’s creativity and intelligence. The Transcendental Meditation (TM) technique is a simple, natural, effortless procedure practiced 15-20 minutes twice daily while sitting comfortably with eyes closed. We give introductory and advanced instruction in the Transcendental Meditation Program for individuals, and offer TM Program training and technical assistance to businesses, schools and other organizations for employee development and wellness.
What a lovely opportunity to join the TM Ladies Meditation Group on Thursday evening, the first gathering of 2013.
We were introduced to TM-Sidhi Administrators, Mr and Mrs Kumar, who are in Sydney to teach Advanced Techniques of Transcendental Meditation this weekend.
Mr Kumar spoke of the advantages of learning extra techniques to ‘fertilize’ the growth in your meditation experience.
In the social time, where we mingled over light refreshments, Mr Kumar was delighted to give further practical and common sense insight into living a conscious lifestyle. The evening left me feeling renewed and grateful for Maharishi’s gift to the world and each of us in peace, I look forward to the next Ladies Group Meditation. The paper hypothesizes that war, terrorism, and crime are caused by collective societal stress. Over 50 scientific studies have found that when 1% of a given population practices Transcendental Meditation, or when sufficiently large groups practice the TM-Sidhi program together twice daily, measurable positive changes take place throughout society as a whole.
A follow-up study published in the Journal of Social Behavior and Personality found that the likelihood that these combined results were due to chance is less than one in a quintillion. Jack Forem, a student of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, has been teaching meditation for nearly 40 years. Winner of the 2012 Nautilus Award, this overview of scientifically researched benefits of Transcendental Meditation by Dr Norman E. If you are someone walking (or about to walk) the path of discovering the richness of silence within, this book provides you stories of fellow travellers. The translation and commentary by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi of the first 6 chapters of the ancient Vedic scripture Bhagavad Gita is definitely an advanced level read. Celebrated movie director, artist and musician David Lynch shares his thoughts about creativity and the role Transcendental Meditation plays in it. This elegant account by Ann Purcell is filled with experiences of higher states of consciousness from meditators from around the world. The TM-Sidhi is an advanced  program and may be learned after two months of regular practice of the Transcendental Meditation. The basic Transcendental Meditation technique opens the mind to Transcendental Consciousness—the most fundamental level of human awareness—allowing the direct experience of the unified field of all the laws of nature. A Sufi of the Order of the Naqshbandis was asked, "Your orders name means literally "The Designers".
Change manager working directly to the Managing Directors of several fortune 500 companies. Nibbana names the transcendent and singularly ineffable freedom that stands as the final goal of all the Buddha's teachings.
And things are also shaping up nicely for our 3rd TTM congress on Sowa Rigpa happening in Kathmandu, Nepal at the end of the year. This book was written in order to give an overview of Yuthok's complete Dharma Cycle to both new and experienced practitioners of the Yuthok Nyingthig. The practice of Yuthok Nyinthig is the most important spiritual practice for physicians and healing practitioners of Traditional Tibetan Medicine. The practice was composed with the intention of imparting a profound and harmonious understanding to doctors, health and allied health care practitioners alonside dharma practitioners, giving them the opportunity to experience the union of medical practice and spiritual practice. The Yuthog Nyingthig practice brings about spiritual progress, good health and longevity for all those who practice it.
The ultimate goal of the Yuthok Nyinthig practice is geared towards a spiritual growth whereby the practitioner attains a deeper level of perception and experinece on the way to spiritual awakening. And with all things that begin, our time with Genla must come to an end as he moves on to other parts of the world and share his gifts with all. La, which in the Tibetan language means supreme energy, is present both in Traditonal Tibetan Medicine and the ancient lore of Tibetan Astrology. The Path of La follows a systematic sequence of points along the body through which the subtle energy flows during a 30-day lunar cycle.
This year, the year of the Wood horse is an excellent year for accumulating merit through pilgrimage.
We hope that you can join us in this precious tour and be part of the Shitro-ritual at Rigdzin Rabpel Ling, the historical temple of Rigdzin Palden Tashi! Tsekhok (3700m) Passing famous Hor Mani stone piles, visit Alak Jamyang and request teachings from him. To register for this very precious pilgrimage of sacred places of Amdo that Ngak Mang International e.V. This year will also be a unique milestone, as the female practitioners – known as Ngakmos- are invited to play an equal role in the ceremony for the first time.
You are cordially invited to be a part of the ceremony by either joining us in Rebkong or supporting through your donation. This year’s Shitro will also have a special dedication for Lama Tharchin, who passed into Parinirvana in July 2013. 3 days Yuthok Nyingthig Phowa and Bardo Yoga teaching (course is for them who have finished Yuthok Ngondro or promise to do it). 2 days Yuthok Nyingthig Tummo Yoga teaching (course is for them who have finished Yuthok Ngondro or promise to do it). This is the second half of an article on the use of traditional Tibetan external therapies in pregnancy and after delivery. Some of these treatments were performed in the hospital setting shortly following delivery; follow-up treatment sessions were done in a small private practice. Most Tibetan Medical texts recommend that the mother stays in bed for a minimum of seven days after delivery; a longer period is not generally necessary.
Women tend to take good care of themselves during pregnancy doing yoga, swimming, water therapies, etc and usually they feel quite good and strong. Delivery causes women to have a rLung imbalance; for some this may manifest in a mild manner, for other women this imbalance may be stronger. In most cases the balance is restored by itself, however I also encountered women who delivered a long time ago and who still had strong and disturbing symptoms of unbalanced rLung. It is good to have food with hot potentiality, oily, soft, heavy, fatty food, sweet food (but not in excess because of its cold characteristic), sour food, garlic, onion, seeds, nuts, grains, sesame oil, chicken, duck, turkey, beef, meat broth, milk, rice; warm and warming drinks and food.

To read more on the case studies presented as well as other interesting articles, make sure you get your copy of TTM Journal Issue 5!
The dosage given here are from hte late master Tibetan doctor, Professor Troru Tsenam, who was greatly renowmed for his effective herbal preparations.
For this year's Congress in Kathmandu we highly recommend an early registration due to the (spatially related) limited number of participants. Sowa Rigpa with its comprehensive time-tested knowledge meets an increasing global interest in treatment options and accessible information which are in accordance not only with the original teachings but also with international scientific standards.
The Sorig Institute is the North American branch of the International Academy of Traditional Tibetan Medicine (IATTM).
In the 7th century, the most outstanding physician of Tibetan King Songtsen Gampo was called Lodro Shenyen.
With his beloved wife Jomo Lodro Sangmo, they had a child who also trained in Tibetan medicine, especially their family lineage of medicine; pulse reading, diet, herbal remedies, moxa and blood letting therapies. The son of Jomo & Lodro was the famous Tibetan healing doctor called Dreje Gyagar Bazar. His home town was Todlung Kyidna which is a beautiful small village surrounded by farms and many high mountains near Lhasa, the capital city of Tibet. Dreje received many patients from all over Tibet as he was considered to be the best physician in Tibet in that time. She pleaded with him “Please great healer, you are the best healer for humans and spirits. Of course the bag was wet, so he put the big turquoise pieces on the roof of his house to dry. Tibetan medicine practitioners use dreams to analyse mental problems and assess if a person's mental health is well balanced, and to uncover physical problems. Tibetan doctors using knowledge of the interrelationship between a person's body, energies and the elements are able to use symbols present in dreams to help in curing or preventing health problems. Dreams may contain warnings linked with future events - giving us messages about what is about to happen not just to us but to friends, family or even work colleagues. In our daily life, we may encounter situations or problems we are unable to solve, concerning work, study, and people issues.
The International Ngak-Mang Institute* is now collecting money to help students go to high school or university in 2014 - 2015. All donations should be received by the end of May to be distributed in the villages in June 2014.
With the money collected last year, thanks to the people who participated in this project, we have been able to help 12 students in 4 different villages. The work to renovate the Ngakpa House, where Ngakpas from the Rebkong area will gather to perform the Shitro ritual at the end of June 2014, is well advanced.
Local Ngakpas and westerners studying Traditional Tibetan Medicine with Dr Nida started to do retreats in the 3 meditation rooms, with shared solar shower and toilet, which are finished. Donate €5,000 or more per year to IATTM or its branches and all your course fees will be waived! The International Academy for Traditional Tibetan Medicine (IATTM) was established in 2006 in London, UK, with the aim of facilitating the spread of Tibetan Medicine teaching. Since creation, local regional branches have been developed with the aim of realising the vision of IATTM; providing courses on Tibetan Medicine, educational materials and publications. This has been recognized by researchers as a fourth major state of consciousness, a state of restful alertness, distinct from the other three states of consciousness, waking, dreaming and sleeping. More than 600 scientific studies conducted at 250 independent universities and medical schools in 33 countries during the past 40 years have documented the profound benefits of the Transcendental Meditation technique on all aspects of life – mind, body and behavior. By learning to function from this level of consciousness, the mind begins to harness the organizing intelligence of nature. It is scientifically proven to reduce stress, maximize mental clarity and improve physical health. Our hosts Fran and Beth are forever gracious in their welcome to the York Street Centre and the group meditation was particularly sweet and still in its silence and depth. They are a charming Indian couple from whom you feel the embodiment of Maharishi’s teaching in the atmosphere before they speak a word.
This provoked questions on the nature of transcendence, to which he gave great reassurance. He gave some great analogies to the experiential learning that comes from regular practice of Transcendental Meditation from a broad minded perspective and the Vedic principles of the Unified field and some of the developments in Human Physiology.
The paper discusses how militaries worldwide could use the Transcendental Meditation® and TM-Sidhi® program, founded by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, as a non-religious and scientifically verified way to prevent war and terrorism.
A group that reaches a critical threshold in size has been scientifically shown to reduce collective societal stress. The absence of collective stress translates into the absence of tension between countries, between religious groups, or even within individual terrorists.
The studies show decreased violence, crime, car accidents, and suicides, and improved quality of life in society. A global-scale study published in the Journal of Offender Rehabilitation documented a 72% drop in international terrorism when IDT groups were large enough to affect the global population. This updated edition of his best-selling book from 1976 covers all relevant topics related to the TM practice: happiness, health, relationships, education, spirituality and religion, self-actualization, peace in the individual, the society and the world at large. Maharishi, who introduced the practice of Transcendental Meditation to the West in 1968, does not talk here explicitly about technique or benefits or scientific research. The book flows from the same source as Lynch’s famously imaginative film-making — the writing is simple yet strikingly fresh, vast abstract ideas are effortlessly moulded into memorable images.
Steven Verney, a long-time practitioner and teacher of Transcendental Meditation, is a spiritual and philosophical work of fiction based on author’s own life.
From this certainly valid perspective The Transcendental Meditation TM Book: How to Enjoy the Rest of Your Life is brimming with spiritual light.
Jack Forem’s book stands out not only because it is eminently readable and entertaining, but because it is such a clear and comprehensive introduction to TM, the principles behind it, and the research demonstrating its effectiveness. A most essential and subtle perception takes place throughout the body, mind and energy by way of the five elements. It must also be mentioned that it enhances diagnostic and therapeutic abilities for physicians, These aspects of the practice are considered the relative goal.
The ultimate goal is treading the spiritual path that leads to the Rainbow Body, the highest aspect of spiriutal realization. La pervades the human body, stirring it to give us strength, stability and clarity of mind. Here you will have the opportunity to see rare iconography of Medicine Buddha and Tibetan Medical Thangkas presented by Asia and Pacific Museum, as well as educational part about TTM, including Yuthok Nyingtik tradition, materia medica, Tibetan medical instruments and many more,  presented by ATMT Poland. Outlined is the care of the new mother following delivery, according to Tibetan medicine, followed by a selection of case summaries from clinical work conducted in 2005.
The mother needs to rest and regain her strength by eating nutritious foods, such as meat broth, barley soup, and milk soup.

However, after delivery they often forget about themselves and concentrate only on their babies.
One minute they feel happy, the next minute they start to cry and feel depressed, they may have problems with concentration, lose their appetite or sleep, have panic disorders, or experience various pains.
Therefore it is very important to concentrate on rebalancing the energy of women after delivery, knowing that there is this dynamic change in rLung energy.
Nutmeg, aniseed, cloves, cinnamon, ginger, coriander seeds can all be added to the food, for their warming effects. Stay in warm and sheltered places, which are not overly bright because excessive light agitates rLung and makes the mind more active. A cotton pad filled with herbs is immersed in warm oil and applied to the appropriate points.
In TCM, it is very commonly used as an internal herb but in TTM it is often used for external medicine. Check out the Tibetan calendar of the day - the elements present and how it can affect you.
The Sorig Institute offers certification in Ku Nye Massage and Traditional Tibetan Medicine (TTM). Dreje thought, there isn’t enough time today to climb the high mountain and the large rock. The body is viewed not only physically but also connected to a person's energies and the five elements of Tibetan cosmology. Being forewarned prepares us to respond more aptly to a particular situation or obtain a better idea of what is important in our present life. The ability to find solutions through dreaming is a major help indealing with everyday problems.
All of them are relatives of Ngakpas who are actively involved in maintaining the tradition at Rigzin Rabpel Ling.
Your kind sponsorship will support the many projects of IATTM in order to preserve, develop and propagate the ancient art of traditional Tibetan Medicine. More than six million people worldwide have learned the TM technique—people of all ages, cultures, and religions. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi explains that the TM-Sidhi program, by promoting this inner experience, allows thought and action to spontaneously become more in accord with the evolutionary power of natural law. A diverse group of women were gathered, some I knew from previous meetings at the centre and others new to the Sydney meditation community. He went on further to explain the Maharishi Vedic Vibration Therapy and some of the amazing healing results, which gave rise to questions on the knowledge gained from the Unified Field of Natural law, he was an inspirational speaker, who spoke of the promise for everyone to realize their potential through TM.
When used in a military context, these meditation practices are known as Invincible Defense Technology (IDT). The paper proposes that, by applying this non-lethal and non-destructive technology, any military can reduce societal stress and prevent enemies from arising.
The paper reviews IDT research, such as a study published in the Yale University-edited Journal of Conflict Resolution showing that an intervention by a civilian group in Israel resulted in a 76% reduction in war deaths in neighboring Lebanon. Here are ten useful titles that will get you well established — from scientific research to first-hand accounts, from basic introductions to pointers on the road towards more advanced levels. Written in a clear, reader-friendly and inspiring way, this is a perfect introduction for someone considering to learn TM — and a heart-warming reminder for a current practitioner of what a joy it is to practice meditation. It is a succinct analysis of how and why the practice of TM can help people with various mental health problems (stress, anxiety, bipolar disorder, depression, anger, ADHD, addiction etc). Rather, these insights allow the readers to grasp the deep and subtle philosophical essence of a spiritual path.
The main character, Sam O’Connor, is a philosophy graduate student whose life takes an unexpected turn when he meets the love of his life — and suddenly finds himself at a TM teacher training course in Switzerland.
This book gives you the most fun introduction to Transcendental Meditation — read full review. Students and parents (who often have to make difficult choices such as sending only one child to school, leaving in a single room because they cannot finish building their homes…) were very grateful to receive our visit.
Practice of the TM-Sidhi program thus accelerates the progress of individuals toward the realization of their full potential—the state of enlightenment. If IDT prevents the emergence of enemies, the military has no one to fight, so the nation becomes invincible. Rosenthal writes about different environments ranging from maximum security prisons to Wall Street, from inner-city schools to Hollywood.
Each part of the whole reflects on a connection between inner silence and a different aspect of human existence including arts, sciences and religions.
We recommend the book to all meditators new and old who like to devour books quickly without too much demands placed on their time or metaphysical prowess. Sands has written a brilliant book, Maharishi’s Yoga, to provide comprehensive answers to these questions and to explain some of the more complex themes in yoga philosophy.
It is good to stay in a nice room with lots of flowers or to be in a place of great natural beauty surrounded by loving friends and family. Ina twenty-four hour cycle we spend an average of seven or eight hours sleeping and dreaming. Visiting each family allows us to better identify people who most need help and make sure the money is used to finance education and nothing else. Ellis himself has done pioneering work in the area of criminal rehabilitation and set up many companies based on the principles of Transcendental Meditation.
Overall a great synthesis of deep experience and understanding of the practice of meditation. In Traditional Tibetan Medicine, this is due to increased rLung, following the forceful or prolonged action of thur sel rlung (Descending Wind) during parturition and labour.
Having the possibility to exchange with the students gives us the opportunity to evaluate their motivations and understand their strengths and difficulties. Medicinal butter or just plain butter can be rubbed onto the rLung points; this is extremely helpful in cases of heavy mental strain, worry, or nervous tension. Warm heavy clothes prevent the rLung from the exterior from being absorbed further into the body through the pores of the skin. Stronger methods of treatment include moxibustion, hot compresses (of butter, roasted barley flour, himalayan cumin) and acupuncture. The woman should be allowed to have all the things she likes best – music, books, foods, fragrances.

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