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Transcendental meditation (TM) is 5000 years old but is starting to seep into the collective consciousness of the modern day public – perhaps following the path of yoga.
TM is considered to be the ‘user-friendly’ form of meditation requiring much less commitment and practice than the other forms I will discuss in posts to follow.
There is an excellent detailed article in recent GQ magazine that provides greater detail on this topic.
Daca sunteti interesat sa invatati mai multe despre Meditatia Transcedentala, va puteti inscrie pentru una din discu?iile noastre introductive gratuite.
Mecanica tehnicii Meditatiei Transcendentale – cum functioneaza, de ce este u?or de inva?at ?i de ce practica este lipsita de efort, modul in care aceasta este diferita de alte forme de medita?ie ?i originile sale. Dupa ce veti fi parcurs primele ?apte etape de instruire, ve?i avea cuno?tin?e intelectuale ?i experien?a necesara pentru a practica in mod corespunzator tehnica Meditatiei Transcendentale.
Aceste sesiuni stabilizeaza corectitudinea practicii medita?iei pentru a va asigura ca obtineti toate beneficiile ce decurg din MT. Ca absolvent al cursului MT, sunte?i eligibil pentru programul de sprijin pe via?a oferit de orice centru MT.
Daca veti dori vreodata sa va reimprospatati practica MT sau sa primiti instruc?iuni suplimentare, acest lucru este posibil contra unui cost minim prin orice centru MT. Onorariile noastre de curs acopera programul complet de sase luni, va invata tehnica si va ajuta sa deveniti complet autonomi in practica Meditatiei Transcendentale. Un parinte este necesar sa fie practicant al meditatiei transcedentale inainte de a invata copilul lor sau ei vor trebui sa invete in acelasi timp. Putem sa va oferim cotatii de pret pentru instruirea privata a unor grupuri si cursuri pentru institutiile de afaceri si educationale la sediul acestora. Medita?ia Transcendentala este cea mai pura, mai simpla, ?i mai eficienta forma de medita?ie pe care a cunoscut-o lumea. Este tehnica pura a transcenderii – de a?ezare la nivelul cel mai simplu, cel mai puternic al con?tientei – neatinsa de nici un fel de control al min?ii sau procesului de gandire. Medita?ia Transcendentala permite min?ii sa se stabileasca in interior dincolo de gand la nivelul cel mai tacut ?i mai lini?tit de con?tiin?a – propriul Sine. Medita?ia Transcendentala permite min?ii sa depaseasca gandirea in mod simplu, natural ?i fara efort ?i sa aibe experienta unei stari de con?tiin?a de liniste alerta. In 1996, she and her husband, Cliff, moved to Fairfield, Iowa, centre of the Transcendental Meditation movement in the United States.
Pat Simpson began the practice of Transcendental Meditation (TM) with his wife Bev, in July 1978 in Edmonton. His career outside of TM was that as a Computer Specialist, Owner of a Computing Business, VP of Sales with a recruiting firm, and Financial Advisor.  Pat has recently retired from the business world to once again pursue teaching TM full time in Calgary. Deboragh Varnel learned Transcendental Meditation at 16 years old and became a TM teacher in 1984.  She taught TM in Toronto for many years, and is currently teaching TM in Vancouver to health professionals, business executives, teachers, students, first responders and women’s groups to name a few. Deboragh holds a BA in Recreation Therapy and Management from Concordia University in Montreal.  She was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of World Peace Studies for her forty years of research and study in the development of human consciousness. Deboragh worked as a program coordinator for private recreation facilities in Montreal and as a social director in a Calgary nursing home.   She was project manager in a Toronto Bay St.
Deboragh is an abstract artist, ayur vedic cook and has practiced hatha yoga for over 32 years.
He has served as department head and on the board of directors of an international health product company, has worked in project finance for a land developer, and is the CEO of the Vancouver Based company AV Royal Consulting. Ami Stadnick learned the Transcendental Meditation Technique in 1973 while she was a graduate student at the University of Alberta in Edmonton. At the university library, while searching for some interesting material for her lectures on Respiration that she was assigned to give to an Introductory Physiology Class, she found Dr.
Ami is a registered Psychologist and continues to work as a Counsellor part time for Alberta Health Services, along with her teaching activities. For the past five years, Rhonda has run, with her husband, a Quiet Time program at the school where students and staff learn and practice Transcendental Meditation. Upon returning from his training, he became the Director of Maharishi International Academy in Huntsville, Ontario.
In 1998, Richard managed the research project- “Benefits of TM on African Americans with High Blood Pressure” at Medical University of Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA.
Since his teens, Richard has been an active participant in religious, social, community and governmental organizations. Jeanne Geldart Bentley became a TM teacher in 1996 and had the pleasure of teaching people within companies and organizations in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia between 1997 and 1999.
Yotka Rickard became a certified TM instructor in 1992 at the Bulgarian Association Vedic University Maharishi (BAVUM), Sofia, Bulgaria. Christopher Collrin holds a BA in psychology from Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, and became a Teacher of Transcendental Meditation after careers in Crime Prevention and Youth Development and Human Resources Training and Development.
He always wanted to share his experience with TM, so he became a teacher in 1997 in Holland. Born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, Dianne began the practice of TM in 1972 while living in Vancouver and after moving to Toronto became a teacher of Transcendental Meditation in 1977.
She worked as a site coordinator in the field of developmental disabilities and physical disabilities for over 30 years. Helen has a passion for art and theatre and is a member of the Art Gallery of Ontario and frequently attends theatre productions. Lynne began her career as a Registered Nurse in the Toronto area and learned Transcendental Meditation in 1975. She enjoys spending time with her grandchildren as well as pursuing many interests including watercolour painting, photography, travelling and being in nature.
I learned TM in 1978 because I really needed something to help me deal with the stress I was experiencing from work. I have a Bachelor Degree in Social Sciences from the University of Moncton that I completed in 1975. My husband Laurent and I manage the Maharishi Invincibility Centre for the Greater Moncton area since 1998. Following up, I then became instructed in the TM programme on June 14, 1970, which became the happiest day of my life, hands down. Over the years I have never stopped teaching, as it has been such a fulfilling experience, even while I have run first a jewelry business (Joanne Hollander Designs) until 1996, then, until now, while I serve as president and product developer for Soyummi Foods in Canada and the US, a company I founded in 2001. The benefits from the TM and TM Sidhi programmes have afforded me a rich,fulfilling and dynamic career.  My aspiration now is to help others realize their dreams. Kathleen Lapeyrouse learned TM in 1967 and has the distinction of being the first high school student in Calgary to do so!  Kathleen took a break from her university studies to become a TM teacher in 1971 and has considered it her main vocation ever since.  She teaches in her home in Qualicum Beach, and holds TM courses in other cities and towns in the mid Vancouver Island area.
Marty Howe learned to practice Transcendental Meditation on Oct 28th 1972 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
Marty is the president of Circle Digital Multimedia, and has been a multimedia designer for the past 18 years, specializing in Interactive Digital Multimedia such as web site design,  digital media presentations,  and social media marketing.
He has two Masters from Maharishi University of Management (MUM), a Masters in Business Administration and a  Masters in Higher Education Administration.
Elliott Hinton Willis grew up in Greenwich, CT, learned Transcendental Meditation as an art student in Rhode Island in 1970 and became a TM teacher in 1972, teaching in CT, Salt Lake City, UT and Portland, OR.  Elliott holds a BA in Interdisciplinary Study and Vedic Study from Maharishi International University (MIU) in Fairfield, IA, later working as an administrator there. During those intervening years she completed her MA degree at Laval University in Quebec City, and was a language and Linguistics teacher, a translator with the government of Quebec, a development officer with the Canadian International Development Agency in Ottawa and overseas, and a mother of three.
Linda believes the Transcendental Meditation technique gave her the focus, energy and resilience she needed to balance family life, career and creative interests. Now living in Parksville, BC and happily retired, Linda feels privileged to have been able to go Maharishi Vedic City in the the US recently to learn to become a teacher of Transcendental Meditation. Helene has been teaching Transcendental Meditation in Montreal, Ottawa, and the Niagara Region since 1975, when she was personally made a teacher of TM by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in Arosa, Switzerland.  Since then she has participated in a total of over 4 years of research into consciousness through advanced programs in Transcendental Meditation.
She chaired the Transcendental Meditation Centre in Ottawa and has been a Director of the Niagara Falls TM Centre since 1995.  As a faculty member, she taught Technical Video Production at Maharishi International University for three years and administered Maharishi International Academy TM “retreat” centre in Huntsville, Muskoka, for another three years. Additional background includes a Bachelor’s in Communication Arts, a Bachelor of Education from Brock University, and Master’s in Educational Technology from Concordia University, Montreal.  She taught elementary school in the Niagara Region from 1995 to 2004, and therefore would love  to teach TM within the education system.
Peter Cameron began practicing the TM technique in 1970 while attending the Berklee College of Music in Boston.
Mary developed a passion for the Vedic system of health called “Ayurveda” in 1987, when she trained in Maharishi Ayurveda with world-renowned Ayurvedic physicians (Vaidyas) Brihaspati Dev Triguna and others at an international course in India presided over by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Mary continues to teach TM in Ottawa and Eastern Ontario and offer Maharishi’s Vedic programs for health.  Among her many pastimes, Mary enjoys music, gardening and golf. In 1988 Michael was called to participate in preparing the SATTWA Project (Social Phase Transition Facilitation Project, September 1989 to March 1990) whose purpose was to help defuse tension during the critical phase of German unification in 1989 through the group dynamics of consciousness (TM-Sidhis). Roy Anderson was instructed in the Transcendental Meditation technique June 8, 1974 by Leslie Johnson in Calgary, Alberta. Since then Roy has instructed over 200 people and participated in TM projects in Canada, USA, Philippines and India.
Throughout his career as a TM teacher Roy has attended many multi-month advanced courses in TM and various advanced courses, as well as spending many months with the founder of the TM programme, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Following the completion of his MBA Roy moved to Ottawa and put his strategic planning hat on, conducting several contracts for the Federal Government of Canada and eventually starting a successful financial planning practice in 1996 which he continues to head today. Between operating his financial planning practice and teaching the TM programme in Ottawa Roy enjoys golf and playing his guitar. Donna Anderson learned the practice of Transcendental Meditation in Montreal in 1970 and became a teacher of the TM Programme in 1975.
In the 1970’s, Donna taught the TM Sidhi Prep Courses in Lac Beauport, Quebec and in Huntsville, Ontario.
After studying guitar at McGill University in the 1990’s and working as a professional musician Matthew also became a schoolteacher. He has recently taught courses in Toronto and the Georgian Bay area and currently teaches TM in Peterborough and the greater Kawartha region. The first time she sat down to meditate Anne knew she had found what she always wished for. Louis CharleboisLouis Charlebois graduated from l’Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal with a geophysicist engineer degree and a professional career of 39 years in the field of management and computer systems for the Quebec Government followed. Diane MalaisonDiane learned Transcendental Meditation in 1975 and began teaching it in 1977. Serge ViauSerge has practiced Transcendental Meditation (TM) since 1975 and became a teacher in 1979.
When he returned to Canada in 1989, he took part in different projects at our national academy on Lake of Bays in Huntsville (Ontario). Before learning TM, Miville was a school teacher for two years and worked as a superintendent on road building for two years. His favorite hobby apart from organic gardening is to spend time in the forest and to learn more about the indigenous flora of the Maritime provinces. My wife Janice MacMillan is from New Brunswick.
Teresa Gillen learned Transcendental Meditation in 1971 and feels it was the best decision of her life.
Now Teresa calls Salt Spring Island home, where she teaches residents and visitors who come to explore this beautiful Gulf island.
In 1972, Carolyn completed a B.Ed degree in Art Education at University of Victoria and later post graduate studies in Fine Art at Maharishi International University. Currently Carolyn lives with her husband David, on Salt Spring Island, BC where she never tires of the ever-changing beauty of the Gulf Islands. David began the practice of TM as a student and had the privilege of studying with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in the 70s. In addition to being a certified TM instructor for 40 years, David has also maintained a parallel career as an business entrepreneur. Deborah is a creative and visionary entrepreneur who has created, owned and operated several successful businesses in Toronto.
Deborah’s love of speaking to professional organizations and sharing the benefits of TM with her students has earned her the distinction of the year’s Top Canadian Teacher. In addition to being one of the youngest TM instructors in Moldova – certified at the age of 18, Igor also continued his other studies and received his Bachelors Degree in English Literature.

With his background Igor also has the official certification to teach TM in both English and Russian, providing a special service to the GTHA growing Russian speaking population.
Razvan began his TM practice in the summer of 2011 and, after four years of practice, in 2015 he became a certified teacher of Transcendental Meditation. Razvan is also a member of CPA, Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario, earning his professional designation in 2010 as Certified Management Accountant (CMA). Dominic has practised Transcendental Meditation since 1976 and became a certified teacher in 2005.
I learned the TM technique in Sherbrooke, in 1977 and became a teacher of the Transcendental Meditation technique in 1981. After spending a year teaching English in Japan, Sarah decided she wanted to do more to give back to society. When she’s not teaching, Sarah enjoys writing, going to theatre and film productions, practicing yoga, and traveling. Eugene began Transcendental Meditation in 1968 and after a year of meditation decided to go to India to be with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Practicing TM since 1986, Christine became a TM instructor in 1996 and was the director of the Toronto TM organization until 2007. Christine enjoys seeing the many and varied benefits her students experience after learning TM. Prior to teaching TM, Christine worked in the insurance industry as a Senior Business Systems Analyst. Keerthi is a retired professional who served as the regional and overseas commissioner of the Sri Lankan tea control board, the national regulatory agency that ensures the quality of tea exports.
As someone with a creative AND whirlwind mind that moves a mile a minute, balancing my creative ideas with spinning, whirling, self-sabotaging thoughts has always been a challenge. The Transcendental Meditation technique is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical diagnosis or treatment.
Prior to recent times, meditation and TM was considered to be for hippies or contained inside Bohemian circles.
You simply allocate 20 minutes of quiet time daily and use a mantra to liberate your mind from conscious thought and trigger meditation.
Instructorii nostri cu experienta va explica modul in care puteti beneficia de MT, felul in care aceasta este diferita de alte practici ?i va raspund la orice intrebari legate de MT . Ele sunt programate de comun acord cu instructorul de-a lungul acestor prime ?ase luni de practica MT.
Acesta include indrumare personala pentru practica medita?iei, cursuri avansate, evenimente speciale, medita?ii de grup, ?i serbari. Aceasta experien?a profund odihnitoare a transcenderii reamprospateaza mintea si corpul, aducand numeroase beneficii in via?a de zi cu zi.
She emigrated to Canada from South Africa in 1965, first teaching Inuit students in the Far North and then pre-school and elementary students in Edmonton for 20 years.
There she taught high school English and critical thinking at the Maharishi School, where all students and staff meditate twice a day.
Keith Wallace’s article on Transcendental Meditation in Scientific American, and noted his chart depicting the deep rest that practising the TM technique provides, deeper than sleep. She looks forward to welcoming you to her calm, peaceful, quiet home office for further information and instruction.
After June, 2014, when Rhonda retires from regular classroom teaching, she will stay on at the school as the coordinator of the Quiet Time program. Richard came back to Canada in 2000 to teach TM and become the director of the Edmonton TM Centre.
When an opportunity came along in 2007 to teach TM to middle school students at a First Nations School in Maine she welcomed the year long experience. She has taught TM to hundreds of people in Sofia, Bulgaria, and since 1995 in Hamilton, Canada. As part of a 1994-1995 Canada-wide crime prevention tour promoting the “Maharishi Effect” with former New Brunswick Police Commissioner CarmenKilburn and 20 year parliamentarian Stan Darling, Christopher and the team were invited to meet Maharishi personally to report on their progress.
They married in 1998 and have three beautiful children who have been meditating since they were three. She worked in that field, on and off until she married, but teaching was always her passion.
He was so fortunate to be a part of a group who spent a three day conferences with Maharishi, five to six hours each day. In addition, Dianne has also worked in public education in Toronto and Mississauga teaching K– Gr. Her hybrid role encompasses aspects of administration, site security, property relations and health and safety functional responsibilities. Helen belongs to the Beaches Hebrew Institute and attends regular services with her family. He is a retired teacher and was a Guidance Counselor for the Peel Board of Education for over 40 years. After experiencing the benefits of TM and seeing how this could benefit others, she was naturally drawn to become a teacher herself.
They moved to Ottawa where they raised their two daughters, one of whom, now currently teaches at the Toronto TM Centre. Recently, they returned to Canada and Lynne is happy to now be a part of the Mississauga TM Centre team. She earned a Masters degree in education from Maharishi University of Management in 1987 and a Doctorat Honoris Causa in World Peace from the Maharishi European Research University in 2005.
He also holds a degree from Concordia University in engineering and business administration. Over the next several months of regular practice my life changed radically with very tangible and wonderful results. By December of 1973 he had become a teacher of TM. He has taught the TM technique full time since 1973, and became a member of Maharishi’s Thousand Headed Purusha Program (a men’s world peace organization) from 1981 to 2005. She then took an MIU Education MA and served as administrative director for Maharishi School of the Age of Enlightenment in Silver Spring, MD.
She also practiced a variety of arts and crafts, such as pottery, calligraphy and playing the Celtic harp.
He attended the first International Symposium on the Science of Creative Intelligence the following summer at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, Mass. He was subsequently involved in different national TM projects in France (President of the Association Education et Conscience) and in his native Germany (MERU Media Office). His first task, apart from teaching TM, was to translate and help various German publishers promote the first books on Maharishi Ayurveda in German-speaking countries.
The couple operates a translation company with some 50 translators, revisers and interpreters. He was so impressed by the benefits of the technique that within a year he made the decision to leave his current career as a mechanical draftsman and attend the TM Teacher Training Course, which he completed following year.
In 1984 he graduated from the MBA programme at Maharishi University of Management, Fairfield, Iowa, USA. He taught at the Maharishi School in Melbourne, Australia for 3 years after earning his Bachelor of Education and experienced firsthand how effective the TM technique was in a school environment.
In addition to being a certified TM instructor Matthew is a canoe instructor, musician and writer. He mainly worked in the environment of those large government systems within the mission of social solidarity, integrating business solutions and information technologies. In 1975, Louis he had his first contact with Maharishi in Montreal, when he came to Canada to inaugurate the Dawn of the Age of Enlightenment for North America. Before moving to Quebec City, she ran the Montreal TM Centre and worked at the TM national office. He was the director of the Montreal TM center and then secretary of the TM National Director for Canada.
During the first year as a TM teacher, he taught TM in many villages and cities around the Gaspe Peninsula (North East of Quebec). In 2005, he started to teach French as a second language to civil servants working for the federal government and the provincial government of New Brunswick.He is also a very active organic gardener. Miville did a humanities course in Rimouski and obtained a Bachelors of Arts from Laval University in 1966. She became a TM teacher a few years later, and spent several years working at the international level of the TM organization, soaking up as much knowledge and experience as possible. It changed my life and forged my new future.” In 1972, Carolyn Grayson went to Mallorca, Spain and Italy to study with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and was made a teacher of TM. She enjoys story-writing, mixed media painting, researching European and Canadian fine art, and being with the close-knit family of friends on Salt Spring Island. His teaching experience includes: over 2,000 individuals instructed in the TM technique, leading regular advanced seminars and workshops for practitioners, facilitating residential retreats, and the implementation of TM as part of corporate leadership programmes. The multiple marketing and communications enterprises he launched has led his teams of specialists across Canada, the USA, Caribbean, UK, EU, and Asia developing and implementing communications strategies and mission critical business operations for multi-national corporations. She attributes her regular TM practice for deepening her creative expression and ability to connect with her audience.
He was the National TM Administrator in Moldova (a former Soviet Republic) from 2000 to 2007 where he was responsible for national affairs, the local centre administration, teaching, conducting regular advanced seminars and workshops and leading residential retreats. He then went on to maintain a parallel career as TM teacher and a Microsoft Brand Manager consultant, advising individuals and corporations on software licensing.
He learnt TM at the recommendation of his brother, being inspired by the positive improvements and growth he saw in his brother and family. He received a Masters of Physics at Maharishi University of Management in 1987 and a doctorate in Computer Science at Universite de Montreal in 1993. I then discovered the Transcendental Meditation program and went to Iowa where we have a university in which everyone practices the Transcendental Meditation technique.
During these years, he has played a leading role in the teaching of TM in the Eastern Townships area.
She was inspired to become a certified Transcendental Meditation instructor by David Lynch when he started the David Lynch Foundation to make TM more available to the most stressed populations. In that time she ran two TM programs in schools and taught hundreds of people from every walk of life. During that time Christine managed the administration and teaching activities of the centre including teaching TM, conducting knowledge meetings for TM practitioners, promoting and organizing special events, and teaching in-residence retreats.
From a desire to help her students lead more balanced, healthy lives Christine also introduces practices from Maharishi Ayurveda, an ancient, comprehensive system of natural healthcare. Her interests over the years have included technical writing, teaching ESL, professional organizing, and interior design.
During his time as the President and then Secretary of the TM organization in Sri Lanka, he organized advanced teaching seminars, weekend retreats and actively promoted Transcendental Meditation. Outside of his professional career Keerthi was an active volunteer in the community; as the president of the local Rotary Club he organized and participated in social service events.
Not as an escape, but as a secret weapon to fortify our minds and bodies, to create resilience and perspective. Since then, the Transcendental Meditation technique hasn’t just changed his life, but also the lives of over half a million at-risk individuals. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider regarding any medical condition. Now many current and extremely successful barons of industry, celebrities, and entertainers, openly discuss and recommend this practice as an essential part of their success. Oricine este interesat poate participa, discutiile sunt complet gratuite ?i nu exista nici o obliga?ie de a inva?a tehnica MT (1 ora – gratuit).
Un studiu recent asupra activitatatii cerebrale in timpul medita?iei, publicat in “Consciousness and Cognition” identifica trei categorii fundamentale de medita?ie: focalizarea aten?iei, monitorizare sau mindfulness ?i auto-transcenderea automata – o noua categorie introdusa de catre autori pentru a descrie Medita?ia Transcendentala. She concluded that this was what she needed in her own life, and took the Transcendental Meditation course straight away.

She then moved with her husband to Hinton, and taught in Hinton, Edson, Jasper and Grande Cache.
Students who practice TM at the school report improved social relationships, better academic achievement, greater alertness, improved sports performance, and improved relationships with family.
Since then she has been teaching TM part-time and is currently working at a university, following an extensive and varied career in teaching, business, association management and fund raising.
In 2005, Christopher received an Honorary Doctor of World Peace from Maharishi European Research University for his more than 20 years full time dedication to Maharishi’s programs for personal development and world peace. Together they have raised three sons, all of whom are musical in addition to their other professions. She recently retired from ErinoakKids, Centre for Treatment and Development, and now devotes herself full-time to the teaching of TM.
While in Ottawa, she became interested in Maharishi Ayurveda, a comprehensive system of natural medicine and worked at Maharishi Ayurveda Health Centres in Ottawa and Huntsville.
Clarence Cormier, in the creation of the Canadian Association for Stress Free Schools, and I have been the Executive Director since. In 2008 I accepted the role of being the National Director of Law and Order to promote TM within the Justice Department and its penal system inclusively.
She teaches French and English in the Greater Montreal area and also in the surrounding regions. She was the co-director of the Montreal TM Center and teaches in both languages – French and English. He has been teaching TM for 40 years and was the director of the Montreal TM Center for the past 28 years.
Exactly three years later, in 1973, I decided that I needed to share my experiences of TM with others, helping them attain the same inner peace and dynamism in activity that had so notably transformed my own life. She became a teacher of Transcendental Meditation under the guidance of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Her career and that of her husband brought her to live, work and practice TM on four continents. When time permits, Donna enjoys playing golf and gardening in summer and cross country skiing in winter as well as travelling whenever possible. He earned an M A in Vedic Studies from Maharishi University of Management where he was also the Director of Student Activities. Gerard has one son and when not teaching TM, he enjoys hiking and pole walking in the Gatineau hill. The positive experience has given such tremendous benefits to so many areas of life that he was inspired to became a certified teacher to share this gift with anyone interested in learning. With the inspiration of the David Lynch Foundation to make TM more accessible to high need populations Matthew decided to become a teacher of Transcendental Meditation.
Now as a TM certified teacher he is contributing to create this living reality so that his fellow citizens can also enjoy the wonderful knowledge that Maharishi gave us. In 1990 he became President of the Quebec City TM Centre.  From 1986 to 2012, he founded and directed a travel agency while teaching TM part time. In February 1977, he went to Haiti and taught TM in that developing country until October 1979. He has set up a few projects of organic gardening with school children in Saint John and in Memramcook. She taught TM around the world —  to children and adults — and joined an international women’s world peace organization for almost 20 years using TM as a powerful, effective stress management tool. Over the years she has taught meditation to over 300 students and has facilitated 60 retreat courses in major cities across Canada. In 2010 Igor along with his family emigrated to Canada where he continued to teach TM part-time. During his university years, he devoted his time to being VP of finance at AIESEC Craiova, the local chapter of the largest not-for-profit, student run organization in the world.
He presently teaches Transcendental Meditation both in English and French in Sherbrooke and surrounding area. Also, I spent many years on a TM retreat program going deep inside and unfolding the inner treasures.
Meditating teachers enjoy improved energy through TM, as well as a greater ability to manage students and an increase in physical, mental, and emotional well-being.
She was drawn to the TM practice in mid-life when health issues emerged and stress was identified as the largest contributing factor. Presently, Christopher teaches TM in London, Kitchener, Cambridge, Waterloo, and Guelph, as well as offering the TM program to students on the surrounding university campuses. Tony Nader, a Lebanese neuro-scientist, researcher,[1][2] university president, author and now leader of the Transcendental Meditation movement.
She holds a BA major in Music from York University and a B.Ed from the University of Toronto. Dianne is a longtime member of the Ambiance Singers, a ladies’ singing group based in Mississauga. She taught more than 3,000 people both in French and English. She also teaches Maharishi Ayurveda courses in Montreal and coordinates the visits of Ayurveda experts from India. Maharishi extended an invitation to the symposium participants to travel to Europe to complete their training as Teacher’s of the TM technique. Now, after 41 years, Peter has conducted TM courses, worked in administration and generally represented and promoted the TM program while traveling across Canada from Prince Rupert, BC to St John’s Newfoundland and Internationally in India, Europe and the USA.
In the 1980’s, Donna worked as an Maharishi Ayurvedic Technician at the Maharishi Ayurveda Health Centre for a period of 5 years where she also acted as the Maharishi Ayurveda Health Centre Director for 2 years and was the National Trainer for Maharishi Ayurvedic Technicians in Canada during that time. Gerard has hosted online radio shows and television interviews with meditators about their experience of TM and the natural development of their creativity and happiness.
She knew it was for life like her long-term relationship with Louis Charlebois, her husband, with whom she took her course to become a TM teacher. Apart from her love of arts and sciences, Anne adores outdoor activities like hiking, swimming or skating. During his last four months in Haiti, he was a member of a team of 7 teachers who taught TM to 1000 young men in Cite Soleil, a slum of Port-au-Prince.
She has been an administrator and schoolteacher for the Maharishi School for Ideal Education in Ottawa and Victoria.
Beginning in 2013 Igor is happy to be engaged fully in his primary vocation as one of the dedicated TM teachers serving the GTHA. It gave her energy for academics and her extra curricular activities of acting and writing. She also works on marketing initiatives for TM, including managing the national and local websites. As a commitment to his goal to be a lifelong learner, he subsequently completed a diploma in marketing from the American College of Higher Education.
Rhonda looks forward to the time when the Quiet Time program at her school is adopted district wide. He then worked for the Department of Alberta Energy and Natural Resources from 1976 to 1993. In addition to his TM teaching activities, Christopher is National Director of Communication for the Global Country of World Peace (GCWP), Canada, Director of First Nations Programs for GCWP Canada, and Canadian co-Director of “Operation Warrior Wellness”, offering the TM technique to returning veterans. Dianne recently retired from the Peel Board of Education and now dedicates herself full time to the teaching of the TM program. Accompanied by his wife Michele Beausoleil, he has been organizing lectures in the fields of health, education and business in the province of Quebec. So if there is a Canadian community where there are people eager to learn TM and there is no local teacher, better give him a call or text him at 902 225 1383. They ran a TM center on the South Shore of Quebec city in the late 70s until the early 80s. From there, he went to Medellin (Colombia) to be course director on two TM teacher training courses for the French students from the Caribbean.
For the last 10 years, he has worked part time at Moisson Estrie, the regional food bank for people in need. Sarah has her BA in Literature from Maharishi University of Management and is in the middle of completing her Masters in Vedic Science. During this time he instructed over a thousand people and has continued teaching throughout his career in the Canadian Brass.
At present, Keerthi lives in Toronto, where he serves the local community as a certified Transcendental Meditation teacher.
In addition to his TM activity, Christopher enjoys being a father to his 18 year old daughter, Bridget, just entering her first year at University of Western Ontario. While completing his music studies at Acadia University in Wolfville, his hometown, Peter helped organize the Students International Meditation Society on university campuses throughout the Maritimes. But her initial one is and will always be that of the Transcendental Meditation teacher in her.
Following that Alan and his wife Estelle taught TM in Vancouver then went on to help the International TM Movement in Holland in 1997.
Actively supported by their three children, they dream to establish a permanent center to spread and teach this fundamental technique, to help everybody who wants to experience a healthy world full of peace and to enhance this fullness and enrichment of life. She is a consultant for Maharishi Light Therapy with Gems and is a senior therapist in Maharishi Aroma Therapy. Practicing TM allows the awareness to turn within and experience the source of thought which is pure consciousness.
Diane lives at Lac-Beauport on a large property in the mountains, ideal for teaching and consultations. From there he went to Germany to be the course director on an international TM teacher training course until December 1982.
Alan and Estelle grow most of their own organic food, and enjoy sailing up and down the coast. I enjoy very much teaching the Transcendental Meditation technique and wish to have the opportunity meeting and teaching many of you. In 1986, Wanda graduated with a degree in Communication and Design from the Ontario College of Art (now OCAD).
She trained as a TM teacher in 2010 and, subsequently spent six months on a Transcendental Meditation school project in South Africa. With her husband, Serge Viau, she is presently in charge of the Maharishi Ayurvedic center in Quebec City and Lac-Beauport. Then she moved to Calgary to teach Transcendental Meditation, which she has been doing with great enjoyment ever since.
She is a recipient of the Post Doctoral Fellowship from the National Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), and the Post-Doctoral Award from the Canadian Space Agency. In June 1984 he became a member of the Purusha Program and continued to teach TM abroad in the Philippines and in Senegal where he was a member of team of 12 French speaking TM teachers who taught TM in 33 prisons.
Yotka has led or coordinated many advanced courses relating to Transcendental Meditation, including Science of Creative Intelligence (SCI). In Senegal, they taught TM to 10 000 inmates and 1000 prison officers from March 1987 to March 1989. Wanda and David actively participate in various charities and fund raisers involving the food and restaurant industry in Toronto.
She has translated Maharishi’s book “Science of Being and Art of Living” into the Bulgarian language. He also worked as the director of the design department (pre-press) at the College of Natural Law of Washington, DC from January 1985 to March 1987. Wanda very recently resumed teaching TM after returning from a recertification course in the summer of 2013.
She teaches Mathematics and Engineering Sciences at McMaster University, enjoys playing the classical piano, loves yoga, loves reading and always aims at expanding her knowledge.

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