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I can't tell you how much fun it's been ever since I started making artwork special instead of secretly and strategically throwing it away while they napped.  That was just plain mean! I used glue to write names on construction paper and then the kids used leftover cupcake sprinkles to make the names come to life.  When the names were covered, they took them out of the foil tins and voila! It is normal for children to print letters in strange ways including backwards, upside down, and sideways when they are learning to print. Please do not stress yourself out, or your child, if they are not printing or learning letters correcting or reading before they enter Kindergarten. The most important role a parent can do for their child is to love them, fostering their self-esteem, and encouraging their natural love of learning.
In this book, I teamed up with former Kindergarten teacher, Susan Case, and we worked together to give a Mom's point of view and a teacher's point of view, so that we could give you activities that not only keep the kids busy, but also keep them motivated to learn and develop their natural curiosity.

Hubby) make innocent comments, I get offended and pick fights, just because I already feel inadequate. Fine motor control comes after much practice and time to strengthen the finger and hand muscles and to develop a proper grip. A parent’s responsibility is to provide opportunities for growth, respecting children as individuals capable of learning at their own pace, in their own time, and in their own way. The problem is that not only do I really need that time, she also needs to have some quiet time or she's crabby later! Of course, it's always possible that your daughter might have a learning disability, but she is too young to worry about that now in regard to letter formation. Help children learn to print their first name with only the first letter in upper case (this will make their teachers happy).

Instead, I would just encourage you to gently introduce some simple ways to help your child learn fine motor control and reading skills. For more information on teaching children to print their first name, you might enjoy this post.
Students get to talk, sing, read, write, create, build, play physical games, play thinking games, do art projects, act it out, and revisit it on computers.

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