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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. EXISTANCE• Every country in theworld has secretintelligence agencies forthe protection its peopleand to gather importantsecret information whichcan impact their interest.Intelligence agencies are asymbol ofcountry’s defence strength and power.
MOSSAD - ISRAELThe Mossad which is Hebrew word meaning to say "Institute for Intelligence andSpecial Operations is a unit national intelligence agency of Israel. MSS-THE MINISTRY OF STATE SECURITYThe Ministry of State Security (MSS) of the Government of the PeoplesRepublic of China is the security agency of the Peoples Republic of China. RAW – RESEARCH AND ANALYSISWING –INDIA• Indian intelligence agency• Headquartered in New Delhi• Formed in 21 September,1968• First director was R. ASIS- History• The Australian Secret Intelligence Service (ASIS) was established on May 131952, as a collector of foreign intelligence, primarily in the Asia-Pacificregion.• For over twenty years, the existence of ASIS remained a secret, even frommembers of the Australian Government. DGES :- Directorate-General forExternal Security - FRANCE• The General Directorate for External Security is Francesexternal intelligence agency. Directorate-General for ExternalSecurity• The DGSE can trace its roots back to 1947• The DGSE have been shaken by numerous scandals during thecold war• As of 2007 the DGSE employed a total of 4,620 agents. Program Office which established a secret national security team outside the traditional branches of the government.
Martin Luther in the 16th century, with his Ninety-Five Theses, may have been the first well-documented conspiracy theory author. The ancient Mayans possessed a sophisticated culture with a unique perception of the universe and the role of the planets in cosmic events.
Now that the collective wealth of the average person had been transitioned to easily manipulated equity markets, the stage was set. If we had performed this survey three years ago, this conspiracy theory may have come in at the number-one spot. Internet chatter has also contributed to the lack of mainstream adoption of this particular conspiracy. In some cases, the hoaxes turn out to be various "camps" of UFO aficionados playing tricks on each other. In many ways, this is the core concept from which many other conspiracy theories spring forth. The secret societies such as the Bilderbergs and Illuminati (and to some extent elite Free Masons) are at the core of the theory. Contemporary events, such as the controlled demolition of the economy and purposely failed U.S. A vote in the second position, or second-most-important theory, counted for a value of 1.0.
Its no big deal really but I just think some other theories were more deserving of a top-ten spot. I think that given the circumstances the list is quite representative, and agree to the trend of No1 against No2. Alltogether this is an excelent concept and i think it should be carried out in a yearly basis to maximise its potential. I selected conspiracies that would affect the course of human history and didn't consider 911 or 2012 to have much import. Today we live in an environment of information overload and reality is sometime difficult to discern. A conspiracy making it in the list is not necessarily true neither the most importand but certainly widely discussed.

The Above Top Secret Web site is a wholly owned social content community of The Above Network, LLC. The CIA and FBI are both investigative agencies that deal with the security of the United States of America and its citizens. Unlike portrayed in Hollywood movies, spying is just the tip of iceberg when it comes to several duties and responsibilities included in the job of a CIA agent. The main responsibility of the US intelligence agencies is to safeguard the national interests and integrity of the country. There are 249 countries and dependencies by area in the world and they all need to have their own intelligence agencies to protect their country and nation. Intelligence agency is a government agency that is responsible for the gathering, investigating, and utilization of information and intelligence in coordination of law enforcement, defence, national security and foreign policy objectives.
We Categorized Top 10 Best Intelligence Agencies by their number of staff and premium role played and major achievements. It is the most effective Intelligence agency which is operating under the Government of the People’s Republic of China the agency acting an energetic role in managing domestic issues as well.
Roundabout 120 agents who had been operating under non-official cover in the Canada United States, Europe, and Japan as businessmen, bankers, scholars, and journalists were evoked to China, a fact that reveals the broad geographical scope of MSS agent reporting. The functions and existence of ASIS was a guarded secret even from its own government for almost twenty long years. Protect and encourage Australia’s fundamental interests through the provision of unique foreign intelligence services as directed by Government. RAW is abbreviation of Research and Analysis Wing mainly established was necessitated post the Sino-Indian War 1962 and Indo-Pakistani War of 1965.
Examining the military, political, economic and scientific developments in countries which have direct bearing on India’s national security and the formulation of its foreign policy. DCRI (the Central Directorate of Interior Intelligence) Operating under the direction of the French ministry of defence, the agency works alongside the DCRI (the Central Directorate of Interior Intelligence) in providing intelligence and national security, notably by performing paramilitary and counterintelligence operations abroad. Its Provide protection from an unknown number of voluntary correspondents (spies) both in France and abroad.
MI-6 is as Secret Intelligence Service considering one of the best intelligence agencies of the world. FSB (Federal Security Service) IS the top well-organized intelligence agencies of the world. Central Intelligence Agency is the independently functioning intelligence agency of the United States of America. No propagation of nuclear and other military hardware of mass destruction, with North Korea describe as perhaps the most difficult target. ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence) is the head most intelligence of Pakistan, mainly responsible for providing decisive national and intelligence measurement to the Government of Pakistan. The ISI is the leading to the 3 intelligence services of Pakistan the IB (Intelligence Bureau) and MI (Military Intelligence). It is one of the mainentities in the Israeli Intelligence Community, along with Aman (military intelligence)and Shin Bet (internal security).• The Mossad is responsible for intelligence collection, covert operations, andcounter terrorism, as well as bringing Jews to Israel from countries where officialAliyah agencies are forbidden, and protecting Jewish communities. In March 1951, it was reorganized and made a part ofthe prime ministers office, reporting directly to the prime minister.
Operating under the direction ofthe French ministry of defense, the agency works alongsidethe DCRI (the Central Directorate of Interior Intelligence) inproviding intelligence and national security, notably byperforming paramilitary and counterintelligence operationsabroad. In 1999, the DGSEwas known for employing a total of 2,700 civilians and 1,300 Officers orNon Commissioned Officers in its service.• It also benefits from an unknown number of voluntary correspondents(spies) both in France and abroad.

In most cases, the hoaxed images are nothing more than someone attempting to draw attention to their digital video special effects prowess. I think all three of my options (actually my top 4-5) were in that list, and some other good ones. The opinions of our members are not those of site ownership who maintains strict editorial agnosticism and simply provides a collaborative venue for free expression.
The US Federal Law Enforcement Agency is a division of the US Department of Homeland Security.
In this article, we have presented the salary range for one of the federal agencies, the United States Secret Service. Ministry of State Security Agency works intimately with other international intelligence Agencies such as ISI from Pakistan.
According to the website ASIS, Australia “Protect and promote Australia’s vital interests through the provision of unique foreign intelligence services as directed by Government”. After World War 11 BND created by German defence experts with German government coordination. This agency works in joint association with Government Communications Headquarters and the Internal Security Service. Its function under Direction of Nations Intelligence is to gathering, systematizing and analyzing information from all national and international contexts.
An executive council meeting was conducted by the then prime minister of Australia, Robert Menzies.
The sworn members are classified as Uniformed Division and the Special Agents.The Secret Service has 2 major roles to play.
The BND operates as an early warning system to alert the German government to threats to German benefit from overseas. Ensuring national security and report to government of any curious activity is the foremost function of the agency. FSB is mainly responsible internal security of the Russian state.All intelligence and law enforcement agencies of Russia work below the direction of FSB. This information is use for policy makers as they can formulate the laws and rules best for national interest and sovereignty of the state. Today, ASIS is a part of the ForeignAffairs portfolio and is responsible to the Minister for Foreign Affairs. One role is related to the protection of financial systems of the US, US treasury bonds, US currency and notes by investigating frauds, stopping the counterfeiting and all other financial frauds. Mossad is comprehensively concerned in undercover and covered movement of Jewish refugees out of Syria and Iran. The other role is related to the protection of the President, past Presidents, Vice-Presidents, US embassies abroad and presidential candidates. The main function was to find important information and execute secret intelligence operations. They have made many important revelations which have been of advantage to their respective countries.

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