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Zen River is an international Buddhist monastery that offers a year-round training programme under the guidance of abbot Tenkei Coppens Roshi and Myoho Gabrysch Sensei. Zen River is located in a beautiful property on the outskirts of Uithuizen, a small village on the northern edge of Holland close to the Waddensea. The programme is based on four elements of training (zazen, ritual, study and bodhisattva activity) and consists of a daily schedule as well as a calender of retreats and related events. It is pretty clear that I have stopped posting here and there is no real reason for that other than it was just taking up too much of my free time. I really hope you all see this and follow me over to my new tumblr because I greatly appreciate the support and conversation we have shared in the past.
Monk Thach Suong, verger of Hang Pagoda, said: “Traditional wooden sculpture is full of the Khmer culture, so it should be taught for preservation and promotion. In particular, there was an item worth hundreds of millions of dong ordered by a Cambodian customer. Wood carving has not only helped many young Khmer people build a better life, but also contributed to preserving a traditional value. The sculpture requires the meticulousness, thoroughness and skillful hands of the artisans. Using a book, magazine or newspaper choose a paragraph and without using your hands count the amount of words in that paragraph, re-count them to make sure you are correct.
Sit for 5 minutes with your eyes closed and empty all thoughts from your mind, simply allow the blackness behind your eyes to be.
Sit comfortably for 5 minutes and observe the breath as it goes in and out, noticing whether it's comfortable or uncomfortable. If you have ever flown into San Francisco, then you know that from 10,000 feet up, it appears as if the landing strip at the airport falls off into the ocean. We broke through the clouds, and I tightened my lap belt just to the point of not being able to breathe. Unfortunately, we are so removed from the process of flying that I feel that it takes an enormous amount of trust to get on the plane. The two-minute rule: Harry Houdini held his breath for four minutes while submerged under water, the typical pop song is three minutes, and the first and last two minutes of a flight are statistically the most dangerous. I find that it helps to put in my ear phones, turn on a song that makes me happy, one that spans the length of 120 seconds.
Bodhisattvas are traditionally someone who appears in one’s life to help them attain enlightenment.
Unless you are certified to fly your own personal plane, then there is really no way for you to assist in the process of flying. Whatever your mantra is, say it over and over again until your mind releases whatever constructed realities it is holding on to. As dharma heirs to Genpo Merzel Roshi they both are representatives of the White Plum Lineage that was established by the late Maezumi Roshi in the USA.
It enjoys the spaciousness and tranquillity of the country-side and yet it is easily accessible by public transportation.

I started this blog as a place to share what I was learning about Buddhism and connect with other people who were exploring or interested in the middle way. Contemplate that as long as you are too focused on self-importance and too caught up in thinking about how you are good or bad, you will experience suffering. The mahayana instruction for ejection of consciousness at death is the five strengths: how you conduct yourself is important. Keep doing this until it becomes easy, when you find you can easily count the amount of words in a paragraph move on to count the words on a whole page.
Hold the fruit in your hands and focus all your attention on it – it texture, its smell, its size, its colour. White knuckled and gripping onto the arm rest, I pressed my forehead against the cold window as we made our disturbing descent. As soon as my feet touched the ground in San Francisco, I made a conscious choice and personal mission to learn why and how to rationally face my fears. We buy our ticket online, get to the airport on time, follow the herd as we shuffle through security lines.
It helps to retrain my thinking patterns from past- and future-focused to present moment focused. It is also within these first and last few minutes that the plane tends to make the most noise.
He answered that because of the structure of planes, the most turbulence will happen in the very front and the very back of the plane. So, instead of creating and dwelling within unnecessary anxiety, it is best to simply let go and relax. Her post graduate studies include Ayurveda and Yoga Therapy along with Integrative Quantum Healing. The monks of the Shaolin temple, which is the world of Zen and martial arts, regard kung fu training as practice of Buddhism. They are also certified by the Japanese Soto School and maintain a close connection with Junyu Kuroda Roshi, brother of Maezumi Roshi and abbot of Kirigayaji in Tokyo. This means that everybody is welcome to participate in all or parts of the programme, while the continuity of training is ensured by a team of full-time resident monastics (presently fifteen).
For a long while my practice was growing just fine without a place of support to track my progress and share my experiences but lately, I have been missing that outlet. Obsessing about getting what you want and avoiding what you don't want does not result in happiness; Ego. Make sure to give the breath your full attention, notice whether it’s warm or cool, short or long. The man had his eyes closed, head gently laid back on the head rest and the corners of his mouth slightly turned up. Years of my fears bubbled to the surface and my mind raced like a rolodex, through the list of irrational fears. I have spent the last 15 years taking the opportunity to introspectively look at myself and apply the theories of studied meditational practices, Tantra theory, and more.

We use our phones as boarding passes, we do not even get to physically handle our tickets, we are ushered onto the plane and sit down. If turbulence is your “trigger,” if you are easily frightened or have a queasy stomach, find a seat on or near the wing. Knock on wood, I have never been in an emergency landing, but I always sit where I have a clear view and path to the emergency exits. Zen River is officially registered in Japan as a Soto temple (Tokubetsu Jiin) and plays an active role in the development of the European department of the Soto School. I have tried to start this blog back up a few times and just couldn’t muster the inspiration to do so and I believe I need a fresh start. Keep your attention on the fruit for at least 5 minutes, once you can do this easily do it for 10 and keep raising the time. I insist on not allowing my learned social constructs and preconceived notions that have created my reality to hold me back from living my best life. Letting go of the sounds that have just passed by and be present to the sound that will arise. I like to mentally map out what and who I will have to get around to get out that door to safety.
Face your fears head on and float within the possibility of letting go of what is not serving us.
It focuses on utilizing Theta Healing, Meditation and Traditional Tantra to help clients bridge the gap of mind body healing.
Be mindful to your bodily sensations, feel your clothes against your skin, the way your breathing sounds as you inhale and exhale, the fluttering of your stomach, your feet against the ground.
Once I get past that first 120 seconds, it’s generally smooth sailing and I can start to relax. Either way, I was flying across the country and as my luck would serve me, I sat next to the Director of Commercial Pilot Training. Learn to live your most passionate life and the world will open up to you, when you are ready to receive it. Shri Kali Seattle’s Traditional Tantra Yoga classes are a great introduction to our tri-doshic balancing sequence and the moving meditation that teaches us to drop out of the conscious mind, so that we may let go of that which is not needed, and experience our true sense of selves and ultimately a true sense of freedom.
Watch how these sensations change and shift and with every exhale allow yourself to let go over them. We struck up a conversation and he gave me permission to ask him anything I wanted to know about flying. It is a tool one can repeat whenever a task is being performed that does not require a lot of concentration.

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