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When you face doubts and uncertainties by moving forward regardless of the outcome, you have demonstrated courage.
About Mark TingMark Ting is a Staff Writer at Torchmark Corporation, writing about American Income Life and National Income Life Insurance Companies. I need to work harder at knowing my presentation well enough to remember all of it even when I am afraid and shook up.
There is much media hype around mindfulness and its benefits for individual health and well-being. There are three challenges every human resource professional should understand about the mind and how mindfulness training can help enhance performance by overcoming these limitations. To test this out for yourself, close your eyes and visualize hearing news that the leader of your organization will announce major changes tomorrow morning. As amazing and powerful as the human brain is, it has limitations that can prevent us from being our best at work. Rasmus Hougaard, Jacqueline Carter & Gillian CouttsRasmus Hougaard is an internationally acknowledged expert in training the mind to be focused and clear at work.
Jacqueline is passionate about working with leaders to enhance performance, effectiveness and well-being. Gillian has over 20 years of experience as a leader and change agent in the sales and operations functions of large corporations. About the AuthorRasmus Hougaard, Jacqueline Carter & Gillian CouttsRasmus Hougaard is an internationally acknowledged expert in training the mind to be focused and clear at work. Sign up HERE and receiveThe Switch and Shift Change Playbook, by Shawn Murphy, as our thanks to you! With expertise in counseling, consultation, research, evaluation, training, and curriculum development, we offer strengths-based and positive solutions to effectively manage the challenges and transitions of life.
We provide a safe and confidential environment to explore lifea€™s challenges with a licensed professional whose role is to listen and support.A  Together we develop an action plan with strategies to improve your interactions and decrease your stress.
It’s no secret that CrossFit aims to challenge your body in ways you have likely never experienced. The fight-or-flight theory is based on an individual’s psychological response to a stressful situation. If you’re curious what method Rosetta Stone uses to teach different languages, here is some information for you. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Waarom ga ik Mindmappen?Verzinnen van briljante ideen, vinden van inspirerende oplossingen voor elk probleem, meer tijd voor jezelf vrij maken, doelen stellen en bereiken, jezelf en anderen motiveren, alles herinneren wanneer en wat je maar wilt. Carl Froch, super-middleweight World Champion bought in a sports psychologist ahead of his World Heavyweight clash at Wembley in front of 80,000 fans.
The GB Olympic athletes effectively used sports psychology to bring home a record haul of medals in the London 2012 Olympic Games.
Dr Steve Peters, who helped athletes at the London Olympics and worked with Liverpool Football Club last season, linked up with the England national team to support their World Cup efforts. Winning is the main objective in sport, but winning requires consistent performance at a high level.
Mental proficiency helps ensure this consistency, safe-guarding against fluctuations in performance. Athletes who fail to properly utilise sports psychology place themselves at a disadvantage in performance and preparation. A full investment in sports psychology may be the difference between high achievement and mediocrity. For years sports psychologists have examined how psychological skills training, including mental skills training, helps athletes improve performance.
Mental skills are procedures that help athletes control their minds efficiently and consistently as they execute sport-related goals. This not only involves developing skills such as concentration and stress control, but it also includes efforts to influence personal characteristics such as self-esteem and sportsmanship.
Psychological skills techniques help athletes make adjustments to their actions, thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations that will help achieve their goals. And the importance of self-esteem and confidence could be the difference between competing in a triathlon and winning a triathlon. Do that by striving toward excellence, by committing to become everything you can and want to become. Remember that your agents joined American Income Life and, particularly, your organization primarily because they want to be like you, because they admire you and respect you. The more realistic you are the more you encourage them to be realistic and objective about their situation.

The First Challenge: The mind wanders making it difficult to maintain focus and attention at work. From an evolutionary perspective, the ability to think about events that are not happening right now was a significant advantage.
A growing body of scientific studies demonstrates that the mind can be trained to enhance focus. When we are caught up in being active, chemicals in our brain reward us for doing things regardless of whether those “things” are aligned with individual and organizational goals and priorities. Therefore we can get caught up in doing lots of things but not necessarily getting the right things done.
The Third Challenge: Our brains are habitual, making it easy to get caught in negative work patterns and making it difficult for organizations to change.
Even if we recognize benefits of changing how we operate, our brain natural response is to resist. With practice, we can train ourselves to be more open to other ways of looking at things and find opportunity even in difficult situations. It is for leading edge, forward-thinking “rebel leaders” who understand our neurological limitations and see value in the skillful introduction of mindfulness in their organization’s culture. Mindfulness training, when skillfully brought into modern day workplaces, can help individuals and organizations improve performance and well-being. Specifically, getting one second ahead of your brain’s natural neurological tendency to wander, get addicted to activity, and crave predictability.
He is the founder of The Potential Project – a leading global provider of corporate based mindfulness solutions operating in 20 countries. She is a Partner with The Potential Project and has worked with leaders from around the globe including from Sony, American Express, RBC and KPMG to name a few. This isn’t a “people first, profits second” movement, but a “profits as a direct result of putting people first” movement. Lisa Hinkelman -- a Licensed Professional Counselor.A  Equip Your Mind, LLC is focused on preparing individuals, groups, and organizations for success. The ability to explore new movements, develop stronger muscles, and gain unparalleled endurance is available to you through your daily workout regimen. Your muscles ache, your workouts are rough, and your mind is still trying to figure out why the hell you started this madness in the first place. A threat in CrossFit might come in the form of a benchmark workout, 1-rep maxes, or new skills. The first thing you have to do is to figure out what language you want to learn, what you want to learn it for and how much time you have.
In this way they will accept the truth that there’s a price to pay for everything they want to achieve in American Income Life Insurance Company or your agency.
But in today’s complex, fast-paced, demanding work environments it just makes us less productive and more likely to make mistakes.
If you found it difficult to maintain focus on one thought, you are perfectly normal, you have a wandering mind. In fact, we can get addicted to activity, which means we keep ourselves busy with emails or other instant activities, regardless of their value.
It prefers things to be done like they were before which can be limiting in modern day work environments. Are you excited to hear what’s in store or dreading what your brain has already decided will be bad? And if the pace of organizational change continues to increase, having a more flexible, adaptable, creative mind is a competitive advantage. Being less on autopilot and more in the driver’s seat of your attention to achieve desired results. He and his teams are training senior executives, leaders and employees in organizations like Google, Nike, Accenture, GE and many other organizations in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.
She is a co-author of the book “One Second Ahead – Enhancing Performance at Work with Mindfulness”.
These milestones can be induce a sense of stress, and an athlete’s mind will dictate whether their body chooses to attack the physical demand or hold back. Your brain and behaviors are the key to a successful and rewarding CrossFit experience, regardless of level. That is great but what about the most important organ in your entire body – your brain? Take complete control of your personal evolution and become a leader in every aspect of your life. When you live and conduct business by your standards your agents will feel confident in giving you their support and commitment.

Just push yourself constantly out of your comfort zone and in the directions of your goals.
They will know that there are weaknesses to overcome and standards to meet, if they want to survive and become successful at what we do.
True leaders lead the action, they always go first, they’re always the role model in the organization and set the example, they always do what they expect their agents to do. The part being realistic about your situation is also one of the most important once agents and managers accept the truth and are willing to pay the price the sky is the limit. It helps us pause in a moment of busyness and make a choice on what is most important to do now.
This is not only hugely beneficial for individual performance but also toward realizing organizational goals and objectives. Rasmus is author of the book “One Second Ahead – Enhancing Performance at work with Mindfulness”. She is also a co-author of the book “One Second Ahead – Enhancing Performance at Work with Mindfulness”. She is also a co-author of the book “One Second Ahead – Enhancing Performance at Work with Mindfulness”.The Optimistic Workplace Is Up for an Award!SubscribeDo you like our posts? Whether it’s not adhering to full range of motion and movement standards, or skimming reps, cheating is an easy habit to fall into.
It forces you to learn actively as they introduce new concepts and words in a way that builds up your understanding. Henry Ford said that “Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.” No matter how bleak the situation might appear, stay the course and put a smile on your face. And specifically, mindfulness training has been shown to enhance focus so we are better able to manage our attention. Let’s explore some common training challenges and solutions when it comes to training your brain. And the worst part is in some situations it can take months to change that behavior that took you moments to develop. So why not give it some love?  There are lots of things you can do the exercise your brain. If you feel you are not able to motivate your agents it may be that you are not thinking big enough, therefore the vision you are projecting is a small vision that others can’t or don’t want to see. And you don’t worry about the whiteboard because you’re experienced enough to at least be somewhere in the middle, even on a bad day.
During an attempt to change behavior, an athlete may experience slower times, stiffer muscles and then easily slip back into their worrisome ways. Motivate yourself with a big vision, and as you get closer to its realization, you will be able to motivate and enthuse others to follow your vision.
But if you lean on your trainers and peers a little to help you develop enough confidence to tackle anything, it makes fighting easier.
Although trainers can call people out, no-rep, or provide feedback, the behavioral change must come from mindful discipline. Keeping your brain challenged and engaged keeps you on your toes and can even help prevent Alzheimers.
Then of course, there is always Rosetta Stone, which has brought success to millions who sought to learn a language.
Each CrossFitter has to have the mindset that they will finish every rep, every round, and cut no corners, and they should be OK with the fact that their performance may not always be at the top of the board. Maybe you consistently scale heavier workouts or use a small band on chest-to-bar pull-ups.
Rest assured that you’ve probably already achieved some things you never expected, so face each challenge head-on knowing you’re fully capable.
The best CrossFitters are not necessarily the ones who win — they are the ones who participate with integrity. In school, you may have had to rely on memorization and repetition but this approach helps you gain new language knowledge intuitively. If so, it’s time to make a move that guides you outside that zone of cozy and back into your very own uncharted territory.

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