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Studies have shown that group practice of the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi programs, including Yogic Flying, can foster harmony in society and reduce crime, war and other negative tendencies. Numerous studies have shown that individuals with high blood pressure show significant drops in blood pressure when they engage in frequent meditation sessions. As you meditate you can explore inner emotions and by doing so you will discover they are not as overpowering as you fear. Habits are driven by a desire to feel something different than what you are currently feeling. Through deep meditative introspection you will recognize why you do what you do and in the process gain the awareness to make different choices that align with you you want to be. Researchers reported results in the Journal of Personal and Social Psychology (Alexander et al., 1989) that found older people who practiced meditation had improved cognitive and behavioral abilities .
Not only does this study suggest you will live longer if you meditate, but you will also stay more mentally sharp in your golden years. The landmark research for our technology was first presented in a 1973 issue of Scientific American by a biophysicist named Dr. Before one practices transcendental meditation, you have to reach the transcendental platform.
But all these are done are automatically simply by the chanting of the hare krishan mahamantra.
By chanting this transcendental vibration, we can cleanse away all misgivings within our hearts.
There are seven major states of consciousness, of which the first three are commonly known. 4.Transcendental Consciousness is said to be a fourth major state of consciousness, distinct from waking, sleeping or dreaming. 7.Unity Consciousness, the seventh state, is said to be the perception that all aspects of life are nothing but expressions of Being, or pure consciousness.
Garden City, NY 11530 MAP - TM location More TM centers near NYC ABC’s Good Morning America - What did they say about TM? Shrewsbury, MA 01545 MAP - TM location More TM locations in the Boston area ABC’s Good Morning America - What did they say about TM? Transcendental Meditation (TM), is a simple, natural technique that is easy to learn and to practise.
Approximately 40,000 people have learnt Transcendental Meditation in Ireland, including about 7,000 in the Cork and Kerry region. To find out how this simple technique of meditation can benefit you and for information on introductory talks and courses of instruction please call or e-mail Stewart and Nora Anne at your convenience (contact details above).
Transcendental Meditation is taught in Ireland under the auspices of MIU Ireland, a registered educational charity. Please Note: Each coloured link within the article will lead you to a related topic on a different page of this site. What Eastern Gurus Say About Occult PracticesIn short those who practice the occultism of the East also warn of its dangers.
The Influence of Eastern MysticismEastern mysticism has penetrated every area of Western society and much of the church.
Understanding Eastern MeditationThe meditation most of us are familiar with involves a deep, continuous thinking about something.
The two most common methods used to induce this thoughtless state are breathing exercises, where attention is focused on the breath, and a mantra, which is a repeated word or phrase. Since mantras are central to New Age meditation, it is important to understand a proper definition of the word.
Such dynamic experiences as this are what New Age mysticism is really all about … not just believing in some doctrine or a faith that is supported by some creed but rather a close personal contact with a powerful Presence. There are for instance Bija Mantras like Aing, Shring, Kling, which are well known in Mantra Yoga as vibrational forms of major Hindu deities like Saraswati, Lakshmi and Krishna respectively.
A Statement on Transcendental MeditationThe statement below on transcendental meditation was adopted by the General Presbytery of the Assemblies of God on August 17, 1976. Among present attempts to bridge the gap between Eastern and Western philosophies are those of Hare Krishna and Transcendental Meditation.
The Nature of Transcendental MeditationA surface definition of Transcendental Meditation pictures it as a natural practice of relaxation for two 20- minute periods each day. After initiation and careful instruction in TM, for which one pays a fee, faithful use of the technique reportedly produces near-miraculous results in all areas of life -- physical, psychological, social, and spiritual. However, an in-depth study of Transcendental Meditation reveals that not all of its story appears on the surface. Transcendental Meditation, therefore, raises questions in the areas of psychology, theology, and sociology. The Roots of Transcendental MeditationIt is clear that Transcendental Meditation is a religions activity in point of origin.
The Teachings of Transcendental MeditationIt is manifestly evident that Transcendental Meditation is religious in nature because of the ideas upon which the technique is built. Teachings About GodThe Maharishi holds that the Being, or Creative Intelligence, is eternal, infinite, unknowable, sexless, and impersonal, following the tradition of Hindu theology. In the view of Maharishi, Being indwells everything in creation in a way that It constitutes the only reality there is. Teachings About ManThus, in the view of Maharishi, since Being manifests itself in the many forms of life in creation, It dwells in the heart of every man.
Teachings About SalvationAccording to Maharishi, man's ignorance of the above facts is the sole source of all his problems.
Further, whatever man is in his present state is a result of his karma or actions in his previous life. The Methods of Transcendental MeditationIt is further evident that Transcendental Meditation is more than just a relaxation technique because not only are its presuppositions religious but so are its methods. That suspension of thought is necessary to achieve the sense of unity with Being is illustrated by Maharishi in his discussion of ethics. The Initiation CeremonyThe initiation ceremony in Transcendental Meditation is distinctly religious in nature. The MantraAs the final act of the initiation ceremony, the TM teacher kneels at the side of the convert and begins to repeat a secret mantra selected especially for him.
The Problems of Transcendental MeditationA serious consideration of these facts, then, suggests that Transcendental Meditation poses questions in the areas of psychology, theology, and sociology.
Psychological IssuesPossible psychological problems stem from the emphasis on mental passivity in TM. For the Christian, the methods of TM are but a revival of the quietistic practices which have appeared periodically through history. Another psychological difficulty of TM is that it offers quick and easy solutions to anxiety without going to the root of the problem. In spite of teachings so different from those of Christianity, Maharishi claims that Christians, or followers of any religion, may practice TM without conflict. It is the Maharishi's view that Hinduism covers the world's religions by its giant umbrella. Sociological IssuesDue to Maharishi's bold plans for the propagation of the Science of Creative Intelligence, there are sociological problems associated with Transcendental Meditation. In 1972 Maharishi inaugurated a World Plan to make SCI and the TM program available to everyone on earth.
The advocates of TM declare an interest in more than merely the health and happiness of individuals. The Challenge of Transcendental MeditationThus Transcendental Meditation presents a challenge to the Church on three fronts. The Church must also emphasize anew the work of the Holy Spirit in the life of the believer. Likewise, the Church must proclaim again the great principle of sabbath rest taught from the beginning in the Bible. Besides which the Sabbath commandment, which was was not a moral law but very clearly a ceremonial one, regulates much more than just the day of formal worship. In any case, Deuteronomy 5:15 makes clear that the Sabbath is not applicable to New Testament Christians, at least not to those who are Gentiles. And thou shalt remember that thou wast a servant in the land of Egypt, and Jehovah thy God brought thee out thence by a mighty hand and by an outstretched arm: therefore Jehovah thy God commanded thee to keep the sabbath day. In order to have the influence, research has shown the size of the group needs to exceed the square root of 1 percent of the population of a given area. This is good news if you’d like to do away with blood pressure medications – with the consultation of a physician of course.

You will also discover that by putting awareness on emotions that influence your behavior that you gain the power to change and eliminate them. But it will teach you how to focus and calm your mind in order to prevent those emotions from distracting you.
This also includes a reduced likelihood of depression and mental deterioration often associated with aging.
So, by transcending the bodily concept of life, transcending the mental concept of life, and transcending the intellectual concept of life, you come to the real, spiritual platform, which is called the brahma-bhuta? stage. The basic principle of all such misgivings is the false consciousness that I am the lord of all I survey. Through repeated practice, the nonchanging state of Being in TC becomes permanently maintained along with waking, sleeping and dreaming.
All of the diversity in life, from the gross to the subtle, is seen as the self-interacting dynamics of Being. This form of meditation allows your body to settle into a state of profound rest and relaxation and your mind to achieve a state of inner peace, without needing to use concentration or effort.” “Transcendental Meditation doesn’t focus on breathing or chanting, like other forms of meditation. Practise results in a state of deep mental and physical rest allowing for the release of stress and tension and the replenishment of mind and body. Stewart and Nora Anne Luck have been teaching TM in Cork for over 20 years, to people of all ages and backgrounds, from school students to the retired. A Definition: Entering an altered state of consciousness by use of a mantra, yoga, deep relaxation techniques, controlled breathing or visualization.
The basic process is to focus and maintain concentration without thinking about what you are focusing on. The translation from Sanskrit is man, meaning to think and tra, meaning to be liberated from. What that end entails was aptly described by English artist Vanora Goodhart after she embarked on the practice of zen meditation. The ultimate objective of the meditation effort lies in the concept called the higher self. A Classical Way of Approaching GodsOctavian Sarbatoare, a Romanian freelance writer and member of the Australian Society of Authors based in Sydney, has done research studies at Bihar Yoga Bharati (Yoga University) in India under the guidance of Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati the chancellor of the Yoga University.. The idea behind such Bija Mantras is that through a consistent practice, that principle behind the deity itself is assimilated by the votary.
Transcendental Meditation, or TM as it is commonly called, in particular has received widespread publicity recently in America.
During the process one repeats a word, known as a mantra, in such a way that its rhythmic repetition aids the relaxation effort. Advocates of TM present what purports to be research data, and numerous testimonials from politicians, educators, sports and theatrical celebrities, as well as religious leaders, to support their claims.
All of its teachings about reality, God, man, and salvation are from the Vedas, the scriptures of the Hindus. The second is Shiva, the god of destruction, disease, and death, as well as the god of vegetable, animal, and human reproduction. Modern efforts to restore the Eastern art of meditation received greatest impetus with Swami Brahmananda Saraswati, generally referred to as Guru Dev, one of four major religious leaders in India.
He illustrates this pantheistic view by declaring that Being permeates all that exists, as butter permeates milk, or as sap permeates a tree. The trunk, branches, leaves, flowers, and fruit of the tree constantly change, but the sap, which is like Being, remains the same. As long as a soul has not merged itself in knowledge with Creative Intelligence, the individual will continue as an individual and will keep on receiving the fruit of the karma of the past life. While TM advocates declare that the mantra is a harmless, meaningless word chosen only for its hypnotic benefits, it is a word taken from the Vedas which has been used traditionally to invoke the assistance of the various Hindu deities.
Maharishi has termed his theological teachings as the Science of Creative Intelligence or SCI.
Contrary to the pantheistic premise of SCI that God is all and all is God, He is distinct from His creation.
The Bible makes clear that He has revealed himself in nature, conscience, history, miracles, prophecy, Scripture, and finally through His Son Jesus. But this is because he operates from a Hindu base which has a myriad of gods, both good and evil, in its theology. He presents his doctrine as a cure for all the world's ills, physical, psychological, spiritual, economic, political, social, and even environmental. He estimates that one teacher for SCI for every 1,000 people will be sufficient to accomplish the task. Maharishi International University, video-tape programs, and television stations owned by TM will also serve to further the plan. Biblically based experiences in the Holy Spirit provide the genuine of what TM is but a treacherous substitute. Neither we, nor our ancestors, were slaves in Egypt rescued by God’s mighty hand and his outstretched arm. The Transcendental Meditation technique is practiced for twenty minutes twice a day while one sits with the eyes closed. Thought becomes quieter and quieter, until the mind is no longer bound by thoughts or perceptions but experiences awareness awake to itself alone. Instead, it encourages a restful state of mind beyond thinking…A 2009 study found Transcendental Meditation helped alleviate stress in college students, while another found it helped reduce blood pressure, anxiety, depression and anger.” “Perhaps its greatest benefit is that it’s relatively quick to learn and easy to master.
It’s a simple, natural technique practiced 20 minutes twice each day while sitting comfortably with the eyes closed.Transcendental Meditation — brought to the West in 1959 by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi — is an ancient technique that's easy to learn and enjoyable to practice. Or call 888-LEARN-TM (888-532-7686) Local cities we serve Central Massachusetts: Shrewsbury and Auburn, Brookfields, Grafton, Holden, Millbury, Northboro, Southboro, Southbridge, Sturbridge, Westboro, WorcesterLearn Transcendental Meditation in Central MassachusettsAttend intro talk You are invited to a special introductory talk on the Transcendental Meditation (TM) technique in Central Massachusetts. The practise of TM involves no change in belief or lifestyle, all that is needed is a comfortable chair, the closing of the eyes and the practise of the technique of meditation for twenty minutes, followed by the return to normal activity. It involves ridding oneself of all thoughts in order to still the mind by putting it in the equivalent of pause or neutral. This is thought to be the part of the individual linked to the divine essence of the Universe, the God part of man.
For example goddess Sarasvati is linked to the acquisition of knowledge and wisdom,  goddess Lakshmi to obtaining beauty and wealth, while meditation on Krishna's Mantra brings love and protection. The inclusion of the ritualistic initiation ceremony and the use of the secret mantra in TM are in keeping with the mystical practices of the cults of the East. There are seemingly millions of gods in Hindu worship, but three stand out among them as most prominent. Basic reality consists of the relative and the absolute, but they are simply two aspects of one essence.
All suffering is due to not knowing the way to unfold the divine glory present within the heart of man. At the rite the TM beginner brings an offering of six flowers, three pieces of fresh fruit, and a white handkerchief.
Thus TM encourages a passive state of mind which could open the door for demonic activity in the life of an individual. All that SCI teaches about God, reality, man, and salvation stands opposed to the teachings of the Bible. Maharishi views man, not as a sinner helpless to save himself from God's judgments, but as a being capable of experiencing his own divinity. Besides the university, four other organizations have been formed as arms of the World Plan. To achieve such purposes, Maharishi proposes to use whatever is in vogue in a society at a given time. Those who know that doctrine and practice cannot be separated will avoid the temptation to use the TM technique in regard to its theological moorings.
God offers man the correct tool for physical, mental, and spiritual renewal by providing one day in seven for rest and worship. By repeating the mantra, either out loud or silently, the word or phrase begins to lose any meaning it once had. The goal is to become attuned with the higher self, thus facilitating the higher self's emergence into the physical realm bringing the practitioner under the guidance and direction of God.
It is thus evident that the classical way of approaching gods is behind TM in spite of its founder's claim that TM is non-religious in nature. Men who previously knew nothing of the mystical practices of the East now search for materials on TM. They repeatedly declare that it is a nonreligious activity in which men of all faiths may participate with great benefit.

Maharishi, world leader of TM, explains the benefits of the technique in religious rather than scientific language. The absolute is that aspect of Being which, in its essential nature, remains unmanifested, while the relative is that aspect in which the Being manifests itself in creation. As long as he remains in such ignorance, he is bound to a life of karma or action which keeps him endlessly in the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth. Maharishi's technique for contacting divine consciousness within, of course, is Transcendental Meditation. He says it matters little what name one gives his religion or what ritual he follows in his church, temple, mosque, or pagoda.
Already the teaching of TM on an experimental basis is available in some schools of the United States at federal expense.
The research of some outside the TM camp has shown that the technique offers no physical benefits which cannot be achieved equally well by the simple act of rest. However there is absolutely nothing in Scripture to distinguish the Ten Commandments from the rest of the Old Testament laws, and the Sabbath from the other six Feasts that the Jews were beholden to keep (all seven are listed in Leviticus 23). When one is on the transcendental platform, the brahma-bhuta? stage, his symptom is that he's always joyful. By practical experience also, one can perceive that by chanting this maha-mantra, or the Great Chanting for Deliverance, one can at once feel a transcendental ecstasy coming through from the spiritual stratum. Over six million people have learned it — people of all ages, cultures, and religions.What if I “can’t meditate”? You can reserve a seat for your chosen date by clicking here, or by calling (508) 635-1569 using the calendar on the left, or calling (508) 635-1569.What you’ll learn at an intro talk Why TM is so effective for stress and anxiety How TM improves brain function and memory Why TM is easy to practice Why TM works from the start Why personalized one-on-one instruction is needed How to learn TM in Central Massachusetts TM instruction requires personal one-on-one instruction from a certified TM teacher, so it won’t be taught during this group introduction. When meditation is employed by damming the free flow of thinking, it holds back active thought and causes a shift in consciousness. The conscious thinking process is gradually tuned out until an altered state of consciousness is achieved.
This connection is referred to in New Age circles as: awakening, transformation, enlightenment, self-realization, cosmic consciousness and super-consciousness.
In Hindu tradition meditation is necessary even for the gods if they are to be united with the Being and thus escape the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth. Each person must come to experience every being in creation as dear to him as he is to himself.
His salvation comes with the knowledge of the illusion of life and of man's oneness with Being. Aided by candlelight and incense, the teacher chants a song of thanksgiving in Sanskrit to a long line of departed Hindu masters. Classes in SCI and TM have been legalized for use in the public schools of Illinois, New York, Massachusetts, Florida, and California. By following God's original plan for the rejuvenation of man, the Christian has no need for the method of Transcendental Meditation. In the material concept of life we are busy in the matter of sense gratification as if we were in the lower animal stage.
However, you’ll have the opportunity to meet local TM teachers and sign up to learn the TM technique. He worships the Hindu Trimurti of Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva as the manifestations of the formless Brahman. The Spiritual Regeneration Movement is for those interested in a spiritual approach to life, but especially retired persons.
A little elevated from this status of sense gratification, one is engaged in mental speculation for the purpose of getting out of the material clutches.
Or call 888-LEARN-TM (888-532-7686) "Nothing has ever opened my eyes like Transcendental Meditation has. New Age meditation works as a holding mechanism until the mind becomes thoughtless, empty and silent. All activity of human thought, the very content of human knowledge, is in the relative sphere of reality, not the absolute. The Foundation for the Science of Creative Intelligence is designed for the business and professional community.
A little elevated from this speculative status, when one is intelligent enough, one tries to find out the supreme cause of all causes—within and without. No concentrating or focusing No control of the mind No mindfulness (monitoring of thoughts) No trying to “empty the mind” How can TM be effective if it’s so easy? The TM technique can only be taught by certified TM teachers in a course carefully personalized for each individual. And when one is factually on the plane of spiritual understanding, surpassing the stages of sense, mind and intelligence, he is then on the transcendental plane.
This chanting of the Hare K???a mantra is enacted from the spiritual platform, and thus this sound vibration surpasses all lower strata of consciousness—namely sensual, mental and intellectual. For the schedule, please contact us contact us, or call (516) 345-2634.What you’ll learn at an intro talk Why TM is so effective for stress and anxiety How TM improves brain function and memory Why TM is easy to practice Why TM works from the start Why personalized one-on-one instruction is needed How to learn TM in Garden City - Long Island TM instruction requires personal one-on-one instruction from a certified TM teacher, so it won’t be taught during this group introduction. There is no need, therefore, to understand the language of the mantra, nor is there any need for mental speculation nor any intellectual adjustment for chanting this maha-mantra.
It is automatic, from the spiritual platform, and as such, anyone can take part in vibrating this transcendental sound without any previous qualification. Each local TM center offers a payment plan (above), as well as partial grants or partial scholarships for those facing financial hardship.
For more information, contact contact your local TM teacher.Non-profit organizationThe Transcendental Meditation technique is available in the USA through Maharishi Foundation USA, a federally recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit educational organization. 100% of the course fee supports the organization’s educational and charitable initiatives in the U.S. MoreHelping those in needOver the past several years, full TM scholarships have been given to more than 500,000 at-risk students, military veterans, homeless people, and others in need through partnerships with other non-profit organizations and foundations.Questions? Deep inner calm Proven effective for stress and anxiety Full story Clarity of mind Clarity of mind Clarity of mind Improved focus, productivity, and memory Improved focus, productivity, and memory Improved focus, productivity, and memory Full storyFull storyFull story Heart health An effective natural approach Full story Other evidence-based benefits Insomnia The most common cause of insomnia is stress and anxiety.
Many research studies have found that the TM technique is highly effective at producing a state of deep inner calm. Many people report an immediate improvement in their sleep quality after learning the TM technique.
Treating and preventing alcohol, nicotine, and drug abuse through Transcendental Meditation: A review and statistical meta-analysis.
The patterns of reduction of drug and alcohol use among Transcendental Meditation participants. The use of the Transcendental Meditation programme in the prevention of drug abuse and in the treatment of drug-addicted persons.
Effectiveness of the Transcendental Meditation program in preventing and treating substance misuse: A review.
Transcendental Meditation as an epidemiological approach to drug and alcohol abuse: Theory, research, and financial impact evaluation. The role of the Transcendental Meditation technique in promoting smoking cessation: A longitudinal study. A neuroendocrine mechanism for the reduction of drug use and addictions by Transcendental Meditation. Overall, I am more balanced and at ease.”- Peg Samuel, Founder of Social Diva Media How do I learn?The Transcendental Meditation technique is easy to learn and provides a lifetime of benefits.
TM center — one-on-one or in a small group Group meditations at TM centers Local events providing deeper knowledge to enhance your TM experience Online access to special videos, articles, and more Questions? Select number of seats One seat Two seats Three seats Four seats Please select* Mr Ms *required Reserve seat(s) ? For the schedule, please contact us contact us, or call (303) 796-0205.What you’ll learn at an intro talk Why TM is so effective for stress and anxiety How TM improves brain function and memory Why TM is easy to practice Why TM works from the start Why personalized one-on-one instruction is needed How to learn TM in Denver TM instruction requires personal one-on-one instruction from a certified TM teacher, so it won’t be taught during this group introduction. It makes me calm and happy and it gives me peace and quiet in what’s a pretty chaotic life!"Hugh JackmanFind a TM teacher in Central MassachusettsYour privacy is important to us. All certified TM teachers have successfully completed an intensive 5-month in-residence Teacher Training Course, and they maintain their certification through ongoing professional courses for TM teachers.How to contact usPhone: (303) 796-0205 ABC’s Good Morning America - What did they say about TM?
For the schedule, please contact us contact us, or call (530) 925-4854.What you’ll learn at an intro talk Why TM is so effective for stress and anxiety How TM improves brain function and memory Why TM is easy to practice Why TM works from the start Why personalized one-on-one instruction is needed How to learn TM in Southern Oregon TM instruction requires personal one-on-one instruction from a certified TM teacher, so it won’t be taught during this group introduction. All certified TM teachers have successfully completed an intensive 5-month in-residence Teacher Training Course, and they maintain their certification through ongoing professional courses for TM teachers.How to contact usPhone: (530) 925-4854 ABC’s Good Morning America - What did they say about TM?

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