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TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. When some group systematically removes evidence of a character's existence, either through mundane conspiracy, or a little bit of Applied Phlebotinum (such as brainwashing). In Real Life, this practice is called Damnatio Memoriae, which is Latin for "damnation of memory", and was done by the ancient Romans.
In Code Geass: Lelouch Of The Rebellion R2, the Emperor (who has the power of creating Fake Memories with his Geass) erases all knowledge of Nunnally vi Brittannia akla Nunnally Lamperouge from Ashford Academy, replacing her with Rolo Haliburton, now Rolo Lamperouge.
In the end of the Clow Card arc of Cardcaptor Sakura, Sakura is threatened with something like this should she fail: no one will actually be gone except Yukito in the anime, who disappears with Kero, Yue, and the Cards, but everyone will forget that their most beloved person ever meant anything to them. Which includes a Nightmare Fuel Les Yay moment when Tomoyo Daidouji cannot remember Sakura at all, despite being her best friend, meaning HER most beloved person ever is Sakura herself! Johan from Monster is notable since the one who is removing the evidence of his existence is himself.
In Shakugan no Shana, a large amount of people have had their power of existence consumed and turned into torches.
Rukia had artificially created an existence for herself as a transfer student when she was hiding in the World of the Living. Suicide Island: Any attempted suicide patient who consents to being put on the titular island will be considered this by the Japanese government. In Gundam AGE, this is The Reveal about the Unknown Enemy: they are the descendents of an attempt to colonize Mars that failed when the planet's properties started killing people.
In Martian Successor Nadesico this is also The Reveal towards the Jovians - they're a bunch of humans who wanted to live their lives through the Show Within a Show Gekiganger III and ended up getting chased out by the Earth Federation all the way to Jupiter.
A minor case occurs in Eyeshield 21 when a character returned to America to find the real Eyeshield 21, everyone seemingly didn't recognize the name or refused to speak about said person. This happens to Fuko in CLANNAD, who simply disappears out of everybody's memories after her sister's wedding. At the end of Serial Experiments Lain , Lain removes others' memories of her (former) self.
In Di[e]ce, all records of Kazuki and Haruki's existences are erased when they get sucked into the death games known as di[e]ce. In How to Make an Invisible Man, becoming "invisible" doesn't just mean nobody can see you. During the brief period of time Spider-Man's enemy the Vulture was a young man due to use of stolen technology, he was determined to do this to himself, and delete any evidence that his Adrian Toomes identity existed. In a weirdly Meta Fictional case, the DCU actually has an entire realm of this, with Comic Book Limbo, where characters go when nobody remembers them and they're not written about in stories anymore.
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen universe makes use of this trope extensively, outright stating that an incredible number of "fictional characters" are in fact Unpersons, including Sherlock Holmes, Captain Nemo, and Fu Manchu.
Batman becomes (or always was?) this in Batman: Year 100 as James Gordon III tries to find any information about him. A Daredevil villain called the Mauler was an accountant who wanted revenge on the CEO who'd kept him from receiving his pension due to an accidental erasure of his work record. A real-world cross-media example originating in comics: Live-action and animated adaptations of Alan Moore's comic book work routinely include no credit for him, at his insistence. In The Sandman story "August", Caesar Augustus calmly tells Lycius that, if he gave the order, Lycius would disappear sometime during the night, and the next day, no one would dare to mention that he even existed in the first place. Rom the Spaceknight, a toy by the Parker Brothers, was promoted by giving a licence to Marvel Comics to publish a comic book about him. In Spider-Verse, the Spiders (Spider-Gwen, Spider-Ham, Spider-UK, Spider-Man India and Spider-Man: Noir) suffer this, Gwen especially according to local history, she's supposed to be dead.
And apparently, despite existing in most domains, there are no files or official documents of Jane Foster to the point of nobody being able to identify her when a serial killer begins to hunt her versions down. The Retroactive Cannon (or "Ret-Can") from Dan Slott's She-Hulk is a powerful weapon from the Time Variance Authority's arsenal that bombards an individual with anti-temporal rays, unraveling them backwards through time and erasing them from all reality. The underground comic "Dopin' Dan" has a strip where the title Army private is being run through a typical bureaucratic procedure, but the girl at the desk can't find his papers.
In Nightmares & Fairy Tales, the Beauty and the Beast chapter has Beauty's father giving her to the Beast to save himself. Stephanie Brown's subplot in Angel of the Bat is focused heavily on the events and fallout of the Batman miniseries War Games in which her death was faked. It has something of a Non-Indicative Name (the group did not call itself "The Mighty Avengers", but simply "The Avengers"). It often relies on the fact that History is Written by the Winners, and of course, the winners would always like to remove evidence of opposition against their otherwise tyrannical rule as a warning for others and to perpetuate their power. History is largely reconstructed from the records of the time, and when those records do not exist or get destroyed, history will have gaps of information. When this happens because of meta reasons, for example, if there are copyrights or other laws involved and someone can not use a certain character anymore, or because the writers have just opted to write them out with no explanation, see Chuck Cunningham Syndrome. Friday Monday from seems to be able to do this to people, such as one poor detective who got too close to the truth.
When a torch's flame dies out, they disappear completely, and no-one ever remembers they existed.
The main power of her Hobby-Hobby Fruit is that it turns people she touches into toys that she can then place under her total control.
Kaburagi were stricken from record and memory, but any indication that they're the same person was.
As a result, Soul Society removes all traces of Rukia's existence from the World of the Living when she's returned to Soul Society, including wiping human memories. His victims also forget all about him, even his very existence and despite remembering everything else. A curse regularly kills a particular class's students (and their immediate family members) year after year. The island is apparently isolated, and there seems to be little chance of getting off it in the first place, even if the characters wanted to. Instead of evacuating them, the Federation erases all records of it so that they don't have to admit to such an enormous blunder.
It turns out that Mr Don filed charges against Yamato that didn't exist and had him expelled from Notre Dame.
Pretty much everyone from outside the Sohma family who has found out about their secret must have their memories of such a fact and of the respective cursed Sohma member deleted, to not let anyone find out about the curse. It means nobody can see you, hear you, notice your presence, or even remember you, even if they are family, friends or lovers.
The only episode to feature Porygon as "Pokemon of the week" is infamous for having triggered seizures in a number of viewers; as a result, it was dropped from the schedules and never exported outside Japan.
The chairman of the CCG has several files on his desk, one of which bears the picture and personal information of protagonist Ken Kaneki. If, let's say, Superman meets Spider-Man, they should better try all the things they may want to do together in the comic book of the crossover, and close all the plot directions that they may open.
Grant Morrison introduced this as an actual place in his Animal Man run, and later revisited it during Final Crisis in the Superman Beyond tie-in. The third book increases their ranks a great deal, going so far as to imply Lovecraftian horrors are Unpersons. He tracked the guy down in a suit of Powered Armor and, instead of killing him as Daredevil had expected, destroyed all proof of his legal identity.
Sinister did this to Cyclops' estranged wife Madelyne Pryor—records were altered, people who knew her disappeared, etc. It was published from 1979 to 1986, and interacted with the other characters of the Marvel Universe.
When he attempts to register for the Superhuman Registration Act, he's told that he's such a legal quagmire (which is basically true in real life; long story) that the government's decided to just pretend he doesn't exist. Fitting since the god of Battleworld is Doctor Doom, who notes that he spent years searching Battleworld for a version of Richards to no avail. After the beast devours a person's soul, their being is slowly broken down such that all memory and proof of their existence is wiped from reality. He then tells her younger sister that Beauty was ungrateful and ran away from and thus should be forgotten entirely.
It was not the only team claiming to be the Avengers at the time.The comic book began in the aftermath of Civil War, and it was composed of the Avengers that supported the Registration act. This is more commonly done in enclosed or isolated areas, where it's easier to track evidence. It is also done for other purposes, such as literally condemning questionable acts done by the person in his lifetime to deter possible future offenders.
For example, ancient times, when very few people wrote, and most documents are now lost (paper, papyrus and similar stuff does not last forever). Contrast Invented Individual (who never existed but is made to appear that they do), Death of Personality (when someone ceases to exist from their perspective), the Outlaw (whose existence isn't covered up but no longer exists legally) and The Spook (who actively works to keep themselves unpersoned).
When he was king he sacrified his life, name and memories to seal away the Shadow Games and Zorc, effectively wiping himself from history except in vague records.

The side-effect is that all memory of her victims are erased from those who knew them, though physical evidence still remains. Thus, it becomes much easier for Maverick to frame Kotetsu for the murder of Samantha Taylor and have him hunted down by all of his former friends, whose memories were altered to believe Kotetsu is a murderer. Furthermore, the characters find themselves handling a number of issues coming from both themselves and the island to even worry about the outside world! This includes: Yuki's pre-school friends after a girl trips on him and accidentally triggers said curse, and Momiji's German mother after she rejects him and falls into illness. Since then, Porygon and its evolutions have, at most, been glimpsed fleetingly and have never been mentioned by any major character. The file has been stamped with the word "ERASED", suggesting some sort of cover-up concerning his existence. Once it is done, goodbye, Superman will never appear or be remembered in the Amazing Spider-Man comic book, and Spider-Man will never appear in Action Comics either.
He offered to help fellow criminal the Owl (who was having quite an identity crisis at the time and could have benefitted from such) do the same, but the Owl eventually decided against it and broke off their partnership.
Of course, he only made such an insistence because Hollywood burned him over an earlier adaptation deal. It was never clear exactly why he bothered, since Cyclops knew perfectly well that she'd existed, and the whole thing was infinitely more suspicious than a faked death would have been.
When the sister later expresses concern for Beauty's well-being and begs her father to forgive Beauty and try to find her, he hits her for not listening to him. They fought against Ultron, an army of Venoms, Doctor Doom, and on occasion, their fellow Avengers. The team, with the majority of the members carried over from Osborn's time leading the Thunderbolts, included: Hawkeye (the psychotic assassin Bullseye, aka Lester), Ms. Anguirus is a giant, aggressive, carnivorous, multi-brained "ankylosaur" with a spiked shell and long spike-lined tail. Another typical example is the people that were largely ignored during their lifetime and did something that gave them a place in history, as the records about an average joe are fewer and harder to locate than those of public figures. If the unpersoning is executed poorly it may lead to the Streisand Effect (see Herostratus under Real life). Upon first release 3,000 years later he seems to have adopted the identity of a dark avenger, since his magic is all he knows about himself.
One response, is to choose one student and make them an Un-Person in the hopes that will make the curse think everything is correct.
Tohru is pretty much the only exception, and the manga explains that there's a huge reason behind it: Akito and her mother Ren betted on what would happen if she stayed around the Sohmas while knowing about their curse: will she be able to stray them away from Akito's grip, or will they stay by Akito's side even if it's through fear? Which is incredibly unfair by the way, because it was Pikachu that caused the seizures, but since Porygon was the 'Mon of the week, he took all the blame.
He is not around the Marvel universe, but he isn't either mentioned in flashbacks, found in alternate universes, or other similar tricks. Marvel (the arch-manipulator Moonstone, aka Karla Sofen), Captain Marvel (the alien terrorist Marvel Boy, aka Noh-Varr), Wolverine (Logan's amoral snake-of-a-son, Daken), Spider-Man (the original Scorpion, aka Mac Gargan, at the time the 3rd incarnation of Venom), Ares (The Blood Knight brother of Hercules) and, The Sentry (a god-like being who is also his own worst enemy), the last two as themselves.They were led by Iron Patriot (Norman Osborn himself, in a repainted Iron Man suit). He's one of the "mundane" monsters, possessing only his teeth, claws, spikes and attitude to battle his foes. A theme of the series is his quest for a separate identity, as even Yugi's friends still refer to him as the other Yugi or just Yugi after learning of his past life. But even with that, Kana keeps a vague, residual feeling of having lost something; her bond with Shinji is just that strong. When he tries to find out more about the Investigator that authored the report, he is told the Investigator's cause of death has been classified and is completely inaccessible. The New Avengers were around as well, running away from the law.After Secret Invasion, the title underwent a revamp, going from being written by Brian Bendis to Dan Slott, and venturing into more "traditional" super-hero fare. Anguirus makes up for his lack of flair with immense stamina and determination, and can take an incredible beating before going down while delivering as much as he gets. If they dig too deep or get too involved in their search, there's always the danger that they too will disappear depending on the circumstances. After almost defeating and being defeated by Godzilla, Anguirus has been one of his closest allies.
The New Avengers were still on the loose and the new government sponsored Avengers were the Dark Avengers, Pym's team had an international approach instead, forming in the wake of an international magical crisis. Even though the fissure swallowed him, Anguirus survived and burrowed away, escaping the crumbling island.
The series altogether lasted for 36 issues (May, 2007-June, 2010)The third volume, written by Al Ewing, revolved around an entirely new team formed during Infinity, and lead by Luke Cage and it included among its cast Monica Rambeau, White Tiger (Ava Ayala), Power Man (Victor Alvarez), The Falcon, and She-Hulk. He would resurface a year later, and spot Godzilla close by.But something was off about this Godzilla, Anguirus realized. Amusingly, about halfway through his master plan, Wonder Woman, who Max wanted revenge on, was herself Un-personed in an unrelated plotline, and only Max could remember she ever existed. During Axis it was relaunched and rebranded into Captain America and the Mighty Avengers, though it still contained the same characters and plot as before. Their goal was to overthrow the current status quo in the super community, namely, the self-appointed authority of the Avengers. The triumphant roar he'd come to respect was now a high-pitched, almost robotic screeching sound, and it then began to attack him.
The title lasted only ten issues before being softly cancelled in the build-up to Secret Wars.
Anguirus realized the deceptive trick the doppelganger was trying, and would have none of it; Anguirus started engaging this psuedo-Godzilla in battle. During Secret Wars, Ewing wrote a two issue mini-series, Captain Britain and the Mighty Defenders, which had similar characters and themes. However, two in the group already had mutiny on their minds and they were defeated by The Avengers. Unfortunately, the doppelganger snapped his jaw, causing Anguirus to retreat in pain, but the wounded ankylosaur located Godzilla and informed him of the psuedo-Godzilla's deception. The second team included: Hawkeye (Hawkeye's criminal brother Trickshot, aka Barney Barton), Ms. Furious, Godzilla headed off to face the doppelganger in battle, but Anguirus remained behind, nursing his fresh wound.Anguirus would then be located and moved to Monsterland in 1999, along with Godzilla, Gorosaurus, Varan, Baragon, Manda, Mothra, Kumonga and Minya. He would be mind controlled by the Killiaks, and used to guard the base at Mount Fuji, along with Baragon and Varan. And Now for Someone Completely Different: The Secret Invasion tie-in issues focus on the Skrulls infiltration efforts, along with Nick Fury gathering the Secret Warriors. Aborted Arc: Despite a big fuss being made about the New Dark Avengers, they were completely curbstomped in one issue. Once the Earth's monsters were free of the mind control, the Killiaks unleashed King Ghidorah as a last resort, as Godzilla, Gorosaurus, Manda, Mothra, Kumonga and Minya all converged to Mount Fuji to aid Anguiurus, Varan and Baragon in the fight with the space terror, and ultimately Anguirus' tenacity, Godzilla's determination and Gorosaurus's power worked in unison to finally kill King Ghidorah for good, the tyrant's body swallowed by the earth. Anguirus would then rest peacefully on Monsterland for the rest of his days.The Millenium Anguirus was, like Rodan, first seen trampling Shanghai and demolishing anything in his path.
Engagement with the airship Karyu was prematurely ended when the Xiliens teleported Anguirus away, but when the leader of the Xiliens was killed and their commander took his place, Anguirus, and the rest of the kaiju, were unleashed once more.
The scenes set in the time-travel to The Silver Age of Comic Books resemble the coloration by points used at that time.
Anguirus, unable to control his trajectory, crashed as well, falling upon Rodan in a dazed heap. Besides, it's not like the writers were going for another year-long hero witchhunt, considering that Avengers vs. Adaptational Badass: In the comic Godzilla Legends he manages to defeat Destoroyah and send him packing. Badass Gay: Paigon, the Skrull that replaces Elektra, who greets the Skrull Queen by kissing her, on the lips.
Animal Jingoism: The second movie explicitly sets him up as an enemy of Godzilla due to his defensive nature and hatred of "warlike creatures". Badass Badass Normal: Anguirus is one of the few monsters that doesn't have a breath weapon and he certainly cannot fly.
Marvel, leader of the Avengers, does not want Spider-Woman in the team, or at least have a vote.
All he's got going for him are his horns, teeth, claws,and the ability to roll into a spiky ball. You know you're in REAL trouble when the actual licensed therapist on the team is herself an amoral puppetmaster and sociopathic killer. Spider-Woman is incorporated into the Avengers because Tony Stark, head honcho of SHIELD, says so. Compared to the rest of the team, he's very underpowered but still amazingly talented at what he does and completely lacking remorse.
Although not superpowered at all, she's rarely intimidated by the likes of Moonstone, Venom or Bullseye, and actually called Osborn out on his erratic behavior a couple times. Close Range Combatant: He notably lacks projectiles or any long range attacks, relying purely on his natural weapons.

Defeat Means Friendship: It was never made clear whether Anguirus was revived from "Raids" or it's a second, but after being defeated in that movie Showa Godzilla and Anguirus were allies. None of the Avengers treat him with respect, the Skrulls aren't convinced he's worth replacing with an infiltrator, and his replacements keep on getting their suggestions shot down just because they're coming from Hank Pym.
Batman Gambit: Daken pulls off a nice one in his own title when he successfully manipulates the Fantastic Four into facing off against Osborn, weakening Osborn's own position while earning the Fantastic Four's trust.
It is explained in the Japanese version that Anguirus only had a problem with Godzilla because Godzilla was violence-prone monster, which Anguirus hated. Call Back: The panel where Elektra examines the dead Super-Skrull is a mirror of the shot where her eventual replacement's disguise is revealed.
He comes out smelling like a rose, while Bullseye, who rightfully suspects what Daken is up to, comes off looking like a paranoid maniac. Bookends: Mighty Avengers began with Iron Man decommissioning the old helicarrier and replacing it with one of his own design.
When Tony Stark wakes up in the hospital, and told him that Ultron had temporarily turned him into a woman, the first thing he did was to raise the sheet and check below. Civvie Spandex: Wonder Mans' initial outfit is just plain-clothes, until Wasp insists he wear an actual outfit.
Composite Character: When discussing the line-up of the Avengers team, Tony Stark agreed that they needed "a Thor" (that is, a mighty god), and "a Wolverine" (that is, an Ax-Crazy Token Evil Teammate). Costume Copycat: Norman has several team members (Moonstone, Venom) adopting the identities of more well-known heroes who wouldn't cooperate (Ms.
Continuity Nod: While looking through a database on Symbiotes, Iron Man notices Wolverine's had an encounter with one. Marvel, Spider-Man), trusting that the remaining paranoia of Skrull imposters will prevent the originals from objecting — or doing anything about it. Dynamic Entry: In Rulers of the Earth he makes a dynamic return by rescuing Jet Jaguar just as it is about to be defeated.
Crazy-Prepared: Nick Fury, who spent years gathering information on individuals with super-powers that only he knew about. Epic Flail: Get used as one By Godzilla against several Mechagodzillas in the Rulers of Earth comic. Defiant to the End: Yo-Yo Rodriguez, thinking she's about to be killed by Viper, tells her she's fat. Honor Before Reason: Took Gigan's buzzsaw in the face just to try to help an ailing Godzilla.
Did Not Think This Through: Really, Ultron, what did you expect would happen when you killed Lindy Lee?
Drill Sergeant Nasty: Nick Fury outright tortures his Caterpillars to get them combat ready.
In-Name-Only: The movies say he's an ankylosaur, but he far more resembles a spike-covered mahjangasuchid than anything else.
Dying Moment of Awesome: Khn'r, the imitator of Mar-Vell, manages to take out a lot of the Skrull fleet before falling to Earth.
The Lancer: At least when paired with lighter and softer Showa Godzilla, he's grouchier and relies on fangs and guts.
So, for the same price we have: a male human turned into a female cyborg, a male robot in a female body, and a female woman (the wasp) having to fight against a naked woman that looks exactly like her. Genre Savvy: After a few dozen attempted invasions, Hank's figured out that Earth isn't going to roll over the next time the Skrulls come a'knocking. This despite the Skrulls being arrogant enough to think that this time they'll definitely conquer Earth.
The Worf Effect: In his first appearance, Anguirus was vicious enough to hold his own against Godzilla with only tooth and claw. Kill and Replace: Has been happening for some time with Hank Pym's Skrull replacements, who as part of their disguse assume his low self-esteem and become (rightly, as it turns out) convinced the invasion will fail. Kill It with Fire: How Elektra deals with the first Super-Skrull that comes after her, after already having run her through with a sword. The Bagan in The Return of Godzilla is completely different from the later version of the beast, which would stay more or less the same in each of its subsequent "appearances." From a shapeshifting creature that heals with each change, to a protector of China freed from ice in the Himalayas seeking to punish mankind for global warming, to virtually unknown about what he was, to a creature from Earth's ultra ancient past controlled by alien invaders and containing the DNA of Godzilla and King Ghidorah, Bagan has possibly had the roughest history of all kaiju. Legacy Character: Some of Nick Fury's Caterpillars, like Sebastian Druid, are the children of other Marvel characters.
He's only apparance has been in a video game called Super Godzilla for the SNES as the Final Boss. Despite this, Bagan has managed to gain quite a following, in part because of how powerful he is in the game requiring Godzilla to turn into Super Godzilla to stand a chance against him. His attacks in the game consist of claw slashes, shooting white stars that look like shurikens from his horns, and a white energy beam.
Made of Iron: He's got the most health any enemy, and Godzilla's attacks will barely do anything to him, some don't even hurt him at all. Even the freaking Skrulls, who are planning to kill off all of Earth's heroes and take over the planet, give his Skrull imitators short-shrift for replacing a "wife-beater".
Bagan also appeared in the little known 1998 Godzilla Studio Movie Tour along with fellow unmade monster Dogolas.
Nice Job Breaking It, Hero: The new Avengers team defeats Ultron, sure, but it manages to download itself into space, where it will eventually meet the Phalanx, and take over the Kree Empire. Rule of Three: For the original draft of Godzilla 1985, he was going to appear as a living giant totem pole of monsters, in Mothra vs Bagan, he was going to appear as a Chinese legend and for Super Godzilla, he is a monster brought to the modern day from Earth's "Ultra Ancient Past" by aliens and aside from his own formidable form and powers, also gains extra powers after having the DNA strands of Godzilla and King Ghidorah spliced into him. Baragon has large floppy ears and a horn on his nose that glows to illuminate subterranean passages.
In his first appearance, Baragon was an antagonistic monster who fed on humans and cattle, which led to battle with Frankenstein and ultimately mutual defeat as the two were swallowed by the earth in a cave-in. From then on, Baragon's history was rocky, as his intended appearances in later films were removed or reduced to cameos as the Baragon suit was heavily modified to play Ultraman monsters and was too badly damaged, so the costume had to be rebuilt, but it was not finished in time. Baragon finally returned to the screen in Godzilla-Mothra-King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack as a Yamato Monster, protecting Japan from the wrath of Ghost Godzilla.
In contrast to Anguirus, Baragon has a so-so American fanbase but is very popular in Japan.Not to be confused for the kaiju Barugon that fought Gamera.
Dirty Coward: Causes major property damage and kills and devours dozens of people only to burrow away without a trace, misguiding the authorities to blame the Frankenstein Monster.
He also possesses a fiery beam weapon (either from his mouth or his horn depending on the media).
Everything's Better with Dinosaurs: Super-Evolved burrowing fire breathing Dinosaurs that is. The Heart: Fits this to a tee in GMK who died trying to help buy time for people to escape from Godzilla. Honor Before Reason: Baragon knew he couldn't defeat GMK Godzilla but faced him anyway, bad ass. More Teeth than the Osmond Family: In her second form, Biollante has so much teeth that even the roof of her mouth and her tongue are covered with them. And a case of Fridge Brilliance as Biollante looks more like Godzilla in her second form as opposed to looking like a Rose in her first and lost the weakness to Godzilla's heat ray she had in her first form. She's adapting, mutating herself into becoming more like Godzilla so she is more resistant to his heat ray. Superpowered Evil Side: The closest thing the Godzilla series has to one, given her Final Form loses all of her human soul and becomes practically unstoppable.
Took a Level in Badass: In her second form she was much cooler and could take more hits from Godzilla's breath weapon. Despite the attempt to erase Godzilla via time travel, as this article ponts out (with evidence within the movie itself), the time travel plot in Godzilla vs.
King Ghidorah ended up fufilling a Stable Time Loop and instead of erasing Godzilla, it created the Heisei Godzilla in the first place; in fact, Biollante is mentioned again in Godzilla vs. He did his work too well, however, and used the pollution he consumed to create toxic sea stars called Barems, which overwhelmed and destroyed the civilization. Falling into slumber, Dagahra later awakened from humanity's pollution of the oceans and resumed his mission, filling the waters with Barems and threatening the Earth. Challenged by Leo Mothra and temporarily defeating him, Dagahra was ultimately destroyed by Leo Mothra's new Aqua form, dissipating his Barems and purifying the oceans.
Ascended Extra: Adam Brashear, the Blue Marvel, had previously appeared in one miniseries and two back-up stories before this series. The Bear, who previously appeared in a single issue of a flashback arc of Iron Man, turns out to be an important part of the Four Who Rule's plan. Ascend to a Higher Plane of Existence: Turns out this is what's become of Kevin Brashear, rendering saving him pointless.

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