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After a night of magical lovemaking, Cassie and Adam talk about the first time they did magic together. First of all, awkward; this revelation for Adam, Cassie and Blackwell is one of the more normal aspects of this episode. Unfortunately, my girl Diana just got stabbed with that information; therein ends mostly what she does this episode.
And in a convoluted twist, the gang needs the help of Calvin, the dead shopkeeper, to gather necessary herbs.
Luckily for Jake, Adam and Cassie care about his survival, enough to drink an elixir that will eliminate their sex drives; like that book The Giver. Blackwell manipulated this curse out of a deep need to protect the circle because of the catastrophic effects Ethan and Amelia faced.
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The birds Cassie and Adam summoned and then killed because they are a harbinger of the curse? Firstly, Jake's attempt at slut shaming is coolly dismissed by Cassie; but later, not so much about Adam (which is consistent characterization for this complete good guy). The greatest high school supernatural drama Buffy the Vampire Slayer did this way better back in the day because Angel and Buffy weren't dating for two episodes like Adam and Cassie. She killed Lee and acts like she just put him to sleep while she pushes Faye to believe he just took off.

When Diana tries to play up that they weren't doing anything wrong, Melissa and Faye are dumbfounded: "Why isn't she using the sexy card?" And then they open her blouse up with magic because they are awesome. Faye can't, but she uses Eva's desperation and her own false bravado to make it work and break the totem.
Whenever a virgin has sex someone dies (which is a weird message to send to this demographic).
Weirdness #2: does anyone feel like Jake's more upset about Cassie and Adam then his own survival? Sure, it hurts that the elixir didn't work for Cassie (who still loves Adam) but it does for Adam (who no longer loves her.) It breaks Cassie down and it should mean something, but I feel nothing at this. But then I remember it is spell dementia so I just tsk and wait for an exposition dump for the ramifications of the curse. And now I feel for Cassie a little more since she has a dad who prevented her any happiness. I feel not invested in this at all because there was no build-up of a happy relationship for these kids and it just doesn't work until this is revealed: there isn't any curse. Because most girls would be sighing and complaining about their boyfriend leaving them, but Faye figures it out quickly because she understands people.

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