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March 21, 2012 By Kirsten 12 Comments Don’t let your mind bully your body into believing it must carry the burden of its worries. When we moved to Utah from Texas in the middle of a school year, I had to let go of my school counseling job there. As I face some big changes and challenges in the year to come, I have vowed to myself that I will not allow my anxiety to affect my body the way that it has in the past. My mind will surely need taming and training as I learn how to face changes without wreaking havoc on my body. Health columnists and medical journals are reporting that sustained changes in both brain and immune system function occur after a training program in mindful meditation. But then I remember that I always found a way to get my fix when I was addicted, and that shuts me up.

I read (and strongly, strongly recommend to anyone - even people who aren't in recovery) Lorna Kelly's "In the Footsteps of the Camel" (the Kindle edition is less expensive than the paperback version). During the meditation, she observes her thoughts, without judgement or fear, and if she gets too deep into some practical problem or daily snarl, she pulls herself back to baseline through breathing. It's challenging with the kids - getting up before them means about 5:30am, so if I miss that window I have to tell them to find their own quiet activities for 45 minutes while I meditate somewhere in the house where I can't hear them (thankfully, they are old enough that I can do this safely, now).
When I was first diagnosed with tonsil cancer, I presumed it was because of my history of drinking. In recent studies, electrical activity was measured in the frontal part of brains of 25 people during meditation and found increased activation on the left side associated with lower anxiety and a more positive emotional state.
You are right we cannot comprehend the abilities we have and we are more powerful with things even in our thinking.

A practical interpretation of an ancient form of meditation (I'm sure long-time practitioners of this are rolling their eyes).
Thank you for the idea, I’m going to try and find some quiet time to just think and reflect upon that thinking.
Meditation helps me on a semi-regular basis and it has been my go-to rec for others who ask how to calm that mind rattle.

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