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I`m the kind of a girl who is searching for a person to love always – and simply to talk to in any occasion, when I`m blue or to share my happiness with!
Sex and Love With Ukrainian & Russian WomenWouldn't It Be Nice To Know How To Dramatically Improve Your Chances With Ukrainian & Russian Women?
My Partner Forever, a Russian woman dating agency introducing single women from Belarus, Russia and the Ukraine, recently partnered with marriage agency Dmitri from Kharkov, Ukraine. Montreal, Quebec – September 01, 2010 – My Partner Forever, a leader in Russian women dating and matchmaking, has recently partnered with marriage agency Dmitri located in Kharkov, Ukraine. With a population of near 1,500,000, Kharkov is the second largest city in Ukraine, after Kiev.
As there are approximately 10 million more women than men in former USSR, Kharkov is home to thousands of single Ukrainian women who cannot find their life partner locally. Because a good Internet connection is not easily available and remains expensive versus their income, many single women will register with a local marriage agency that will help them to find a future husband. Kuneyeva added, “The next morning, the same driver picked me up right on time and took me to Dmitri’s offices.
I am looking for serious personality who wants normal and stable family relations who is here not for games or flirt but who has common sense and serious intentions.

As my job is connected with design I like to create coziness and comfort around me and it touches everything: crafts for interior, exterior, clothing, accessories. In man I appreciate reliability as Ia€™m a weak woman who needs support and strong shoulder beside who is not afraid to show honesty and sincerity of his heart.
My hobbies are cultivating window plants, cooking traditional Ukrainian dishes, sewing and knitting. This is a man that has honesty, loyalty and wants to have love, respect, trust, sincerity, openness, harmony and friendship in the relationship.
By combining their services, the two agencies can now help local women and foreign men to find each other and develop a relationship.
Together, they now offer a wide range of services for Kharkov single women and foreign men who are seeking serious and long term relationships. Located in northeastern Ukraine, Kharkov has an international airport served by several major airlines.
These marriage agencies work with international dating and matchmaking services that are used by single men from around the world who are seeking a future Russian wife.
We had a pleasant meeting and spent the whole day discussing and planning on our future cooperation and how our combined services were to help his a Ukrainian girls get in touch with our clients and how we could help them to meet in person in the security and comfort of his offices”.

He contributed to hundreds of happy marriages and plans to do so for the next several years. It is also is a major cultural, scientific and educational centre of Ukraine with 13 national universities, 60 scientific institutes and 80 libraries. Dmitri, the marriage agency owner I was meeting the next day, had sent his driver to bring me to one of his apartments. It specializes in introducing single Russian women seeking a foreign husband to men from all over the world. I have everything in life and i made my own way in the World and everything that I lack is sincere and shared feelings which can make my life completed. I believe that woman reveals all her best features if a real man is there and she can make him the happiest person in the world.
He brought me to a market so I could do some basic shopping and then took me to my apartment.

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