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Jon Connor is set to release his next album Unconscious State on July 2 and puts his Flint, Michigan state of mind on it’s front display. This post concludes an ongoing series looking at the level of conscious control humans have over their political thoughts and decisions.
Over the course of the last two weeks, I’ve run a series of posts with the following question in mind: How much of our political thought process, and therefore behavior, do we have conscious control over? Unconscious primes, among other environmental factors, can have profound effects on political behavior. Our ideology is grounded in moral foundations, which structure and frame how we interpret political and moral information. Through both conscious and unconscious processes, we often trick ourselves into irrational behavior when we evaluate our present value by comparing it to the past. The question remains, how much room is left for our conscious minds to influence our behavior? This game is hard; in my experience, most people find themselves taking longer to word-associate the socially-charged nouns than the neutral nouns. The game shows us that if we are thinking past our gut feelings our thoughts are, at least in part, consciously-driven.
Naturally, it’s a lot easier to check your gut if you acknowledge that your gut exists.
As I wrote in the first post of this series, the prefrontal cortex of our brain is, in evolutionary terms, a new structure. Over the course of this series, I’ve done my best to draw upon recent and relevant academic literature from the fields of psychology, political science, economics, biology and neuroscience.
LOL, condew — it looks as if you need to come to terms with unconscious processes that influence your conscious mind.
Nobel-Prize-Winning neuroscientist Professor Eric Kandel goes back to Vienna in 1900 to chart the beginning of a revolution in our understanding of how we think about the human mind – our conscious and unconscious thoughts and emotions – and how our mind and brain relate to art. Kandel, winner of the 2000 Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine for his work on memory storage in the brain, was born in Vienna.
An international association providing support for those affected by the Watchtower Society. Jon’s writing style reminds me of my grandfather, who was a very caring, wise and gifted story teller. Opening Minds is a stirring wake-up call, a warning about the ease by which the human mind can be tricked into surrendering to subtle, uninvited, and unethical persuasion techniques. Jon’s chapter on how the mind works and what makes the mind susceptible to outside influence is ground-breaking.
Opening Minds: the secret world of manipulation, undue influence and brainwashing should be required reading for all concerned citizens around the world.
Sounds like a great book – hope he sends it to mental health and governmental authorities who can help publicize how undue influence works! Darlene, I think that is what makes this book so good, as it will be very readable and understanding for the BIG non-JW world out there.
I think the phrase “unethical persuasion” is a very useful one since it reminds us of the importance of informed choice with which JWs in the main are not familiar.

The book is good in exposing the dangers and harm in undue influence in any situation and by any and all parties.
Wondering where the people are who are searching and finding a reality of tolerance and base of thinking, reasoning and conduct not found in relilgion, politics, etc.
I find sporatic issues such as GOD without religion -universal, yet, diverse faiths that could, if applied result in NO more war but mutual honesty, truth, in thought, desires, conduct bringing harmony to the world of humankind.
You Can HelpYour tax-deductible donation can help AAWA to continue to provide education, counseling, and support to qualified experts, groups and organizations advocating Watchtower reforms. We encourage you to use our automatic blog subscription signup [Subscribe] in this panel to be informed about new articles and other announcements. Interviewed by the BBC in 1972, Gordine commented “when you do a portrait bust of somebody you only do their noses and mouth and all that – and it is nothing! As the use of measuring calipers grows at the expense of pure unadulterated observation, the translation of the relationships between plastic forms becomes more efficient and mechanised.
My own clay heads are fired as terracottas, rather than immediately used to take a cast from and then discarded. There are seven heads to be exhibited as part of 40 works at JON EDGAR – THE HUMAN CLAY,  UNIVERSITY OF SURREY (LEWIS ELTON GALLERY) 15 November-22 December 2011, weekdays 10-5. Person 1 must word-associate these nouns as quickly as they can while keeping the large number in their head.
If, on the other hand, it takes more time to respond when thinking of a big number, that means that the thoughts in question have a conscious component to them.
Because of this, acknowledging that we do not have complete control over our political attitudes and behaviors is the first step towards consciously overriding many of our unconscious processes. Since evolution is a tinkerer, not a builder, that means that the prefrontal cortex evolved to augment and improve upon, not replace, the cognitive structures that were already there. While each of these fields treat the relationship between the conscious and unconscious minds differently, they increasingly point toward a significant role for unconscious processes in our political attitudes and behaviors.
Vienna was the cultural capital of Europe in 1900 and leading artists and scientists – Freud, Schnitzler, Klimt, Kokoschka and Schiele – were swapping ideas that led to breakthroughs in psychology, brain science, literature and art.
He is a professor at Columbia University, USA, a senior investigator at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, and a founding director of the Centre for Neurobiology and Behaviour at the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Columbia University. Yes, Jon is blessed with that rare talent, as a storyteller, of being able to delightfully grab and hold your full, undivided attention and light a fire in your belly at the same time. These are methods that can undermine even the most intelligent person’s critical thinking skills – ultimately reducing that person into unthinking compliance. The use of undue influence by abusive individuals, authority figures, unscrupulous cults, high-control pseudo-religious groups and totalitarian organizations is growing at an alarming rate. It should convince even the skeptics of how easily a smart, scientifically educated and rational person can be transformed into a suicide bomber.
Jon Atack achieves that objective by doing a superb job of explaining the sinister and pervasive problem of undue influence in today’s society. Bonnie Zieman, in her book, gives many tips on how to find a good therapist and when one does, how to find and connect with your authentic identity. No more need in rehashing the evils of the history of humanity and the present wickedness and irresponsibility forced on peace due to self control rather than having to contend and suffer with the undue influences of the few upon the many.

It is co-curated with Dorich House, where the artist lived and where the Gordine archive continues to reside in the care of Kingston University’s Brenda Martin. Richard Hare, was instrumental in propelling her into the London society that allowed portrait commissions to arise with the great and good; similar to Jacob Epstein who was born 15 years earlier and entertained many formal sittings from the fashionable, bohemian and artistic crowd he lived amongst, as well as keeping his hand in with many heads of his wife and children, models and lovers.
You have to imagine what they are like inside and to bring out their inward life, inward feelings,and then put it in a form. How can he have been fully conscious of his accentuation whilst giving as good a likeness as he can? This relies on perception, avoiding pre-conceived thought and concentrating on observational rigour rather than knowledge. The shrinkage involved in the kiln process I find an advantage as it seems to increase the intensity of the forms, but portrait sculptors might see negatively as further deviation from a requirement to be life-size. Then, the exercise is repeated while Person 1 thinks of the number three, a much smaller number. Increased dialogue between psychologists, biologists, neuroscientists and political scientists could yield fascinating discoveries; we have only scratched the surface of our political consciousness. He worked as a field organizer for Congressman Tom Perriello in 2010 and a Regional Field Director for President Obama's re-election campaign in 2012. Kandel looks at the rich cultural life of Vienna, the ideas and advances that were made and the enduring influence they have today.
I personally feel the accentuated traits in some of his lesser heads appear to sit dangerously on the cusp of caricature. Portrait work is taken out of the realm of art-object as the sculptor’s input of pure creative energy is lost.
Jon writes on a number of topics, but pays especially close attention to elections, religion and political cognition. What or who is offeering any dependable thinking, reasoning to direct our better lives now? Go meet coworkers, neighbors, and classmates who are guaranteed to be more intelligent conversation than any Jehovah’s Witness.
Getting free from all the myths, stories, and controlling parties for profit and gain at the forfit of individual lives – great!
Paradoxically as they become visually as realistic as they can be,  this only seems to reduce their vitality and inner intensity. It was soon clear that the doctrine of Jehovah’s Witnesses is completely irrational and in no way supported by the Bible. I left at eighteen years old, as soon as I was legally able without being reported as a runaway. I studied engineering, traveled extensively, and have been in several alternative music bands.

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