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Not too many artists can say they’ve put out eight albums, won two Grammy awards and co-starred alongside Denzel Washington. Maintaining a career in the hip-hop industry since 1992 and trying to remain relevant through changing times is not an easy task for one man. Common’s newest album, Universal Mind Control, has him taking a new direction in his music.
All of the mp3s hosted on the site are for sample only and users are encouraged to support their artists. You know what I like, I like a fashion line that can let people know from the start that they are out to brain wash you. Making sure you will stand out in the warmer months, Universal Mind CTRL is utilizing only the brightest colors in the rainbow.

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Toute reutilisation est strictement interdite sans l'accord de l'auteur ou de ses ayants droit. This Universal Mind Meditation video is designed to help you connect and access the powers of the universal mind. The conscious Chicago MC who once called himself Common Sense has grown into Common the entertainer – rapping, acting and doing GAP commercials. He has released a slew of arguably classic hip-hop albums (let’s get over “Electric Circus”), giving off positive vibes while the rest of the industry was popping champagne and supermanning hoes. But it was rather unconvincing and forced – just for the sake of letting listeners know that he’s still the conscious MC we’ve all grown to love.

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DJ (famous for his work with OutKast), gives the album a futuristic, up-tempo sound rather than the soulful samples of Kanye West which we’ve been so used to hearing on previous Common records. The Afrika Bambaataa inspired first single, which is also titled “Universal Mind Control” will definitely be a banger on the dancefloor. I will refrain from calling Common a sellout but I will say his style and demeanor does not mix well with the misogynistic and club-friendly tunes he is trying to put out. DJ produced, “Make My Day” featuring Cee-Lo is also worthy of being the next single with its mix of old school soul and electro inspired sounds.

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