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With a new year around the corner, developing and maintaining an active, healthy lifestyle may be at the top of your to-do list for 2014. If you want to know how you can have glowing skin, lustrous hair and a beautiful body, you'll want to crack open The Beauty Detox Foods and learn about the beauty foods that will make you more beautiful from the inside out. If you're looking a practical guide to living a healthier lifestyle, making smart food choices and conquering food cravings, Dr. From one of the world's leading experts on how the brain works, a step-by-step, practical program for women to achieve greater health, energy, and lasting happiness by harnessing the power of the female brain. All video, photographic and written content © Copyright 2016 - Duluth-Superior Area Educational Television Corporation.
How to deal with specific brain issues that women face such as ADD, anxiety, depression, obesity, and memory challenges. In Part 2, you’ll learn the Amen Clinics method for optimizing the female brain.  The Amen Clinics success rates with women who struggle with ADD, anxiety, depression, obesity and memory problems are very high because of their unique approach to understanding and healing the brain. The pledge event was produced by KQED and features Greg Sherwood and Camille Dixon in the studio with Dr. One of the most important strategies to enhance the female brain is to learn how to use food as delicious medicine to heal your mind.  Recorded with Dr. The questionnaires will only take about 30 minutes to complete and they will help you understand the health of your brain and hormones and specifically what you can do to optimize them. Of course, you should talk with your doctor, but these tools and questionnaires will give you a great start to understanding your brain and give you specific steps to help it be healthier.
Just 10 minutes a day on The Amen Solution site is all it takes to boost your brain.  And, you get all of these tools for a year to make your new habits part of your life for the rest of your life! At the $75 LEVEL is a 2 DVD set of the program you are watching with an EXTRA HOUR of bonus material, including a long question and answer session with the audience. Smart Fats to OutSmart Aging with Steven Masley, MDIn Smart Fats to Out-Smart Aging, Steven Masley, MD, brings years of research based results – and success with patients – to public television viewers once again. The bottom line is that Smart Fat to Out-Smart Aging is a proven program to help transform people’s lives, so they are healthier, and feel fantastic.
Read More Eat Fat Get Thin with Mark Hyman, MDMany of us have long been told that fat makes us fat, contributes to heart disease, and generally erodes our health. Not only is this a human-only emotion (no, your cat Cuddles does not have it), it is way more active in female brains. That's basically just what it sounds like: Women worry about things a lot more than their male counterparts. Okay, so may be this sounds like too much Little House on the Prairie and not enough Mean Girls, but if you think about it, most of the time women have a "can’t we all just get along" theme song. Sure, we may want to do x, y, and z but…we can usually keep ourselves in check and not cave to every whim that our mind whips up. Whether your goal is to learn more about having a healthier heart or how to improve your diet, these health books will open your eyes and help you live a healthier lifestyle.

The author focuses on whole, plant-based foods in this follow-up to her popular Beauty Detox Solution book. Daniel Amen's new book, Unleash the Power of the Female Brain, provides women with a practical guide and insight to achieve better health.
Joel Fuhrman's best-selling book Eat For Health offers great insight on how you can take control of your health by eating the right foods. Amen’s NEW Online Program, The Amen Solution at Home, that will HOLD YOUR HAND to get thinner, smarter, happier and younger.
Amen gives 5 steps to unleash the power of the female brain, because, he argues, it is women who will change the world. Amen’s brand new book, Unleash the Power of the Female Brain: Supercharging Yours for Better Health, Energy, Mood, Focus, and Sex. Amen and his wife Tana, a noted nurse and health coach, they share their new program, The Omni Diet, where women have reported dramatic gains in health and weight loss, some losing up to 14 pounds in just 2 weeks.  Also included is a full color cookbook Eat Healthy with the Brain Doctor’s Wife with over 100 brain healthy recipes to supercharge your brain and body. Amen created a wonderful daily journal to help you track of your important numbers and your daily progress.  This journal is an invaluable part of the program to help keep you on track toward your goals of unleashing the power of the female brain. Amen has been aware that most people will not be able to get their brains scanned, either because they are not near one of his clinics or because of the cost.  Based on over 80,000 brain scans, Dr. Amen’s latest hardcover book, Unleash the Power of the Female Brain: Supercharging Yours for Better Health, Energy, Mood, Focus, and Sex.
You’ll discover how to assess, soothe, and boost your brain, including how to balance your hormones naturally.  Plus it includes 5 powerful guided imagery sessions, for anxiety, weight loss, sleep, pain and peak performance. Amen’s new hardcover book, Unleash the Power of the Female Brain: Supercharging Yours for Better Health, Energy, Mood, Focus, and Sex. Masley offers his audience proven, simple lifestyle changes to help them lose unwanted weight and keep it off, feel and look better than ever, control blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol profiles, and prevent and reverse heart disease. Now a growing body of research is debunking our fat-phobia, revealing the health and weight-loss benefits of a higher fat diet rich in eggs, nuts, healthy oils, avocados, and other delicious super-foods. Mark Hyman introduces a new weight-loss and healthy living program based on the latest science and explain how eating fat can help promote weight loss and optimum health.
It can sometimes feel like there’s a pressure associated with the whole thing: You must love your body right this very second, no matter what. Nope, variety is the spice of your love life, as planets pulse through your curious, experimental third house. She educates readers on 50 beauty foods, such as cucumbers, lemons and broccoli, that can help you achieve an inner glow and energy to transform your body. Tosca Reno, creator of the best-selling Eat-Clean Diet book series, invites readers in to learn about her personal weight loss journey and the three simple steps that helped her take control of her health and transform her mind and body.
Readers will get an inside look at the unique characteristics and needs of the female brain as Amen addresses subjects such as fertility, pregnancy, stress, anxiety, weight, menopause and relationships. Learn the nutrient density scores of your favorite foods and how a diet of high nutrient foods may help reverse certain conditions such as high blood pressure, allergies, heart disease, headaches and diabetes.

Amen offers insight on the unique characteristics and needs of the female brain and a practical, prescriptive program targeted specifically for women to help them thrive.
Amen specifically made the Peak Performance Session for his wife when she was testing for her black belt in tae kwon do. Amen developed a wonderful set of tools and questionnaires to help females know how their own brain functions.  Because not everyone is insightful into their own behavior, he also encourages people who care about you to fill it out on you as well.
Offering practical tools, meal plans, recipes, and shopping lists, as well as step-by-step, easy-to-follow advice, Eat Fat Get Thin with Mark Hyman, MD is a cutting edge way to lose weight, prevent disease, and feel good.
Well, he has five sisters, 3 daughters and fourteen nieces, plus he looked at nearly 40,000 scans that compared male and female brains over the past 22 years.
This book will address the emotional and physiological effects of sugar and will introduce readers to healthy sugar swaps. This book is filled with beautiful photographs and has more than 85 recipes, including the popular "glowing green" smoothie.
With this book, you'll learn how to identify the emotional triggers for overeating, discover foods that are sabotaging your success and basic exercise moves to get your body into shape. If you're interested in discovering how you can supercharge your brain to improve your health, brain function, mood and energy, mark your calendars for this book's release date of Dec. With more than 150 simple and tasty recipes to choose from, you can incorporate Fuhrman's "nutritarian" diet into your lifestyle and prepare healthy meals for you and your family on a regular basis.
Because if you worry, you have a little bit of fear of what could happen in the future as a result of your actions should you take the wrong path. And, when you’re with your besties, it could be why a Saturday night dance party just never gets old. It will also include 50 tasty sugar-smart recipes so that readers can enjoy sugar without the negative health effects. It also includes Tosca's own journal entries, along with cooking tips, recipes and meal plans.
Amen addresses the issues women ask about the most including fertility, pregnancy, menopause, weight, stress, anxiety, insomnia, and relationships. As a result of this worry, we tend to have less disease and illness in old age, because we take better care of ourselves .
Of course, there is the exception to the rule: the backstabbing, cutthroat, catty chicks who will do anything to get ahead.
We say, there's nothing wrong with ambition and trying to get ahead, but not if it means throwing someone else under the bus.

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