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Hopefully one of these three options will get you on your way and will ensure that your case is completed in a timely manner.
This information is intended solely for educational purposes and is not intended as legal advice, nor should it be relied upon or substituted for actual legal advice. If you have lost your USCIS Biometrics appointment notice, considering consulting with an immigration attorney to find out what the proper course of action is.
The information listed on this website is not legal advice and should not be relied upon to take or refrain from taking any action.

For those of you hoping to process your immigration case as soon as possible, losing your paperwork in the mail can be a frustrating issue. If you’ve recently changed your address, or have multiple roommates, you may have trouble confirming what actually happened to your USCIS Biometrics appointment notice.
You can talk to an operator and try to determine when your notice was sent out and what may have happened to it.
Even if you’ve already completed your paperwork, it may be worth a small fee to hire an attorney to represent you in regards to tracking down a lost notice, and using their office as a safe mailing location.

Though they may not advertise it, you can actually request to speak to a supervisor and ask to have the notice faxed to you. View, Silicon Valley, South Bay, San Jose, Campbell, Los Altos, Los Gatos, Sunnyvale, Gilroy, Monterey, Santa Cruz, Salinas, Watsonville, Carmel.

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