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CDI can assist you in answering the two most important questions: What type of training do I need? Always be sure and use any challenge course operational equipment in accordance with manufacturer's recommendations.
Read and SAVE any literature that accompanies equipment purchased for use on your ropes course. Prior Experience Required for all Types:500 documented hours, including facilitation and management.
RELOAD OR REFRESH TO SEE NEW PAGE IF YOU HAVE BEEN HERE BEFORE.It takes awhile for this to load, but I've been told it's worth the wait. Suddenly the night swarms with shrills of voices from men and women demanding her absolute attention, time was of the essence. She had to exchange her T-shirt and jeans for a camoflauge jacket and trousers--her heels and sneakers for black combat boots.
She made it stronger learning to run, jumping obstacles, climbing up walls, doing the slide for life at the confidence course. March 10,1997, 13 weeks later, she graduated and for the first time she is now called a MARINE!

Your family loves you Veronica Davis and we are very proud you earned your title of a USMC. The Confidence Course, as its name implies, is designed to build the self-confidence of the recruit.
The Confidence Course consists of eleven obstacles, designed so that each obstacle is more physically challenging then the last. Recruits receive additional instruction on the values of the Corps which are further elaborated and detailed. Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego - Recruits of Lima Company, 3rd Recruit Training Battalion, make their way up to the first obstacle during the Obstacle Course II event aboard Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego, Nov.
Whether you need our support or you'd like to support others, you'll find what you're looking for with our outreach programs. The recruit develops physically and mentally by overcoming obstacles that require strength, balance, and determination. The Confidence Course is a great morale builder, as most of the recruits find out that after a little practice, they can negotiate the obstacles with ease. In over 12 years of service, Marine Parents has made a huge impact in support of Marines, military personnel, and their family members.

Purchase your Marine Corps clothing, recruit graduation items, and gifts where 100% of the proceeds support the outreach programs of the organization, an IRS-approved 501(c)(3) public charity. Experienced in building various types of towers, obstacle courses, and leadership reaction courses, our builders are knowledgeable about existing engineered drawings and are flexible in making any desired modifications. The course challenges the recruit's upper body strength as well as their technique on the course. After recruits went through the course, they had to run back to the beginning to execute the course again. We've been supporting Marines and their family members across the nation for more than 12 years. Many of our military designs are on the GSA price list under the name of our sister company, Alpine Towers. The obstacle course proves that brute strength alone is not enough to quickly negotiate the course.

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