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The Must-See Islands of El NidoIt’d be lovely to see them all, but 45 islands is a lot of hopping. It’s best to visit Snake Island during low tide when you can see the winding sandpit clearly. Warning: Walking along the sandy snake path can produce conflicting feelings of wanting to look both right and left at the same time. Small Lagoon also offers a fun snorkeling opportunity: at low tide, snorkelers can swim through a four-foot crevice into a small, cliff-lined cove for a surreal experience. Miniloc Island is also home to the famous Secret Lagoon (lots of lagoons on this island!) On top of all the lagoons, Miniloc is also an underwater paradise, largely due to the fringe of coral reefs that outline the island. There’s hiking to be done on the island as well and a trail that leads to the peak of the island for panoramic 360-degree views of the nearby islands. Note: Pangulasian Islands is going the way of the high-end resort and soon public docking will be no longer allowed.
The southern part of the island is bordered by a coral reef and the northern part has a deep underwater cave at about 30-50 feet that can be explored if you want to don the diving gear.

The largest of the El Nido islands, Cadlao, can be seen from Helicopter island, giving Dilumacad one of the most stunning scenic landscapes of all the islands in El Nido. Underneath the jutting rock formations, there stretch tall, bendy coconut trees to provide natural shade for every beach bum who comes to Pinagbuyutan’s shores. Como um pacote e a soma de servicos aereos e terrestres, seu valor final sempre ira depender da tarifa confirmada para os trechos aereos necessarios, nas datas solicitadas - e isso so e possivel de ser estabelecido com a reserva formal da passagem. It’s been dubbed Snake Island due to the curving stretch of sand bar that perches perfectly between two parallel islands.
The elegant slopes and perfect curve is startlingly gorgeous, so perfect as to seem not quite real. The Big Lagoon offers gorgeous above-water views, with limestone cliffs towering above you as you kayak through the lagoon. In fact, the island, with its transparent, turquoise waters and colorful coral formations originally gained fame as a diving station for Japanese and European tourists. This beach is deemed secret since in order to get to it, you have to swim through through a hole formed in a cliff.

You have a calm, pristine beach of turquoise waters lapping at your toes while magnificently dark, jutting limestone encases the entire beach. Not really, but the Matinloc Shrine is reminiscent of Greece and also offers a beautiful view. Upon closer inspection, it’s an island boasting a perfectly white sand beach that stretches nearly 300 meters.
As a favorite nesting site of marine turtles in El Nido, as well as the site of one of the most picturesque beaches, the island attracts its fair share of visitors. If you follow the path the entire way, you’ll wind up at a beautiful mangrove that leads into the other island.
The waters are calm and there are clusters of coral close to the shore, which makes this area ideal for viewing aquatic life at your own island-time pace.

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