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Nose Secret is advertised as "the only proven non-surgical nose job option with instant results that you can do on your own without the cost or hassle of nose surgery." By which they mean that it's little pieces of bendy plastic that you're supposed to shove up each nostril, in order to temporarily change the shape of your nose and make it appear more pointy. Buy, while we're on the subject, how long should one be prepared to wait for the blood flow to subside once you've rammed these up your proboscis? This is one of four 'beauty products' which, when used together, change reference points just enough to fool facial recognition programs. One is colored contact lenses with uneven shading -- it throws off the pupil-to-pupil measurement. The important thing is none of these change your appearance so much that anyone will notice -- you still look like you. Do you want an instant nose job without the surgery, without the pain, swelling, bruising, and associated costs?
I have recently been introduced to a device by a friend who visited the States and she has told me of a splint-like gadget  called Nose Secret that you put up your nose like a splint to create a narrower and straighter look.  I grimaced in pain as she explained this to me over the phone as it sounded like torture…shoving something up your nose????? It’s a pair of smooth, comfortable nose splints that are temporarily placed in the nostrils to gently lift the tip of the nose to enhance your facial features. Nose Secret is a proven alternative to correct minor imperfections of your nose in seconds without a nose job, make up or big budget.

Nose Secret comes in three different sizes, small, medium and large to optimize fit and comfort. I saw my friend the week after and was amazed at the difference (she is Caucasian and I’ve always thought she had a cute button nose but she always complained that she wanted a more streamlined, narrower look and for the tip to be turned up a tad bit).
These are proven to be very effective in creating facial symmetry and you can view before and after pics on their website too as well as read a host of testimonials from very satistied customers. If you have purchased a pair, I’d love to read your glowing review about it so please drop me a line. I teach Business full time at the Nova Scotia Community College and part time at Dalhousie, Mount St. Another is an anti-wrinkle preparation which tightens skin so much the corners of your eyes shift a tiny bit (you apply it only in specific areas).
If you do not need plastic surgery this may sound weird to you but if you really need to put your best face forward, thumbs up for Nosesecret. Naturally, I was a bit skeptical but logged onto the manufaturer’s website to find out more in order to kill my raging curiosity and discovered what a cooooooool little device this was.   So what is this Nose Secret device? It also creates a narrower and straighter nose and best thing is that once in place, nobody can tell you are using them.

The improvement was instantaneous, her nose definitely looked narrower with the tip slightly upturned…she has always been a pretty girl but she just looked BETTER and now she just loves to show off her profile. However if it is your first time buying, they recommend you buy their starter kit which includes all three sizes for an additional $5. I am really excited about this device and I plan on telling all my friends about this and couldn’t keep this great find from you either! You cannot even see the splints, the only way possible would be if you literally looked up her nose. This product is only sold online and you can get it by visiting their official website, which you can be redirected immediately by clicking here. She explained to me that she fiddled around a bit the first few times she used it and now it’s become second nature, taking her only 2 seconds to place them in and wears them all day. She takes them off at night when going to bed as it is recommended that you don’t wear them to bed, when swimming, showering or playing sports.

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