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Excelling in school means so much more than getting top grades, especially in South Korea, where students are pressured to be well-rounded overachievers that are athletic, popular and positive. Actor Ahn Yong-joon and his lover, singer Venny, who is 9 years older than him, will tie the knot soon. On August 26th, Ahn Yong-joon's agency has announced in a press release, "Ahn Yong-joon and Venny will tie the knot on September 19th at Ramada Seoul Hotel.
After ZE:A - Children of Empire member Hyung Sik mentioned about actor Lee Min-ho during the press conference of SBS' "High Society" on June 3rd, one of Lee Min-ho's photos from the past is being spotlighted again.
Seria przedstawia zycie i konflikty otaczajace szostke znacznie sie od siebie rozniacych licealistow.

Modern students experience considerable stress during their school years; there is a strong focus on positive presentation and personality, as well as achieving good grades and encouraging athleticism. Doo Hyun jest czlonkiem druzyny pilkarskiej, jednak jego marzenia napotykaja na wiele przeszkod. He debuted in 2006 with "Secret Campus" and continued to star in "Mackerel Run", "Our School E.T" and more but didn't get any attention. Postrzegany jest jako osoba, nie wykazujaca zainteresowania ludzmi go otaczajacymi, a tak naprawde troszczy sie o swoich przyjaciol. This school-centered drama discusses the central theme outlined above and depicts the lives and relationships of six high school students, each of whom has different dreams and goals which they struggle to achieve, despite trials and tribulations.

Ah Rang nie jest najbystrzejsza uczennica, ale jej slodka i otwarta osobowosc czyni ja powszechnie lubiana.

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