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This project aims to embed social computing into objects, products, and services that contribute to the individual’s modern comfort or need.
In this project, the term “Social Network” means creating access to things by a broader range of authorized users and applications. Using the PIC32 as an HTTP Server, and allowing it to support multiple connections, authentication, and dynamic content, is a first step in creating a unified digital application that is not only informative and useful to its owner, but eventually tied to a global network of similar objects and services that could be used as a back-up, or fail-safe system similar to a power gird. Using this web-enabled capability as part of an advanced social network gives the owner complete control over every single device and object in a configurable, real-time, continually adjustable, and globally-connected timeline. Parents -- specifically parents with blogs -- are in a tizzy over Victoria's Secret's alleged new "tween line" aimed at young girls. News starting circulating over the past few weeks that the lingerie mega-store was expanding its offerings with a line called Bright Young Things, a collection that would target the tween demographic supposedly worth "$335 billion of spending power," according to retail analyst Hitha Prabhakar. The news sparked inevitable uproar from parents like Evan Dolive, who penned an open letter to Victoria's Secret on his personal blog. The lingerie brand founded PINK, its younger spin-off, in 2002 with the explicit aim of targeting 15-to-22 year olds. But there is no plan to target middle schoolers explicitly, as Bright Young Things is not a new collection as reported. In response to questions we recently received, Victoria’s Secret PINK is a brand for college-aged women. Victoria's Secret has not, then, adopted a new policy to target younger girls than it already does. Do you think PINK needs to change their approach and tone down the cheeky teen messaging, or are parents overreacting? Share on Facebook Tweet on Twitter Pin on Pinterest5 Secret Things To Do On Hvar CroatiaCook & Travel With This Guide5 Secret Things To Do On Hvar Croatia1. Hvar Island is blessed with it all – beaches, the sunshine, heritage, history, gastronomy and nature.
But if you want to explore the north side of Sveti Klement, take a taxi boat from Hvar town all the way to the small settlement of Vlaka, as the Romans did, for here you will find not only ruins of a Roman villa rustica but a mud bath as well, still available for use. It is a Croatian island with a tiny waist, and one whose charms attract increasing international attention.
Placed under heritage protection since 1964, the oldest olive tree on Hvar is almost unknown outside the eastern village of Zastrazisce which it neighbours. One of my favourite stories on Hvar, Polish Hvarophile, found her man on the island and brought her passion for beer with her, opening the first Hvar micro-brewery a couple of doors away from Hotel Podstine in Hvar Town.
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NEED HELP BOOKING YOUR CROATIA HOLIDAYS?If you need help finding the best Croatia holiday for you - ask us.
We uncover, people, places, food and culture, so you'll save time travel planning & discover Croatia like a local. Explore parts of Croatia you may never have heard of and, of course, get to know the greatest tourist hotspots! We got a sneak peek of the fashion show from the fans in attendance and we did compile a huge article on the updates as and when they released. Victoria's Secret is known for its risque fashions, but some parents think the brand has crossed the line with items in their "Bright Young Things" campaign.
Items in the PINK campaign with the slogan "Bright Young Things" reportedly include underwear with words and phrases like "dare you," "feeling lucky" and "call me" on the front and back. Links that appear to be to the products are re-directing to the Victoria's Secrets homepage so it is unclear if the company has removed the products.
A Texas father of a 3-year-old girl wrote and open letter to the company that has gone viral.
Victoria's Secret insists that the "Bright Young Things" was just a slogan used to coincide with spring break and not a new collection targeted at younger girls. Their post received 1,300 comments and 1,000 shares on Facebook so far, continuing the debate for and against the ads.
Comments made by Victoria's Secret chief financial officer Stuart Burgdoerfer in January are also drawing fire. The new Victoria’s Secret perfume, named Sexy Little Thing Noir, a provocative and seductively playful scent, was introduced on the market before New Year’s holydays in 2008.
It was composed as a fruity – floral fragrance of delicious nectarine aromas, apple, citruses, pear, red berries, guanabana (graviola, soursop) and bergamot at the top.
The bottle is a real vamp, black and mysterious, decorated with atomizer, which is truly appropriate to this sexy edition. I will likely need to update this review as I have not had this perfume long enough and I am also unsure of how I feel about it just yet? At 1st whiff, (TMI perhaps, sorry lol?) but only in the bedroom was my initial thoughts and instinct which has not occurred before with any fragrance. I really loved this when i first bought it but over the years the chemical smell of it intensified and i loath it straight out of the bottle. What it smells like: it smells like play make up from when i was a little girl, that super artificial sweet smell in say a cakey bubble gum pink child's lipstick mixed with a fake blackberry scent, and a hard to describe light genaric fragrance smell lingering in the background, a flower perhaps but difficult to single out, a synthetic white or purple flower of some sort is what comes to mind. I like it in a weird way, for me it is sexy in a prepubecent and childhood nostalgia for playing dress up sort of way.
One good thing is that it has very little sillage and stays pretty close so I can wear it without too much concern that I will potencially annoy others. Ok, love this perfume in all it's magnificent glory but the friggin atomizer pump doesn't spray right. At initial application, Sexy Little Things Noir is a big vanilla bomb with synthetic sweet fruit like apple and pear.
Sexy Little Things Noir is a teenage "sexy" scent and nothing enticing or different to be found. I received this as a xmass gift and at first I liked it a lot although it smells really synthetic. I like this fragrance (it's fruity and not unique but nice all the same; I love it as a bedtime perfume) and love how the bottle looks, but I've bought two bottles and BOTH times, the puffer stops working! I'm gonna give it an A+ based on scent alone, but a C for lasting power, silage and packaging.
The oxygen came into this bottle puff-sprayer, and that's not very good for this scent at all, I had this also with Dior Pure Poison Elixer! There is also another cap in the box that you can use, every time when I fill the vaporizer you can close the bottle perfectly with this cap !

When the bottle is empty you can decorate your dressing table including the puff-sprayer, just for the show!
Love this scent, but only for private use, not for work for me personally, but it wears out easily!
That being said, its very impractical design and not amazing staying power means its not the best if you travel a lot like me, but if you are not planning a move and get it at a reasonable price its a quite delicious scent that guys will like and I have happily worn it to bed. Love the scent, but as many else here saying, at least 30 minutes and its gone, and I really ask a few friends to ask if the smell my sexy VS, they al say the same: no nothing, a pity, I have give it away to a person who loved the whole day long squeeze the bottle, so I'm glad I made someone happy. Every time I would wear the fragrance, every single time the first spritz would reach my nose I would sneeze, which is very strange because that has never happened to me with any other fragrance before. I am a big fan of everything from Victoria's Secret, their perfumes are usually not too strong.
I find it to be very similar , almost identical - to Katy Perry's Meow - am I the only one? Whenever I wear this my boyfriend asks me 'Did you just take a shower?' So, I'm guessing this frag smells fresh but at the same time very yummy as you can smell the berries there.
There are many hidden messages in your favorite Disney movies such as Monster’s Inc., Finding Nemo and The Little Mermaid! I post ideas, projects, links, and research that I am drawn to either by its simplicity, or its complexity.
How would this be accomplished using the PIC32 while at the same time, allowing for the expansion of social computing applications that will continue to thrive?
The ability of an object to deliver information or accept input from other appliances or services will provide the owner with added functionality that makes an object more useful or interesting.
Because many well-developed programs and systems are already available, this project could be more accurately described as a “plug-in” for a master HA system or simply a stand-alone application.
The brightly colored sweats, bras, tank tops and undies have proven immensely popular among the high school set, but often for even younger girls in middle school too. But that doesn't change the fact that PINK has and continues to target teens, whose preferences tend to rub off on tweens. And it's not nearly the first time Victoria's Secret has angered its customers with some controversial products (see here, here and here). Patrick's Day-themed SB Dunk Low "Black and Tan" sneakers by Nike incite outrage from Irish community. A quick search on Google will bring you plenty of options, many of which have been lazily reproduced from earlier writings. Wine lovers will delight in the vineyards of Andro Tomic, just one metre above sea level, the source of his excellent Sveti Klement reds and whites.
CNN named Jerolim the world’s top FKK beach in 2011, and Vogue Australia did a model photo shoot on the small Pakleni island in 2013.
One of the most accepting places in the country, Kordovon is FKK, gay-friendly, a family destination all in one. The 7th Lavender Festival has just finished, and anyone on the island in the next two weeks is encouraged to take the old road from Hvar Town to Brusje and Velo Grablje, where the spectacular sight and aromatic smell of lavender in bloom awaits. With a 2400-year history, the oldest surviving Plavac Mali vineyard in the world, and wines that are exported from California to China, from Russia to Singapore, Hvar’s wine pedigree is unquestionable.
The VS Fashion show which was recorded several days ago, officially aired on CBS last night and we still can’t get over it. A father wrote an open letter, parents started a petition and a Facebook page was created alleging that the provocative underwear was targeted at teen and tween girls. Representatives for the company did not wish to comment beyond a statement that was posted on their Facebook page insisting that "Bright Young Things" was simply a slogan. The heart follows with cattelaya orchid, lily-of-the-valley, cyclamen, jasmine petals, blackberry, plum, vanilla and currant leaf and bud, while the base includes golden amber, velvety musk, woody accords and Tonka bean.
Sexy Little Thing Noir is available as 50 ml EDP along with the matching body products, 200 ml perfumed body lotion, scented bath and body powder. The VS scents I do have, I like very much but this one is in a very different category than my norm. I realized the top notes have gone terribly bad and Life is too short to keep this toxic chemical berry little thing cluttering up my Perfume display when I never want to wear it.
Like cheaper barbie makeup, fairy princess makeup, bonne bell too but way cheaper than even that smells. It doesn't develop into something else, so even after a while you get exactly what you sniffed from the bottle. Probably the berries (this is a mostly berry-centered fragrance, IMO), but nothing about it strikes me as smelling like a cleaning product. I don't think I would use this every day, just when I feel the need to be a little extra sexy! The finish is OK but considering that it's pretty much non existent after 4 hours, it isn't worth a purchase unless you go with the cheaper body spray. This smells like a sweaty coconut’s attempt to woo me to submission and frankly it's a minor scale disaster. I wish they would fix the puffer, it's SO CUTE and I love how it looks, but it'd be nice if it would actually work. Mine arrived with a faulty vappourizer and the smell was like a perfume from Walmart called, So Sinful.
But I am really disappointed because the atomiser pump not working, and recently I found it clotted, so I open to clean the straw, and found out that there is disgusting greenish mould inside the pump and the straw. Maybe not the most "interesting" or sophisticated out there, but if you like yummy decadent dessert-like scents that aren't too strong or cloying (but not horribly weak either) this isn't one you would regret purchasing. Not the best, but sweet and nice enough that if it had a more practical bottle (even though I have such a fondness for vintage atomizers) and a longer lasting scent it would get another star (or two) from me. So whenever I see a VS store in other countries or in airports, I can barely contain myself :) I think the whole brand is so girly, feminine and cute. Well, I must admit that a big part of me buying it, was because of the cute, vintage looking bottle with the big poof-spray.
For me sometimes even smells like watermelon too, even though it's not among the notes included. Ok, looking at the notes a above there doesn't seem to be any patchouli - must be 'fru-musk' then?
Compliments keep coming from both sides and is not too evasive for office yet makes you feel great all day long! Most of them aren’t that noticeable, but once you find them, they’re pretty impossible to ignore!

Using available, open-source, web-based utilities and tools, the user can gain ultimate control and reporting irregardless of the individual’s physical location. I intend to develop this system as something that could be equated as an open API for other devices and third-party integration.
Another blogger echoed the senimtent, writing that Bright Young Things "furthers a trend of sexualizing girls younger and younger." The Victoria's Secret Facebook page started overflowing with angry comments. It appears that Bright Young Things is a new Spring Break-themed tagline for PINK, Victoria's Secret's more youthful counterpart. But what about finding places and things to do which are similar to the top recommendations, but a little more hidden? Since the Meneghello family founded tourism on the main Pakleni island of Sveti Klement in 1906, a full five years before Jelsa opened its first hotel, the Bay of Vinogradice (better known as Palmizana) has become one of the most popular places to visit on a trip to Hvar Island. The unique art in the trees made from driftwood sets the tone, and here you will find the only public toilet as a piece of art in Croatia.
Perhaps the most popular resort of all is Ivan Dolac, whose steep Plavac Mali sloping vineyards descend to some of the finest family beaches on the island.
We travel Croatia seeking out Croatian food, wine, the best vacation spots, & accommodation in Croatia for you. Several years ago the VS Fashion Show was merely about angels (still gorgeous) walking down the ramp and a lot of fashion experts watching it. Besides, anyone who has shopped VS knows their PINK line is no where near considered sexy," one woman wrote defending the brand. It is definitely much sweeter than my usual taste and fruity is ordinarily not my thing BUT there is something alluring about it which I can't quite put my nose on yet. Now if I wear it at all, i have to brave the toxic opening until it developes on the skin for a bit into a similar scent as when i first received it. I had a whole bottle and it ended up spilling out while traveling so I only had a little bit left. Overall not a bad smell, but I drenched myself in this stuff and it was gone within the hour.
It smells cheap,synthetic and toxic (in a very bad way) as the reviewer below me described. It has an undertone that most VS perfumes have that I can't place but it is distinct and cheapens the scent.
It dries down to something more tolerable but god – the raging ache in your nostrils and head won’t do you any favors. It's not a complex scent at all, I can only smell candy, pear, plum and vanilla(?) all the way down but I still like it alot. The only people smelling this perfume on you will be those that are within an intimate range.
I don't really like warm scent, but I decide to give it a try, so I got Sexy Little Things Noir today. It smells heavenly, as you can see there are a lot of notes in competition, but none of which are too strong or offensive. A standard web-based interface allows access and authentication from any network-enabled platform.
So if your asking yourself, what to do on Hvar that’s lesser known but is still amazing, here are five things and places on the island of Hvar, which live in the shadows of their more famous neighbours.
Now it has turned into a more entertainment event that attracts a lot of views from all over the world. It is not my favorite scent of victoria Secrets which i have mostly grown out of, not in age but just my perfume selection and experience has significantly widened since i regularly wore this years ago. I even emailed the company asking if they sell a regular spray nozzle but they said no, however I was welcomed to turn in it.
It isn't overly sweet (I had VS sweet craving, which is just sugar and vanilla, and this is nothing like it) but it is sweet enough. Heavy on vanilla and some fruit note that I can't quite decribe, almost banana, but not quite.
Answer: It has to do with building not only a controlled network identity but also a need or desire to acquire and aggregate the online environment that one chooses to participate in. There are now four restaurants, a cocktail bar, arboretum and even an art gallery in this idyllic south-facing bay, and it’s a short walk from the ACI marina that is an additional reason the bay is so popular.
Maybe the inclusion of music performances from artists such as Taylor Swift (VS Fashion Show 2013 and 2014), Ed Sheeran, Ariana Grande and Hozier (all Grammy 2015 nominated artists), have helped make this show a global event. When I first bought it I thought the bottle was gorgeous but you can't just put it in your bag without spilling the whole perfume.
It's fine if you layer it with the lotion (it's silage is still very soft, but it lasts a good while) but you shouldn't HAVE to buy the lotion just for a perfume to last longer than 30 minutes. Using the PIC32 to manage this allows objects to be customized further to display everything from operating conditions to RSS feeds. Once the network has been configured and linked, it can be either made public or kept private. I really like Victoria's Secret perfumes, especially in warm days, they make lighter perfumes.
I did one spray on the inner side of my arm, and I can still smell it easily after 5 hours.
It is a nice fragrance, feminine and everything, but not something extraordinary in my opinion. My project will implement this idea in one or two working products that can be accessed from the Internet for the purpose of demonstrating proof-of-concept. If public, the network can be shared, much like an RSS feed or profile, through various other sites and applications (Friendfeed, Twitter, Facebook, Jott, etc). It's their product and it costs a pretty penny, there should be an alternative to the bulb pump considering a lot of people have complained.
Than I tried to strain it (yes I used sterile equipment) and that worked so I could spray but suddenly it made me sneeze!
Bombshell is great for spring and Sexy Little Things NOIR will be divine for summer & summer hot evenings !

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