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Over the weekend The New York Times addressed a matter of contemporary lifestyle that pretty much anyone can relate to: Friendship. Hanna Rosin writes on Slate's XXFactor blog that actually, she hasn't had trouble making friendships in her grownup life at all. One key to friendship at any age is to find people who like to do similar things and who have similar values and circumstances, which is why adults with children often pair up with adults who also have kids, and why thirty- and fortysomethings who are career-minded but childless and unmarried might find close friendships with people who are in their twenties and similarly single, kid-free, and ambitious.
The longtime New York Assembly speaker was convicted last November on seven corruption charges. Their salaries will increase by 10 percent in order to prevent them from moving to western European countries. For the third time, the FBI is searching the home of Robert Gentile for artwork stolen 25 years ago from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. A claymation video with a grim plot line accompanies a blessedly straightforward if nerve-wracking tune. Despite critics’ dismissal of activist-minded fiction, the author Lydia Millet believes that Dr.
More than 70 years after the iconic World War II photo, the Marine Corps is investigating the identities of the men who raised the flag. The Rhode Island Marine Archaeology Project said it knows the location of British explorer Captain James Cook’s famous vessel. The Warriors’ flashier players tend to command more attention, but Thompson is subtle effectiveness personified.

Lin-Manuel Miranda’s phenomenon topped the 15 received by The Producers in 2001 and Billy Elliot in 2009.
King Felipe VI signed a decree that paves the way for a new vote on June 26 after last December’s process ended in a stalemate. She dominated among the white working class in Kentucky and West Virginia in 2008, but many of those voters have deserted her this time around.
The team, which had 5,000-to-1 odds of winning the English Premier League, has pulled off the biggest upset in sports history. The Supreme Court has declined to hear an appeal from prisoners who argue the state prison system’s grooming policies violate their religious liberty.
The third season of the HBO satire has shown, in scathing detail, the perils of triumph in the tech industry. The Shiite cleric and his supporters are likely to say he never went anywhere in the first place.
Candice Swanepoel was photographed wearing the Victoria's Secret Sexy Little ThingsĀ® Starry Babydoll in Black an Wild Strawberry. Candice Swanepoel was photographed wearing the Victoria's Secret Sexy Little ThingsĀ® Starry Babydoll in Black an Wild Strawberry. In your 30s and 40s, plenty of new people enter your life, through work, children’s play dates and, of course, Facebook. Maybe you maintain friendships with people in other life stages, too—it's not that it's impossible, but it can be more difficult.

I interviewed a lot of single people who travel with other singles and develop important relationships that way. Stage of life is something else, something far more important in terms of friendships and your lifestyle in general. Is it, as writer Alex Williams would have us believe, nearly impossible to make lasting, deep buddy relationships past the age of 30, once the halcyon days of college are complete and adults turn their focus onto their careers, marriages, home lives, families, and children? Further, if you can't find anyone you like or relate to, maybe you don't actually need to like anyone that badly. Singles and singletons (my term for people who live alone) tend to active social lives as they age.
Which is why, in a piece in The Wall Street Journal today, Diane Cole writes of the surge in people "at mid-life and beyond" who are not only eager to make friends and develop relationships, they're actively pursuing these social interactions via online dating.
Others made close friends hanging out after yoga classes or pick-up basketball games, while the married people rushed home to be with their families.
Singles who don't have "built-in" friends and social networks like spouses and kids probably prioritize external friendships a bit more than do the marrieds, because they need them more. We move in and out of different experiences, so there are a lot of singles in their 40s who have already raised children as well as married people in their 50s with young kids at home." Stage of life compatibility may actually be a new, fourth condition key to friendships.

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