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Secretariat and Ron Turcotte cruise into the history books with his record breaking Belmont Stakes. The matting and framing options we offer are designed to give your photographs and collectibles a beautiful presentation that you can admire every day in your home or office.
To figure out that Secretariat’s final margin was 31 lengths is also something that came later. As Secretariat rounded the sweeping Belmont far turn (the turns at Belmont are the longest of any track in North America) he seemed to be on cruise control, with jockey Ron Turcotte just steering.
By mid-stretch the Big Red Horse was ahead by 28 lengths, with the margin finally to reach 31 lengths by the finish. But maybe you saw him tilt his head just a nod to the left for a moment, in the direction of the infield teletimer.
On a fast track or a muddy one, the winner of the 2013 Belmont Stakes will not be celebrating a Triple Crown.
The last horse to sweep the crown jewels of the Triple Crown was Affirmed, who edged Alydar in a thrilling duel at Belmont Park in 1978. While the Affirmed-Alydar battle made history with its competitiveness, the triumph of Secretariat in 1973 is remembered for entirely different reasons. Stay with me through the personal parts — I promise, there is a message for you in this post. Maybe she already knows what it’s taken me 40 some years and a movie about a racehorse to be able to articulate. I think it’s so easy to let life weigh you down or pile obstacles in your path.  Are you doing something that matters enough to you that you need to go all in?  Are you running your race?  Have you let yourself get stuck in a rut personally or professionally that is holding you back?
Everyone has within them that thing that they need to do and while it may be very hard at times, they can make it happen! Enjoy your daughters graduation and revel in the fact that she will chose the path less tsken because you raised her to be great.
Secretariat is one of my all time favorite movies too and even though I always know how the movie ends, I can’t help but tear up too! It is nice to read about not only the struggles but the perseverance, (self-taught), that gives you the proverbial wind at your back to send your ship on its merry way. Thank you all for taking the time to comment and validating my decision to share this on the blog.
Reading your posts, including your personal comments, has given me information, focus, and assurance that I’m on track. Drew, as a guy who’s going through some of the same trials and tribulations, thank you for writing this one.
What a great message for students who may be at the start of their race, and those of us mid-way through. Drew, great post- I recently watched Secretariat, and still hear the movie’s dialogue referenced!

Drew, thank you for taking the time and sharing with us your story of having the courage to take chances. I’m a little worried about the strength of the tree on which we’re all perched!
The response and how the post resonated with people has been very gratifying, to say the least. Our cheap gucci Shoes are rated as medical equipment and marketed as a fitness aid in Europe The design of coach bags outle the shoe with its unusual rocker bottom and three part inner sole was engineered to make your body work the way it gucci mens shoes was built to work. Signed photographs are hand signed by Ron Turcotte and come with our Certificate of Authenticity which permanently and unconditionally guarantees the signature.
Calling the race on television, Chick Anderson estimated that Secretariat was perhaps 25 lengths ahead.
How come they don’t just come right out and say how many feet he was ahead of the second-place horse? That distance is easier to judge than yards or feet when horses are flying by at high speed. It is a vivid mental moving picture of a horse doing something no other horse of his time had ever done. To flesh that out a little, Secretariat broke from the inside post and went to the front from the start.
On any other day, the rider would have been pulling the horse up through the lane, letting him take a bow under wraps.
As he flew down the stretch he stretched out in stride past thousands of wildly cheering fans. He was solid gray, and the blue and white blocks of the rider’s silks were dark gray and white.
With Orb rallying to take the Kentucky Derby and Oxbow winning in wire-to-wire fashion at Pimlico, the Tripe Crown drought is guaranteed to continue for at least one more year.
Affirmed's triumph capped an incredible stretch that produced three Triple Crown horses in six years.
Big Red's Triple Crown-sealing run was arguably the least competitive Triple Crown race of all time. Alydar is driven home by Jorge Velasquez in the final stretch of the Belmont Stakes race at Belmont Race track in Elmont, New York on Saturday, June 12, 1978.
Know that you’ve prepared her the best way you can to take on what ever triumphs and setbacks she may have in her bright future! But, we must always remember to get up to use the talents we have and to do so with passion. It was really powerful, and hit me pretty squarely in the jaw (and that’s exactly what I think I needed). I, for one, am not so lucky with such endeavors so reading this post really gives me quite the positivity I need to at least have my shot.

At any moment, a racing fan who might have seen a thousand races, or ten thousand races, or just ten races, can think of those winning numbers 31 and 2:24 and be transported instantly back in time. Only those who have seen countless races would instantly know what the time on the teletimer meant. For the official margin, the Daily Racing Form Chart Caller had to study the films, and maybe view a wide-angle (very wide-angle) still photo to count the number of lengths by which the mighty horse won. The Chart Caller is also aided in determining finishing margins by the inside rail of the track, which serves as a kind of ruler. He was challenged by old rival Sham into the first turn, around the long first turn, and into the backstretch. I love what I do and know that I can help others reach their potential and go beyond it by using what I teach as a vehicle to cross the finish line with arms held high.
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Few of us know the record times for horse races of various distances at different tracks, even though a possible track record was part of the talk leading up to the 1973 Belmont Stakes. Couldn’t agree more on the parenting front (I have 8 more years until my first high school graduation) and the professional front. Reviewers, researchers and even celebrities agree cheap oakley sunglasses – regular use leads to a healthier life. Feel free to order securely on line or call us at 859-368-0366 and we will take your order over the phone.
For most of us, it took an expert announcer to explain that Secretariat had just run the fastest Belmont in history. It was the way we watch horse races: watching the way they raced each other, how far one was ahead, whether one seemed to be gaining, or fading.
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The speed was too much for Sham, but only seemed to energize Secretariat, emboldening him to go on and show what he could do. It’s your human approach as a friend and colleague that makes you the best at what you do, sir.
Sham would fade to last, and Twice a Prince would eventually nip My Gallant for second, in a good performance by those two. We saw the closeness melt, and the margin spread like warm maple syrup rolling off the side of a hill of pancakes. I value your guidance and friendship and you can call anytime you feel the limb is a little too quiet.

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