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Coralie a ete nomine d’office par La Voix hier soir aux cote de Maxime et Julie pour avoir donne trop d’indices sur son secret.
For O'Sullivan, intelligence work signified a sense of service, an ideal with which she had been raised. On the way to the ODNI campus, which sits on a sprawling compound just up the street from the CIA in McLean, Virginia, she reads through the President's Daily Brief. While the mundane may reflect much of what goes on in any office, the profound clearly does not.
O'Sullivan and her boss, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, are often briefed by teams carrying out sensitive work, or discovering new ways to collecting intelligence data. Being a woman in largely male-dominated fields has certainly had its advantages, and she's looked to maximize them whenever possible.

The events and decisions leading up to the bombing drew significant criticism, and a subsequent investigation forced changes at the agency, but the sacrifice made by those who had chosen to be there that day was not lost on O'Sullivan, who like others, had pushed to play a bigger role in the war that began with the terrorist attacks on the United States September 11, 2001. Excellent read, I just passed this onto a lugleacoe who was doing a little research on that. CNN welcomes a lively and courteous discussion as long as you follow the Rules of Conduct set forth in our Terms of Service. CNN's Security Clearance examines national and global security, terrorism and intelligence, as well as the economic, military, political and diplomatic effects of it around the globe, with contributions from CNN's national security team in Washington and CNN journalists around the world. Her father was a Korean War veteran who had gone to work at the National Geospatial Agency. Initially, as one of a very small number of women enrolled in civil engineering classes, and later, as she recalls, as the only woman in a conference room full of engineers.

And he actually bought me lunch because I found it for him smile So let me rephrase that: Thanks for lunch! Navy, and to a certain extent, even more so later at the Central Intelligence Agency, where she knew right away that what she was about to take on would be different from any other job she'd ever had. You agree that anything you post may be used, along with your name and profile picture, in accordance with our Privacy Policy and the license you have granted pursuant to our Terms of Service.

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