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The door to the Insight Meditation Center at Wat Phradhatu Sri Chomtong Voravihara, Chomtong, Chiangmai. Five centuries after the Buddha, the noble heritage of Vipassana had disappeared from India. In our time, Vipassana has been reintroduced to India, as well as to citizens from more than eighty other countries, by S N Goenka.He was authorized to teach Vipassana by the renowned Burmese Vipassana teacher, Sayagi U Ba Khin.
The heartfelt wish of everyone at Wat Tam Wua is for all beings to be happy, peaceful, free from enmity and suffering. The Budda taught a path to completely eliminate suffering by developing profound insight into the nature of reality.
In order to calm the mind and meditate one needs to simplify one's busy life, attending to basic needs but minimizing distractions. If we wish to develop meditation practice, Budda taught that one needs proper conduct, right instruction regarding meditation, as well as correct view or understanding. Try to develop the confidence to experiment with meditation, and learn directly from your own experience, from direct observation, from nature. Luangta requests all those staying at the wat to participate fully in monastery life by attending all scheduled sessions, as well as helping with community chores!
7am Offering alms to monks in the sala(main hall), followed by breakfast for the rest of the community. The schedule allows plenty of time for individual meditation, relaxation or simply enjoying the beauty of the wat and its surroundings. Bedding is minimal to encourage practice and discourage languor, but please ask staff for more blankets if necessary and make yourself comfortable. Dress should be modest, ideally the white loosefitting garments worn by lay meditation in Thai wats(widely available in markets and shops and very cheap). The closest store is in Mae Suya village: take the left trail across a small bridge off the driveway, about half way down to the main road. Thai bow to monks, to the Buddha, the Dhamma(teachings of the Buddha) and the Sangha(community of worthy practitioners).
A monk's discipline involves protecting his senses and hence monks are not permitted to be alone with or touch women. Wat Tham Thong Monastery (mean Tong cave) - the important center of studying of the Buddhism and Vipassana meditation in Northern Thailand. To the southwest of Krabi coast are stunning Phi Phi islands are part of the marine national park and one of the world famous and unforgettable Thailand destination.
Koh Chang island, shaped like a national symbol of Thailand is located off Trat province coast bordering Cambodia. Koh Samet is the paradise island takes its name from ‘Samed' tree, the bark of it has healing properties and Samed tree grows in abundance on the island.

Koh Lanta archipelago is a family of 52 Islands, including the largest Koh Lanta Yai located approximately 70 kilometers from Krabi town.
Koh Mak (Ko Maak) - quiet and picturesque island, which strikingly differs from the senior brothers - Koh Chang and Koh Kood.
Whenever you feel less than, it’s important to take a look inward for a mental huddle, a refresher on all the things that you are.
It was rediscovered 2500 years ago by Gotama the Buddha, and is the essence of what he practiced and taught during his forty-five year ministry. Goenka began conducting Vipassana courses in India in 1969; after ten years, he began to teach in foreign countries as well. While at the monastery, it is recommended that reading be limited, and oriented towards practice. In particular, we use breathing as the object of mindfulness, a simple natural phenomenom that is always present, and inclines the mind towards calm and away from excitement and distractions. Listen for the monastery bell or drum to signal the start of meditation sessions and other events. This session usually finishes by 7.30 Practice individual meditation in your kuti untill sleep.
Try to make good use of the time, recollect the opportunity offered and most importantly try to be mindful, aware of here and now, in all one's activities. In common with most wats, Wat Tam Wua depends on donations to provide facilities for meditators.
In accordance with this principle, men are generally closer to the monks, sitting to the fore in meditation halls, and taking priority in offering alms etc. Centre is the branch of the largest monastic award of Thailand, Wat Mahathat in Bangkok, monastery Wat Tham Thong is unique.
Koh Phi Phi Don the biggest island, decorated with fantastic limestone cliffs, beautiful sandy beaches and hidden lagoons. But the island by day is a unique combination of yin and yang with some fantastic beaches in the Gulf of Thailand each of which is a favorite destination on its own. Located closest to the Cambodian border, Koh Kood is 80 kilometres from Laem Sok pier (the mainland). The beautiful beaches of Koh Lanta island can't compete with some of other islands in Krabi province however if you are looking for peace and quiet in middle of nature far from noisy tourist destination with a pleasant home comfort, head to Koh Lanta. During the Buddha’s time, large numbers of people in northern India were freed from the bonds of suffering by practicing Vipassana, allowing them to attain high levels of achievement in all spheres of life.
He had the strong wish that Vipassana should return to India, the land of its origin, to help it come out of its manifold problems.
In order to respect the community and practice here, some information and guidelines is provided below.

In meditation, one learns to rest in mindfulness, bare awareness of the present, while letting go of habitual thought patterns and emotions. Though the basic program is offered in Thai language, here give some lessons by english, and the temple becomes popular place for farangs where is possible to be trained in bases vipassana in Thai style. Koh Chang is the perfect alliance of beauty emerald waters, white sandy beaches and lush tropical jungles - all in one. 330 kilometres to southeast from Bangkok, Koh Kood Map covers over the total area of 105 square kilometres, making it the fourth largest island of Thailand and the second largest island of Trat province after Koh Chang. Over time, the technique spread to the neighbouring countries of Myanmar (Burma), Sri Lanka, Thailand and others, where it had the same ennobling effect. From generation to generation, over two thousand years, this dedicated lineage transmitted the technique in its pristine purity.
From India, he felt sure it would then spread throughout the world for the benefit of all mankind.
Goenka has conducted many ten-day Vipassana courses, and trained over 800 assistant teachers who have conducted many courses worldwide.
With a calm open mind free of preconceptions, beliefs, opinions or desires, it is possible to see deeply into the nature of things and understand the relationship between our experiences of happiness and suffering their causes. Noble silence is not routine here, but quiet moderation is respectful, and talking is best kept to a functional minimum. More specifically, there are five negative actions that should be avoided: killing, stealing, lying, intoxications and sexual misconduct. A contribution that covers at least the basic costs of you stay is appropriate, but if you do not have the means, please try to contribute by helping with community chores. What is surprising is the fact that originally on Elephant island themselves elephants never lived. In addition, many Centres have been established in India for the exclusive practice of Vipassana. The wisdom that arises naturally from calm open awareness informs one's conduct and meditation practice in turn, so the three trainings are interdependent.
The invaluable gem of Vipassana, long preserved in the small country of Myanmar, can now be practiced in many places throughout the world.
Today ever-increasing numbers of people have the opportunity to learn this art of living which brings lasting peace and happiness. the secret life of bees
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