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The 10 day course at the Vipassana Meditation Center is amazing, The best part about them is they are FREE.
The one in the link is for the closest one to me here in Thailand, however they have retreats in many places in the world…. There are about 10 hours of meditation within the day, with regular breaks and rest periods mixed in.
No charge for either the teaching, or for room and board… You only donate what you can to help the people who will come after you.
Summary : A great life changing experience, but not for the person who wants to get away just to relax.

Now as owner of the Wandering Yogi he looks forward to sharing his passion for Yoga and travel with others. By clicking OK, you're confirming that your use won’t conflict with the restrictions found on the image page.
And remember you are there because someone donated their money so you could have the same experience. While it is the essence of what the Buddha taught, it is not a religion; rather, it is the cultivation of human values leading to a life which is good for oneself and good for others. We here at the wandering yogi would actually like to organize a group to go together, if you are interested in that leave a comment below.

How you ask, well because the center exists by donations from those who came before you… So after I hope you will also donate, to help others in the future have the same experience as you. Since then he has worked as a Personal trainer, Martial Arts Instructor and Yoga Practitioner.

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