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Meditation won’t be the aspirin you’re looking for to immediately feel better; it is a path full of challenges and it can become very frustrating.
When delving into Buddhist traditions, all meditational techniques can be classified into two different types according to their progressive purpose. Most Shamata techniques use an object of concentration: an image, a lit candle, breathing, etc. Focusing on our breathing is a very common technique, as it is available for anyone at anytime.
Take a life-changing habit and next time you are at Xinalani let our experienced meditation instructor teach you the art of mindfulness with our meditation classes for a greater life! Jul 02 - 09 2016Prepare to be inspired like never before during the inaugural “Root Down, Rise Up and Renew” yoga retreat led by Dan Nevins, a warrior, speaker and teacher. Basic GoodnessLife-changing journeys for talented human beings offered by a some zen dude with the brain of an advertising guy and the body of a nightclub doorman.
Vipassana meditation is one of the techniques that the Buddha Godhama Siddhartha left for the world to achieve Enlightenment. When I managed to clear my mind after a couple of days of total mental chaos, I suddenly saw the bigger picture. As explained in my earlier post on discipline, I tend to overshoot when it comes to discipline.
As an only child I’m used to being alone, so I expected to be okay with being silent and alone, and I was. Lastly, I realised that when I want to lead by example I first have to first find my true purpose. As a bonus, on the tenth day, when noble silence became noble chatter, I met amazing people.
Thanks to Sujata we had taken an exploratory trip to investigate this location as a possible retreat venue in mid 2012. This being a trial run, it was chancing fate to assume we could arrange for all the catering after arriving.
On arrival the restaurant next to our main building was shut, but after a phone call they turned up with veggie  Kow Thom served at our own house – can you imagine a restaurant in the West that will open up and deliver food specially for you on a moments notice?
Relaxed until Saturday afternoon that is, when the Thai population from Rayong, looking for peaceful surroundings as a break from the city, turned up – with 8 foot tall loud speakers.
On this occasion we are left with 5000 baht after paying all the expenses (roughly 500 baht per person excess).
If you find it hard to keep up - you can get an automatic email for new announcements. It is totally anonymous and each notice includes an option to unsubscribe with a single click. This annual meditation retreat is an opportunity to practice intensive mindfulness and insight meditation under the guidance of Sayadaw U Panditaa€™s principal disciples. The Forest Center is now a fully matured meditation center with conditions conducive for local and foreign practitioners. In early February 2010 and again 2011, the Panditarama Meditation Center in Yangon held the Panditarama Dhamma Family Gathering. Representatives from Panditarama Meditation Centers in Myanmar, the United States, England, Australia, Nepal, Taiwan, Korea and Singapore spoke about their meditation centers. The Panditarama Meditation Center in Yangon will hold this annual Family Gathering each February following the retreat at the Forest Center.
To ensure purified drinking water is available at the Forest Center, Saddhamma Foundation donated a total of $6,000 between 2008 and 2010. Saddhamma also donated over $10,000 to Sayadaw U Sasana for his novice training center and small meditation center.
U Panditaa€™s Dhamma talks given at Tathagata Meditation Center in the United States in 2009.
Saddhamma Foundation helped edit two books about mindfulness and insight meditation by the Venerable Sayadaw U Dhammajiva of the Mitirigala Forest Meditation Center in Sri Lanka.
It is not, as often thought, only an exercise to relax, or a state of trance; it is not even making your mind go blank. Beginning with the posture: our bodies are not used to keeping our legs crossed and our back straight for a long period of time. When I wrote about the great physical and psychological benefits of meditation in a previous article, I was talking about Shamata.

When we develop a quality for concentration, we start feeling calm and we acquire consciousness. After achieving Shamata’s state of peace and clarity, one then needs to focus on something that represents an aspect of the ultimate reality (impermanence, constant change, universal love, etc.), such as an image, an object, a word, etc. The most important thing is to have our intention clear when meditating: if we’re using it as a tool to improve our daily physical and mental states, or if we’re searching for a deep spiritual transformation, for example. Dan and his assistant, Linda Fenelon, will lead you on an unparalleled seven-night journey of self-discovery guaranteed to unearth a level of personal freedom you never thought possible. Just enough to be attracted to the idea of conquering this fear and book a Vipassana meditation retreat in Belgium. The core teaching of this tradition is observing bodily sensations and remaining equanimous (i.e. But it feels great that taking this step on the path gave me a clear idea of how to get ’till the end.
I recognized clear patterns in my life, realised my mind is conditioned to react quickly and work efficiently. During Vipassana you’re asked to sit still for the entire hour during four daily group meditation sessions. However, in the past few months I realised that people often feel comfortable enough with me to release all their built up speaking energy. But this techniques takes the incredible connection of mind & matter to the next level.
I get to hear I’m a “constant stoner”, but by turning inwards I realised I just soak up the stress I have and lock them in my nerves. I need silence and aloneness to complete the first step in the process of remembering who I truly am. I have to be clear on my personal values and ethics before I can apply this to any business, system or path.
It is a quiet location near to the village of Chaag Phong, about 40 km West of Rayong town. They did a fair and reasonably priced job of the following lunches and light evening food, and now we have their number this can be arranged in advance next time. He arrived on Thursday evening, and by 7am Friday we were feeding him breakfast and whisking him off, jet-lagged, to teach a meditation retreat, before getting back to Bangkok for a Dhamma talk, and then off to India with 20 yogis in the morning. In the last two retreats then, 50% was added to the projected costs, to make sure everything is covered and we can afford a few luxuries along the way. This goes to the general fund which now stands at 9000 baht – not bad since we have not fund raised since mid 2010.
Due to Sayadawgyia€™s far reaching vision along with generous donations and efforts by volunteers, Panditarama has become one of the most supportive centers available for serious meditation practice. Meditation is a way of expanding our consciousness, not by reducing it to a semi conscious state.
This type of meditation calms our mind and makes us more conscious of its patterns, therefore expanding our perspective and promoting positive emotions.
Vipassana meditation helps us to have a clear vision and the ultimate objective is to cause “Paravittri”, which is a profound turn in our deep consciousness.
The mediator has not only to understand the concept intellectually, but to let it impregnate in its whole experience. Keep in mind that it is a slow demanding road with a lot of obstacles, but also a path full of great discoveries and accomplishments. So I went, and in this post I’ll share some of my insights with you, but first want to explain a little about the meditation technique and philosophy itself. I simply feel the energy has started to flow in the right direction, and things appear to fall into place.
Since this was all about opening up I want to share ten of my personal insights here with you.
It was until I had shaky legs and shoots of pain in head and body that I remembered I can be a little gentle to myself every now and then. I sometimes end up in notorious monologues of people’s thoughts, fears and complaints, and now realise I have to install some barriers here and pick my conversation partners really well. I learned that by observing my bodily sensations I could really release all kinds of tensions.

I sometimes end up in small identity crises when I think it might not be okay to swing from one end of the spectrum to the other. I found out by observing my bodily sensations that panic and nervousness are my primal responses towards external situations in daily life, not the least because I go for adventure rather than comfort.
Thanks to the people around me who inspired me to do this and make Vipassana meditation part of my life.
Previously we were stung by a 10 000 baht bribe that had to be paid to a local official, so we really do need some leeway. Sayadawgyi was always concerned with his students' present and future welfare and advised them accordingly, right up until his death.
Later on, when we finally succeed to sit properly and comfortably, we become aware that our mind won’t take any orders; it has its own patterns, and it’s not used to concentrating for more than a few seconds.
The way Buddha’s enlightenment is understood in the Vipassana tradition is that Buddha found the truth by careful self-inquiry.
I feel I opened up to the world and became aware of my constant identification with my body, and my thoughts. Chewing on a certain topic with a clear mind and place it in the big picture of things I want to do in life brought me much greater rewards.
So after every hour of sitting still I went for a hour of flat meditation (yes, in bed) or a walk in the park. I could sit and feel tension being released from my shoulder, sometimes accompanied with incredibly deep emotions or long-forgotten memories. To the outside world I might appear fearful of committing myself, but with a clear mind I found out that only by accepting my versatility I can get rid of the tons of energy I have. Just becoming aware of my nerves when I encounter them – sometimes undeniably unexpectedly, is step one. It’s only when I realized this that I recognized my responsibility to not only myself to take more steps on this journey, it’s a responsibility towards everyone. They are all privately owned, but 12+ are available to rent on a daily basis – so it gets more active on Saturdays and holidays as people head to the beach. His down-to-earth Aussie style guidance was appreciated too, and fitted the relaxed surroundings. While he is surely missed, Sayadawgyi left an extensive legacy of talks, books, highly trained teachers and most importantly, thousands of meditators who have benefited greatly from his skillful teachings.
He experienced liberation from his cravings and aversions and realized that desire is the cause of all suffering.
Anyhow, I hope to inspire you to find out for yourself what Vipassana can do for you by booking your personal journey now.
Meditation, although it takes a chunk out of my day, has appeared to be a very efficient technique to save a lot of wasted thinking time.
I’ve been sitting in great pain, bursting in tears in the midst of a group meditation and feel incredibly relieved afterwards, physically and mentally. I’ll always have to take up multiple challenges at the same time and spread my energy to let the life force energy flow.
As things are constantly changing and I’m remembering more and more who I am, I realise that all these different “me’s” just add to the experience of who I am, and that is a great gift. Thanks as always, are due to the incredible support of the fabulous Ariyasom Villa in Bangkok for providing facilities to host Grahame. Fortunately the noise is only from 3pm – 10pm on Saturdays, during which time we were mostly in group meditation at one of the other houses far from the noise. Considering the natural law that everything is constantly changing, nothing stands still (“Anica”), it makes no sense to cling to things that pass away, have an aversion towards anything, or be somehow dependent on any type of craving. However, I have to keep an eye on the big picture and be picky on the challenges I take up in my enthusiasm. Yet, when I realised my mind was constantly making excuses for escaping from all the rules, and when I managed to let go of those excuses and just go with the flow, it was so liberating!
It is not about imposing this or that on yourself, it’s about becoming free from a mind that doesn’t want to be in the moment.

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