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September 9, 2013 by lace 2 Comments It isn’t very often that I receive a hair styling tool which requires me to follow the step by step instructions, but the new Curl Secret from VS Sassoon is an exciting new release which is different to anything I have tried before.
The Curl Secret is used to easily create curls in three different varieties – loose, medium or tight. There are a couple of things to note but it is mostly common sense, if your hair is damaged you should proceed with caution (as with any heated tool) and you have to make sure it is in the correct position with the chamber facing toward your head. Using some product beforehand will help to set your curls and you can always spray with hairspray afterwards for a special occassion.
Have a look at the above instruction video as it really shows you how remarkable this little styler is.
VS Sassoon launches -Secret Curl' silicone pop up rollers - a brand new fun and fabulously freeing way to create a range of on-trend curl looks, while totally protecting your hair.

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The VS Sassoon Curl Secret is designed so that all you have to do is place your hair inside the curling chamber and wait – simple and easy!
The VS Sassoon Curl Secret lets you choose the style you want with its multitude of styling options. If you have trouble with curling tongs or trying to get your hair straightener in the right position then this is for you. With my hair using a thinner section of hair seems to work better but you can experiment to get it just right. The styler brings you revolutionary hair styling technology that makes getting ready more simple than ever before.

The curling chamber inside the styler allows you to curl your hair in literally seconds and heats your hair in all directions to ensure your style will last. You can opt for tight dramatically defined curls, natural looking curls or softer looser waves, depending on the occasion. It pretty much lives in the cupboard now as it would take a couple of hours to do my hair from start to finish!

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