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Jung Yi Hyun (Sung Yu Ri) lost memory of her husband , Hong Gyung Doo (Yoon Joo Sang) and their daughter, Hae Deum (Kal So Won) due to amnesia. Meanwhile, Lee Sun Young (Lee Jin) will plays as her high school best friend and Park Soo Chang (Kim Young Kwang) will plays as her ex-boyfriend. A pity really, a different actor, or a more laid back approach by Joo Sang might have sold those early episodes IMO. You baddie you… making the false assumption that all so-called negative comments have malicious intent and waving that accusatory finger. I’m glad he dropped that weird hair-do (one huge flip bangs) and high water tide pants before he met her at the cliff! When I first came to this thread, I read one comment about the character KD and chose not to read any more comments prior to that one because I wanted to come to my own conclusions.
Actually, this drama has a good main story, but, unfortunately, become a little mess for 4 latest episodes, and also have to struggle with another drama, 100 Year Legacy. Sung Yu Ri and Yoo Jun Sang have a huge age apart, and they seem a little unbalanced chemistry. This is the most heartwarming kdrama that I’ve seen during the first half of this year, 2013!

YJS’s role as the crazy, odd appearance Hong Kyung Doo turned into the most solid, loving, and caring protective husband, father, son-in-law and friend which utterly blessed me! Even Choi Ki Tae, a chaebol son who married for the usual chaebol reasons surprisingly turned out to be a man who really was in love with his wife. Hv not watched Korean dramas for quite some time n wanted to watch Sung Yuri’s series.
She has lost ten years of her life in memory, not able to recall the events specifically from age 17 to 27.
There’s just one problem,every Inorganic on the planet wants to see the sword destroyed and Nam and his crew dead.
Everyone should be critical for the right reasons, rather than for the sake of being critical. The portrayal of YJS’s character succeeds to tell me that KD is a cute, simple-minded, straight forward, loving man. I agree with most of the viewers that the male lead is not so charming but as the show progresses, you will find his charm more appealing especially when he is not acting retarded. This drama will show us the journey to recovering her memory piece by piece, and also falling in love with him all over again.

You can check 100 years legacy page and see what it is going on…unlucky for the staff of this drama. He look’s like he is crazy in the wrong way acting for expressing his thoughts and feelings. I shall remain one of the the happy few, who disdains the culture that puts political correctness above common sense and fetishieses moral relativism.
No matter how far they go they may succeed to everything but they can’t have what they want.
Meanwhile, Lee Sun Young (Lee Jin) will plays as her high school best friend and Park Soo Chang (Kim Young Kwang) will plays as her ex-boyfriend.
Their daughter is a good actress, I cried in more of her scenes and i enjoyed her accent, makes her look so innocent and pure.

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