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Create a free acount to gain access to tons of cool features like subscribing to your favorite tv shows and receiving Facebook notifications when a new episode is released. Belle goes to a hotel room to have sex with Ash, who was her first ever client and for whom she has a soft spot. Belle is taken aback when her accountant informs her that he is into punishment and would like to engage in a sado-masochistic scenario with himself as her slave.
Belle is confronted in her own home by the wife of one of her regular clients and consequently finds herself unable to pleasure him as, in her own imagination, the wife keeps appearing to interrupt them. Now dating Alex, Belle invites him to lunch with Ben but the boys do not really hit it off and the exercise is a failure.
Belle's handsome publisher Duncan criticises her writing style, feeling more stress should be given to what really turns her clients on.

Belle entertains Des, a young man who loves to be covered in messy foodstuffs,not the most erotic subject for her next chapter so she turns to Duncan for the real thing. Belle has a new client, Harry Keegan,a detective sergeant who is handsome but slightly creepy since he knows a lot about her and is keen on having sex in dangerously public places.
Belle postpones a trip to New York to meet the director of a film based on her book to accompany Poppy on a prison visit to Stephanie. However Ash falls asleep, which allows Belle time to go downstairs and pick up another punter for a session in his room before returning in the early hours to Ash, who is blissfully unaware of what has happened.
In the case of nervous young actuary Simon,it's farmyard noises,which Belle feels unable to divulge and she finds her writing is better when she imagines Duncan is her fantasy sex partner. Bambi tries in vain to reject an ardent Byron, who buys her a bicycle and proposes to her whilst Ben breaks things off with Jackie.

Poppy finds out at last that her mother and Belle are high-class call girls and the discovery leaves her shocked and angry. Before the accountant returns Belle meets her friend Ben, who tells her he is getting married.
Ben is now a frequent visitor to her flat,to sleep with sister Jackie, much to Belle's annoyance, but Bambi finds Byron is becoming more to her than just a paying punter. Despite taking on one of Charlotte's clients, a middle-aged man who like to dress as a baby,Belle takes the moral high ground when she catches Poppy in bed with a boy she picked up in a bar.

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